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Nightlife In Roseville, CA

Nightlife in Roseville, CA
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While planning daytime activities might not be as big of a deal, choosing your plan for the night might be quite difficult. Before picking your going out destination, it is important to consider the location, safety, food and drinks availability, and, of course, the amount of fun you will have while being there.

If you are intimidated by all the planning actions, you should be no more. We are here to guide you through the best places in Roseville, CA, that will make your nightlife exciting and unforgettable. Keep on reading for the best locations and places to visit at night in the City of Roseville.

Opera House Saloon

If you want to dance the night away, this is definitely the place to go. Opera House Saloon has the biggest dance floor in the area. Moreover, on Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy the live music there. The Saloon holds a big variety of entertaining events that are absolutely worth visiting.

The place is popular among the citizens and city’s visitors for its astonishing quality of music, nice and fun crowd, and plenty of space to enjoy the music and dance as much as you want. Visitors come there during the weekdays and the weekend, so the place is always alive and fun to be around.

The Owl Club

If you are someone who prefers the traditional bar atmosphere, The Owl Club is the place to go. Before even entering the building, you will notice that it is located in the historical center of Roseville. Even the building itself has its long history, as it has been built in the 1920s and for many years served the role of a restaurant. Current owners of The Club have saved the authentic vibe of the place, and even the old signboard has been repaired to gladly welcome the guests.

Inside you will find plenty of drinks to choose from, and their price will surprise you in a good way. The Owl Club has it all:

  • a good bar;
  • a space to dance;
  • tables to sit down with your friends and have a chat while drinking;
  • private rooms that can be booked for special events like birthdays and other celebrations;
  • great atmosphere and friendly crowd.

You will find people of all ages there, and the music varies from time to time, so you will definitely hear something of your own taste.

The Boxing Donkey

Another great option for a night out is The Boxing Donkey. This is the bar designed in a traditional Irish bar way. You will find a great choice of drinks there. Locals recommend trying the beer there, as it is especially good. Speaking about good things in The Boxing Donkey, the food there is fantastic. What is more, you can have it even for lunch, as the bar is open during the day hours too.

One of the most noticeable things about this place is the bathrooms. Once you step your foot in it, you would not be able to stop laughing. The bar owners did a great job designing it. so definitely do not miss the opportunity to visit it.

The Trocadero Club

For those who enjoy the rhythmic beats and the music that immediately takes you dancing, The Trocadero is the place to visit at night. It is a nightclub that has good music to offer. You can dance the night away to the great DJ sets.

Another thing greatly appreciated by the visitors of the club is the bar. The drinks here are quite good and friendly bartenders can offer something to any taste or give good advice on what to choose.

Claim Jumper Restaurant

The night out does not always have to be noisy and active. Sometimes you prefer a calm dinner at a restaurant with good food to enjoy and great company. When this is the case, one of the best places to visit in Roseville is Claim Jumper Restaurant.

It has a great atmosphere of chill evenings. You can go there with friends or family, the lovely servers will be glad to make the best experience for you. The Claim Jumper Restaurant offers traditional American cuisine, and although you might not find some fancy dishes there, it is perfect for a chill night out.

The Glass Turtle

Want to show off your talents or simply have a great time singing your all-time favorite tunes? You should definitely visit The Glass Turtle. It is a bar that has karaoke in it. All your favorite songs, a company of friends, and good drinks —  what can be better?

The atmosphere in the bar is always calm and pleasant. You will definitely meet a fun crowd there, and the power of music always unites even strangers. Do not miss the opportunity to have such a fun night out!

The Onyx Club

Another great night-out destination is The Onyx Club. It is a bar with a long history, and it is located in the historic part of Roseville as well. Established in the 1930s, it has been welcoming visitors ever since. If you want to have an exciting night, this is definitely the place to go.

The Onyx Club serves all the drinks you can ever imagine. Moreover, it has live DJ music more than half of the week, and there is a great chance that they would play your favorite tracks. Of course, there is plenty of dancefloor space, so you can enjoy these tunes as much as you want.

The bar also has pool tables for those who like to relax and unwind while playing. There are also other entertaining things, such as:

  • a jukebox;
  • table games contests;
  • a huge patio with a bikini bar.

No matter what your preferences for the nighttime activities are, Roseville definitely has something to offer. The city is full of fun things to do at night for any type of company, friends, or family. The nightlife of the city is both vibrant and atmospheric at the same time, and everyone becomes an old friend of yours during a delightful night out in Roseville.


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