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Most Romantic Places In Sacramento

Most Romantic Places in Sacramento
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It’s high time to talk it outside your living space. The great outdoors is closer than you might think whether you’re a regular resident or a newcomer. All Sacramentals know that everything depends on the season. Anyone wants to hear the birds twittering, but open windows are not always an option. What is the best place for a couple to enjoy?

Enjoy the Western Feel at Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Where to Go in Sacramento?

There’s a number of places to visit because the area is densely populated, and the locals are fond of the environment and anything nature offers. What are the best things to do in Sacramento?

It’s can be a perfect choice for the first date because the place combines so many activities at once that you’ll always manage to find the most suitable among the following:

  • The steam train ride;
  • Shopping;
  • Candy and chocolate shops;
  • Cafes;
  • Food trucks;
  • Horse carriage rides;
  • Boat tours;
  • Watching the people performing music on the street;
  • Seasonal activities (Polar Express or Gold Rush Days).

Promote Education & Literacy at The B Street Theatre

Here you can also enjoy the classic historical architecture restored by the talented and skillful artists and designers. Don’t forget to place Old Sacramento State Historic Park in your bucket list if you’re only planning your time in Sacramento.

That’s a non-commercial educational establishment most popular among the youngsters. The place was founded in 1986 as a theatre for children, but now it’s one of the most promising theatres in the area, offering regular plays for people of all ages. This institution is more than a regular theatre. Visit their official website to find out more about their educational services, shows, performances, workshops, and playwriting contests.

Become a Part of a Sports Event At The Sleep Train Arena

The place was founded in 1988 as a home for the local basketball team, Sacramento Kings. Even if you are not interested in the activity of a men’s professional basketball league, you’ll still have an enjoyable time with your partner or a friend. Be wise and don’t forget to book a couple of tickets online!

TOP 5 Romantic Restaurants in Sacramento

Of course, true love will turn a regular visit to a coffee shop in a perfect romantic date. Nevertheless, the following place in Sacramento may be enjoyable for you.

  1. Ella Dining Room & Bar. Judging by the majority of Google reviews, it’s a very elegant place with a contemporary feel combined with a spacious patio, where you can taste the dishes of French and new American cuisine. See the menu here and enjoy your dinner while watching the things going on outside on K Street.
  2. Firehouse. It’s one of the long time favorites of the locals, offering seasonal American cuisine. The place can create a flawless, sophisticated atmosphere for a romantic date. Their official website will be helpful if you’re planning to book a table.
  3. The Melting Pot. This cozy place is situated right in front of the Music Circus. Almost everyone agrees that the food there is affordable, delicious, and refined. You’ll be especially pleased if you’re a cheese or chocolate fondue fan. Get here for more information about the place.
  4. Biba Restaurant. The place was founded by Biba Caggiano, and it’s probably the most popular among the lovers of traditional Italian dishes. It’s a very atmospheric place for an evening date, where you can have a nice cocktail conversation with anyone.
  5. Scott’s Seafood on the River. The name of the place speaks out for itself. Seafood products are served here for the most sophisticated visitors. There’s a large terrace opening a great view of the river. They surely deliver a romantic ambiance and know how to satisfy the clients with flawless service. Reserve a table for any special occasion and don’t forget to grab a camera for a couple of nice pictures.

The Most Romantic Spots in Sacramento Area

McKinley Park

It’s one of the most relaxing and quiet places in the area where you can enjoy numerous playgrounds, rose gardens, seasonal pools, courts, and trails for walking or jogging. Arrange a romantic picnic or a yoga session with your partner in this romantic setting. There are also zones where you can leave your kids to play.


It’s a top-notch spot with a lofty atmosphere. The menu is mostly made up of farm-to-fork simple, but delicious meals and craft cocktails. The menu may vary, depending on the season. There’s a nice selection of fine wines as well. You can place an order beforehand.

Old Sacramento Waterfront District

Many locals consider that this place has romantic vibes. It’s a vast historic area, which is a part of the old Sacramento. In addition to entertainments and dining possibilities, the place offers the visitors to have a look at the restored buildings of the Golden Rush, riverboats, and numerous venues of river travel of the past.

WPA Rock Garden

If you’re a fan of photography, your partner and you will certainly find this place enjoyable. It’s situated not far from the William land park. Besides, there’s an outdoor theatre next to it, so you can always plan a more cultural and intellectual aspect of a romantic date before going for a walk along with one of the several paths of the park. It’s also a perfect choice for a picnic. The dogs are allowed here, so you and your partner may have a nice walk with your pets. The abundance of trees and flowers is astonishing. It’s one of the real gems of Sacramento.

Delta King Hotel

It’s one of the newest attractions and accommodations in the historical district of Sacramento. If you’re planning a romantic event with your partner, this place can offer numerous activities in addition to the restaurant and comfortable rooms. Most couples stay satisfied because the staff members know what the personal approach is.

“Welcome Aboard” is their slogan because you are literally going to spend an enjoyable time onboard a ship — a historic paddlewheel riverboat. The hotel offers the following activities for romantic couples:

  • Comfortable accommodation in cozy chambers with sufficient private space;
  • Incredible dining and nightlife experience including dances and music performances on the open decks;
  • Happy hours;
  • Arrangement of private parties, weddings, and corporate events.

