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Old Sacramento Restaurants

Old Sacramento Restaurants
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We selected the elite group of Sacramento’s best restaurants to present you in this article. Covering different cuisines from all over the world, the entire area of the town and evaluating guest reviews we made up a list encompassing the places to get exquisite food and awesome drinks. In addition to the best food and drink Old Sac place can offer, we decided to invite you to the marvelous dining locations that can create an incredibly special atmosphere and let guests dive in the local culture and cuisine.

The list of restaurants here contains no ranking — however, we picked up the top-rated, most popular, and conveniently located places out there. If you cannot see your favorite restaurant listed here, it does not mean it is not worth getting on the list. The page can be renewed — it is active and living compilation of places offering fresh and eligible experience. If you would like to suggest something, you can contact us.

Rio City Cafe

Offering delicious food since 1994 and being in beautiful historic place, Rio City Café becomes an obvious landmark of the region. The exterior design resembles an old steamship warehouse and adds peculiarity and charm to the mood of the night.

A large outdoor patio provides a great view to the beautiful Sacramento river, Tower Bridge, and the pyramid building, so well-known to locals (Ziggurat). Rio City features a nice casual setting, the guests can choose whether to take a seat indoor or outdoor. The place is welcoming both large and private parties in the banquet room. Guests can just as well take a drink and enjoy the view in the main room. For the colder period there are places inside, warmed by a fireplace.

If you visit Rio City Café, you should pay special attention to various meats and seafood. Seasonal menu with fresh and delightful dishes made of farm-fresh ingredients can impress even the pickiest visitors. The Chef’s approach to cooking is focused on freshness, wholeness, and overall farm-to-fork approach. You must try grilled salmon and crab-and-shrimp Louie. The ingredients are combined in a genuinely nice and creative way to show you new combinations and reveal new tastes of California cuisine inspired by world’s famous culinary ideas. A long wine list is a nice bonus, which makes the place so nice.

House Kitchen & Bar

House Kitchen & Bar is serving the guests since 2010, offering classic comfort food with a peculiar modern twist in a super polite and warm service aimed at pleasure and great impressions of every single guest.

They are located very conveniently, near the sports arena to welcome guests for dinner, light snacks and drinks and let them enjoy games afterwards. The House Kitchen & Bar place was established by its chef and owner: this is his second idea and concept. A combination of an upscale yet casual atmosphere and luxury served yet classic comfort food is highly appreciated by Old Sacramento locals and guests.

Diligent staff and versatile menu aimed at making every taste bud satisfied and every idea implemented will not leave any guest disappointed. A special thing about the restaurant is its extended happy hours (4pm to 8 pm).

Echo & Rig

Echo & Rig restaurant is an awesome example of an upscale American dining, new and exciting menu positions, and a traditional steakhouse. Intrigued? We consider its chef and restaurateur extremely talented and hardworking because he managed to organize it all and add some chic to the combination. Sam Marvin admits that the idea came up to him when he decided to rethink and reinvent the existing style of a steakhouse. Moving away from dark and masculine-mood interior design, super square portions, and skyrocketing pricing he decided to create Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse with its special philosophy.

If you enjoy feeling the value and eat with comfort and joy, this is the right place for you. Butchering becomes art here: the way meat is prepared and cooked will not leave anyone indifferent.

Although the restaurant is more on the pricier side, it offers something that many modern places lack: the dinner will surpass the expectations of your taste buds, while the beautiful and relaxing interior will create special atmosphere. Warm, comforting and delicious — would be the three main words to describe it.

Grange Restaurant

Located in downtown Sacramento, this restaurant combines the classical and eclectic style in its interior. An impressive thing about it is the large two-story winery, which is utilized to supply with exquisite wines the bar and lounge area. Unique experience of a modern and dynamic lifestyle paired with relaxation and comfort or a restaurant with a hotel.

A large spacious interior features semi-private booths and fantastic views from the windows. The menu includes popular dishes, which most guests describe as very palatable, seasonal, comforting, and soulful. The feel of a true American brasserie makes this place so attractive: breads, appetizers, an expanded wine list and mouth-watering desserts are a must-try here.

Welcoming and charismatic staff is ready to address guests’ needs and offer exclusive cocktails and drinks. It is a nice place to visit for friends and couples. In addition to wine, you can try spirits, like cognacs, as well as ports or interesting liqueurs. Happy hours end at 6 pm, so there is a great chance to try a drink and some food without paying extra.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

If you are searching for the top steaks, book a table at Morton’s The Steakhouse. The restaurant appeared in Chicago long ago — in 1978, and the traditions are preserved in the Sacramento’s restaurant in full.

Located near the Capitol and the Tower Bride in Old Sacramento, this restaurant is a great place to spend a night out.

Chef’s approach focuses on quality, freshness and consistency — if you tried your best steak here, you can be sure the following one will be just as good and juicy.

In addition to fantastic cuisine with plenty of options for meat-lovers, the place is well-known due to its genuine hospitality, pleasant interior and the creation of a memorable experience for every guest.

Besides steaks, you can try seafood, which is just as legendary as the beef itself in the signature menu.

Guests enjoy perfectly grilled veggies as a side dish, decadent desserts and a solid wine list containing lots of regional styles for pickiest gourmets.

The Firehouse Restaurant

Firehouse Restaurant at Old Sacramento is well-know not only due to delicious food, styled and luxuriantly presented, but also by its stunning wine list. Wines are the trademark of this place. However, a skilled team of chefs, who are able to create unbelievably attractive appetizers, entrees and main courses, are another gem of this place.

