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Lux Apartments In Roseville

Lux Apartments in Roseville
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California is one of the best states to travel in. Whether you are traveling to Roseville for business or for recreation, you will want to stay somewhere comfortable. One option would be convenient luxury apartments. In Roseville, you can find a wide range of luxury apartments. Due to their high number, it becomes difficult to choose which one is the best pick.

We will help you make your choice with our top 10 apartments in Roseville. Each place has its own advantages that may attract you. We hope that this top will interest you and you will find something useful.

1. 2101 Demetrius Way

The main signs of quality and luxury for the apartments are a trendy interior, spacious rooms, and a lawn near the house. The cottage at 2101 Demetrius Way meets these criteria. This house is very spacious, which is suitable for a large family, especially those with pets. Moreover, large rooms can accommodate guests of any number.

The location of the house can only be envied: there are several park areas nearby, the best schools in Roseville, and a fitness center for sports fans. The backyard patio and three-car garage allow for big parties. Enjoy Roseville in this adorable home.

2. 3000 Compass Lane

One of the dreams of almost every person is a big country house with all amenities. This dream is located in Roseville at 3000 Compass Lane. Here you will find central heating and air conditioning, access to the pool, a dishwasher, three spacious bedrooms, and a garage. Another advantage of the house is its novelty: the cottage is no more than one year old.

The location of the house near parks where you can walk with your family and your dog, as well as excellent schools where your children will find it exciting and fun to learn, attracts people even more. Moreover, next to the house, there is MoJoe's restaurant.

If you are tired of cooking at home, you can go there and enjoy your time. It is also important to mention the clubhouse, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and other entertainment.

3. 2169 Lake Range Way

The house at 2169 Lake Range Way is the fantasy of any creative person. Wide spaces, a stylish kitchen, and four bedrooms will allow you to realize your ideas in the reconstruction of the premises. Moreover, you can enjoy the sun and fresh air or have some fun on your balcony and patio. The strengths of the house do not end there because you have access to a garage and a multifunctional kitchen space, and you can also live here with pets.

If you are a creative person looking to transform your home, create your style and make the most of your home's space, then the 2-Story Cottage at 2169 Lake Range Way is your choice.

4. 1760 Grey Owl Circle

The home at 1760 Gray Owl Circle is the center of convenience and homeliness in Roseville. The unusual interior of the two-story cottage combines antique furniture and new technologies. For example, a widescreen TV, a multifunctional kitchen and a heating system are included in the furnishings.

It feels like the house at 1760 Gray Owl Circle is the center of Roseville. The cottage is surrounded by newly built parks, which will allow you to spend all your free time walking with your family and enjoying the fresh air and nature. Wide access to restaurants in the area will surprise lovers of atmospheric places where you can relax and have a great evening.

The house is next to the best school in Roseville. Your child will be able to study at Olympus Junior High School. Do not miss your chance!

5. 233 Harding Blvd

Do you want to live in the city center and always have access to infrastructure, but probably do not want to overpay for rent and worry about living conditions? Then you should pay attention to the cottage at 233 Harding Blvd. This is not the biggest, but a very cozy place will surprise you. You spend 5-10 minutes getting to any supermarket. You do not need to spend an hour getting to the beautiful park as it is a 3 minutes walk away.

It is also very important to note that there is a fitness center nearby for fans of sports and an active lifestyle, which is open 24 hours!

In addition to the above, we can note several restaurants with different cuisines that do not take too long to get to. A couple of minutes – and you are already enjoying familiar dishes in the Mongolian BBQ, but with a different sauce or filling. For lovers of fast food, there is a McDonald's restaurant nearby.

6. 504 Mulberry Ct.

The house at 504 Mulberry Ct. is not only a guarantor of the quality of renovation, but also a cozy place with a fireplace that will ensure comfortable evenings with the family.

It is also important to mention that the house has already familiar but important features:

  • 2 places for cars in the garage;
  • multifunctional kitchen;
  • patio and balcony;
  • fireplace;
  • own interior design.

It is difficult to imagine that such luxury apartments are also located in a blessed place. Here you can visit any restaurant and spend only a couple of minutes there.

After the restaurant, you can stroll through the colorful parks. There is no need to worry about the proximity of a school or work, as there is Eich Middle School and public transport stops nearby.

7. 5152 Cardero Way

In the modern world for the person it does not need much time to get tired of the fast and energy-intensive city life. Because of this, we are obliged to offer you a house at 5152 Cardero Way, which is located on the outskirts of the city away from the hustle and bustle. The cottage is newly built and renovated to allow tenants to transform it and create their concept of the ideal home.

The inhabitants of this house will not be afraid of the heat, since you will have access to ceiling fans. Cold is also not dangerous for you, because high-quality heating will warm you. A playground for children and a park area in front of the house will provide comfort.

How can you miss the chance to relax from all the worries and problems in 5152 Cardero Way?

8.917 Cosmic Court

New two-story house with the first-class renovation and a plot near the house only at 917 Cosmic Court is the best choice for a large family, as the cottage will fulfill the desires of all members. Do you want to create your design for a 4-bedroom house or to get access to the living room on the second floor with fast Wi-Fi to study or work? Or may you have a desire to take advantage of the space around the house and throw parties with relatives or friends?

You can find answers to all these questions at 917 Cosmic Court. Indeed, you should hurry up, because the competition for this house is growing. Take advantage of this beneficial and excellent offer!

9. 3017 Octave ave

We return to the east of Roseville again. The object of our attention is the house at 3017 Octave Ave. You will be surprised at what this house hides in itself! Marvelous interior design and spacious living room space for organizing big parties. We have to point to a cute and cozy backyard where you can have a barbecue or grill.

The advantages of the house at 3017 Octave Ave do not end there:

  • kitchen with breakfast bar
  • recently renovated
  • bedrooms and a room that can be equipped as an office
  • proximity to the best schools and attractive restaurants

It is very difficult to list all the strengths of the house that attract potential residents. The only solution is that you should go there to find out about all the advantages of this place!

10. 1065 Dolce Ln

Let's finish off our top with a new affordable home at 1065 Dolce Ln from the Stone Point community. The unusual layout of the house with delightful furniture and modern appliances will attract the attention of any visitor. You have the opportunity to exit the kitchen to the backyard, where you can have a quiet family evening with a BBQ grill. Wide access to shops, restaurants and cafés in the area makes the house at 1065 Dolce Ln desirable for many people. We think this is an excellent choice.

There are a lot of lux apartments in Roseville. Sometimes it can be too difficult to choose the best house with its features. Your choice depends on many factors such as the count of bedrooms, availability of garage and backyard, interior and good location.

However, we hope that this top will help you make your choice easier and find the best option for living.


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