So, if you’re willing to make a proposal in Sacramento in a most romantic way, consider choosing Delta King for its flawless reputation and authentic atmosphere in the center of the historical district.

More Unconventional Romantic Places in Sacramento

What if it’s your first day and you’re looking forward to something unconventional and memorable at the same time? We’re ready to share more ideas.

Smash Sacramento

As you’ve probably already understood, this business specializes in making people smash things. Why should anyone want to do this? Well, a visit to a stress relief room can be a nice start of a conversation because it will help you release your real emotions and reveal yourself from the very first steps of communication. There are different stuff packages starting from $25 to over $100 that you can smash to beat your frustration or nervousness. Sledgehammers, “weapons”, as well as protection measures are arranged as well.

Acoustic Sanctuary

It’s one of the iconic places to spend time in Old Sacramento. It’s a One Man Band mobile booth with many instruments inside. For only $15 you get a chance to play several instruments at once and have a nice conversation with the owner. The only thing you have to do is to suggest a conversation topic that should not be connected with music so that you could have a nice conversation. Many locals agree that this kind of activity is a real gem of the central area of Old Sacramento. Give it a try. If you’re a couple visiting Acoustic Sanctuary, you’ll have to pay $20 for both.

Cali Glo Indoor Entertainment

It’s a very unconventional mini facility destined to entertain you in a purely interactive way. There’s a laser-tag, golf, and arcade games arranged in a very dark and small space, which makes it even cozier. Make sure you wear something bright to be able to take pictures and see each other better in the dark. Of course, if you’re an experienced laser tag and arcade player, there won’t be anything to impress you with. Nevertheless, it’s one of the acceptable options for the start of your romantic date.

The Painted Cork

It’s a small art studio with hospitable owners and an appealing social atmosphere. There’s an art instructor who helps the visitors reveal their creativity in the process of a relaxing art class. The class lasts for about 2–3 hours, and each one is provided with brushes, paints, and all the necessary art supplies. Besides, there are also snacks, beverages, beer, and numerous non-alcoholic drinks. You don’t have to be an experienced artist to try your hand in visual arts for only about $35–$50 a class. The place is situated in midtown, Sacramento and in Old Town Folsom.

Sacramento Comedy Spot

Six nights a week the local Comedy Club arranges comedy shows. These are regular sketches, stand-up performances, and numerous hilarious projects. A ticket for all night will cost you $15 a person. There are also seasonal events, like the Summer Sacramento Stand-Up Competition or the Sacramento Comedy Festival in autumn.

Enchambered: Sacramento Escape Room

Escape rooms have become very popular due to many circumstances, including such films as Escape Room, Escape Room 2, Cube, and many others. This place will help you get united as a team and get enjoy the immersive setting in properly packed rooms with innumerable puzzles and intriguing events. There are special effects and challenges of all sorts, so you will remember this experience for a very long time.

Flatstick Pub

It’s a small and family-operated pub, offering numerous activities to happy romantic couples, groups of friends, and people of all ages starting from 21. That’s not a place for the family rest, but numerous tourists, as well as the locals, find this tiny place with the restaurant-quality food amazing. They are ready to arrange:

  • Corporate events;
  • Team-building activity;
  • A birthday party for adults;
  • Sports events;
  • First dates.

There are happy hours, as well as seasonal promotions. Here you can enjoy a beer or a nice homemade taco.

IMPORTANT! Flatstick Pub does not accept cash — only credit cards.

Coin-Op Game Room

Well, it’s a game room. A regular arcade room, where you can grab a bite to eat and have some buzz. The place is established by Local Craft Beers. That’s the reason why it does not only concentrate on arcades but on craft brewery as well. Besides, they serve amazing pizza by slices. The kitchen here works until 1 am. It’s one of the greatest night amusement for adults in the area!

Drive-In Sacramento 6

Is there anything more intimate, cozy, romantic, and classy than a visit to a drive-in cinema? Visit the official website to find out about the tickets and the working schedule. The cinema was established by West Wind company, and it offers the following benefits:

  • Regular show times according to the schedule;
  • Double features;
  • Triple features.

The films can be different, starting from the renowned “Back to the Future,” finishing with the blockbusters that are on right now. There are special events, a snack bar, and other pleasant features.

IMPORTANT! Alcohol is not allowed here.

Punch Bowl Social Sacramento

Food unites people and makes conversations easier. If the dining service is combined with a bit of entertainment, a date or an event becomes even more enjoyable. Enter this spacious 25,000square-foot food court, serving delicious meals and craft cocktails. After lunch or dinner, you’ll have a chance to have some fun while:

  • Playing ping-pong, darts, bowling, and billiards;
  • Singing karaoke;
  • Participating in regular events.

This is a huge food court — a unique place for Sacramento established by a renowned restaurateur, Robert Thompson. He was creating the concept for many years to provide the locals and new citizens with decent entertainment and incredible food. Besides, it’s not a conventional restaurant that implies official looks or special attires — you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

IMPORTANT! Kids are allowed here only until 10 pm.


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