The staff is nice and friendly, and in addition to that — extremely knowledgeable, when it comes to pairing or trying something specific. You can expect a professional advice and recommendation about wine or a menu position.

Firehouse is good for a night out with your spouse, a family dinner, corporate event or meeting your friends. Multiple awards and titles prove the extraordinary quality of foods and drinks, top-class service, and pleasant atmosphere of the place.

La Terraza

For great enthusiasts of Mexican style and cuisine, searching for a nice cozy place for friends and families we suggest La Terraza in Old Sacramento. Located in a very beautiful historic place of the city, the restaurant attracts by its charming and esthetically pleasant interior décor and truly Mexican cuisine with national flavor adapted to the North American preferences.

Here guests can relax and feel the warm and pleasant vibes of Mexico: with plenty of palatable foods and drinks, listening to relaxing music and enjoying the view. The approach of chefs is based on transparency, freshness and national peculiarity: you can try the diverse range of treats, beautifully served and cooked with the idea of keeping you satisfied.

The idea of sharing beloved foods of South America, along with Mediterranean-style food, with a touch of other European and American cuisine styles can help guests expand their culinary horizons and try something new and undiscovered.

Yue Huang Restaurant

Yue Huang Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant in Old Sacramento will be appreciated by those, who enjoy Chinese cuisine of great quality and focus on impeccable service. Trying familiar and new dishes with authentic flavors, made of fresh ingredients will become a very pleasant part of your dinner. The chefs and cooks are experienced and trained, their origin is Canton province in China, so that is the reason why you can try true authentic flavors and original combinations.

The interior design can help guests dive in the atmosphere of traditional 5-start Chinese restaurants: backlit carts ambles, delicious steamy Chinese dumplings with fresh meats and desserts will guarantee festive mood and great impressions from the visit. Succulent and palatable taste of meats, aromatic pastries and matching drinks make guests order more than they planned initially, because all that creates the Chinese cuisine as it should be.

Competent and trained staff will be at your service anytime, however, without being too initiative or annoying.


American at heart, striving for quality and consistency — South restaurant can offer you, probably, the best fried chicken in Old Sacramento. In plates or buckets, always hot, crispy, salty enough and delicious, chicken dishes at South are highly recommended to locals and guests, who enjoy American-style cuisine when performed with awesome quality in mind.

What you should try at South is the Nashville hot chicken sandwich — with veggies and greens, and a delicious dressing. They just do it right: seasonal vegetables, po’boys, cheesy grits, and tasty catfish paired with a drink of your choice.

South is a family place, full of frankness and simplicity. People come here for a soulful dinner, warm and pleasant talk, and sincere laughing. Chefs are not creating some unknown combos; they just serve a 200-year philosophy of one family on a nicely served plate full of great things.

Backbone Café

Vegan-friendly, natural and organic food is now available in one of the revolutionary restaurants of Old Sacramento (okay, not restaurants, but a nicely styled breakfast-lunch café). Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or grain-free dishes made of simple fresh local ingredients help guests feel comfortable, healthy and guilt-free when eating out.

Followers of most popular diets and meal plans are supported by the versatile and interesting menu: here are ideas for paleo and keto adherers, people going low-carb and gluten free.

In addition to such hits like bulletproof coffee or bone broth, so much loved by keto-diet followers, the menu will offer the guests a bright and attractive range of options. Enjoy free-range chicken tossed in a tangy sauce with chili and citrus with some organic feta cheese added and served next to fresh rice and healthily roasted veggies.

Probably, you have never seen that many vegan options: just think of a Zuccado — zucchini noodles with a healthy pesto variation made of basic and avocado instead of oil, paired with mushrooms, crispy walnuts and gently sautéed onions.

Café owners claim the menu is free of refined sugars, peanuts, questionable vegetable oils, soy and MSG.

Worth trying!

Ten Ten Room

The creators of Ten Ten Room restaurant in Old Sacramento decided to go for the vintage vibe and made dreams of many locals and tourists, who are searching for the midcentury aesthetics, come true.

Classic foods from different eras and country styles twisted with original drinks make the concept of this place. The visitors of this place can try vintage créme de menthe, créme de cacao, and heavy cream, some other classic options, like a grasshopper and still interesting yet well-known combos of vodka. For example, with orange, lemon, and Galliano. Try the famous meatball plate with grape jelly and feel the real tast of the previous century.

The atmosphere of the place is very festive and cozy. The restaurant and its guests are all focused on cocktails, but the main menu is never ignored. It’s not about fashion at all. Being simple and quite straightforward, the overall style of this place is charming and very pleasant.


Stylish, casually posh and always delicious — food, drinks and atmosphere at Lucca in Old Sacramento attracts locals, tourists and high society. The menu looks quite Mediterranean with an accent on Cal-Italian, but a definitely must-try here is beef — cooked from open-pasture cattle, organic and fresh. Chefs know a lot about cooking it right. We would suggest giving a try to short ribs with a nice side dish and stunning presentation. Zucchini chips is something unbelievably gentle and interesting. A well-known taste in some new variation due to bran oil, parsley and a pinch of salt.

A nice choice of wine and other drinks, pleasant atmosphere, 5-star location and hospitable staff willing to unobtrusively assist in your choice make Lucca one of the top restaurants in Old Sacramento.

The Bottom Line

Our editorial team did their best to make up a versatile list of the best restaurants in Old Sacramento for an unforgettable dining experience. We hope you will be pleased to visit any of them depending on your cuisine and drink preferences, mood and occasion.


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