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Quality Of Life In Davis, CA

Quality of Life in Davis, CA
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Davis is one of the greatest cities in the state of California. With a population of almost 70,000 residents, it is rather quiet on the one side and has many activities to participate in on the other side. In the city, you can find nice houses to live in, great schools for your kids where the education level is on top, and marvelous places to visit on weekends.

If you are looking for a city that will make you and your family happy and improve the quality of your lives, consider moving to Davis, California, and here is why.

The Basics

We will start with the basic info regarding the city: how much it costs to live here, what about the weather, what jobs are popular here, and so on. This will give you a basic understanding of whether you want or do not want to live here in the first place.

1. The cost of living in Davis

Davis combines two essential things that significantly increase the cost of your living here.

Firstly, we are talking about the city where colleges and schools are well-developed which means the city attracts more and more new residents annually, who are willing to get a high-quality education.

Secondly, we are in California! Life here is more expensive than in many other states in America.

Let us move to concrete numbers. In Davis, the living cost rate is almost 50% higher than the national average rate. It is worth mentioning that such a result occurs because of real estate pricing, both rental spots and houses to buy. Speaking of housing pricing, in Davis, it is more than 150% higher than the national average. The rest besides housing is quite fine.

If you wish to purchase your own house, get ready to pay enormous amounts like 700,000 US dollars (this is an average rate). Rent in Davis is about 2,000 dollars monthly (on average).

Like in almost every city you review in California, food shopping expenses and transport costs will be higher than in most other places. Although, you will spend 10% less on utilities (than the national average). The bicycle system in Davis is well-developed and encourages locals to reduce their transport expenses.

2. Climate and Weather Conditions

Generally, the weather in California is extremely comfy, and Davis is not an exception because it is also located in a mild Mediterranean climate and uses all the advantages. Here, you will get more sunny days than in other regions, and it will be raining less.

Among the advantages (if you hate winter) is an absolute absence of snow in the city of Davis. In summer, it can be way too hot, though. The average temperature in Davis is between 60 and 80 degrees month by month.

3. Safety Level

It is considered that Davis is a safe city. Here, violent crime rates are lower than the average level in the US (56%). Staying and living here is quite secure.

4. Population

As you already know, in Davis, the population reaches 70,000 residents. An important thing you should know is that more than half of the population are students (over 36,000 people).

So, as you might guess, the city is rather young and offers lots of activities for youngsters who like to spend time together after classes. Some people who live here also say that the city has a marvelous “hippie vibe” and a relaxed atmosphere.

The average age of locals in Davis is 24-25 years old; most of these locals are students of the University of California, Davis, of course (often referred to as UC, Davis, or simply UCD).

5. Education

Consequently, we will describe the education situation in Davis, and it is wonderful. The city is popular among top college grads because the UCD offers amazing programs that one can join and study. For instance, if a future student wishes to become a vet, at UCD, the relevant program is ranked number 1 in the world! Other studying programs are on a brilliant level, too.

Besides the famous university, Davis can also boast amazing elementary and high schools for younger kids. For example, consider bringing your children to Da Vinci Charter Academy or Cesar Chavez Elementary School. These are only two examples; there are more great schools in the area.

6. Jobs and Wages

If you are wondering what spheres are well-developed in Davis in terms of occupation, you will be happy to find out that salary here has grown some time ago, especially for those who work in the above-mentioned UCD. On average, workers with relevant qualifications here get almost 20 dollars per hour. Sounds fantastic, especially considering the rate of living costs in the city of Davis.

Working in UCD is one of the most popular occupations you can get in Davis. Here, scientists, vets, and healthcare specialists are very welcome. Check out one of the numerous resources online to see what jobs are currently offered in the city.

7. What to Do

In terms of things to do and places to go, Davis offers a wide range of delectable activities.

  • Parks and Green Zones

Those who love cycling and walking are welcome to enjoy the Davis green belt which has more than 50 miles of well-maintained paved roads and walkways. You can easily organize a long walk or cycling trip for a couple of hours and enjoy fantastic views on your way. For a picnic, stop in the Davis Arboretum and Public Garden full of amazing plants and trees.

Skaters and families with kids will appreciate the large Community Park with playgrounds and skate ramps. Walnut Park has a nice dog-walking area where you can spend blissful moments while dog-watching. Another spot to visit is Davis Central Park with amazing gardens and breathtaking views.

  • Other Outdoor Activities

If you are bored of walking in parks, Davis has other outdoor activities that can satisfy even the pickiest locals and tourists.

For instance, you can spend an amazing day in the local Wildhorse Golf Club or visit Great Bear Vineyards, a vineyard and farm owned by a local family. Check out the Farmers’ Market with plenty of fresh products or go to Impossible Acres together with your kids where you can watch animals and pick berries. Lastly, try rock climbing or skydiving in specially built centers (Rocknasium and SkyDance).

  • Museums, Art Galleries, Performing Arts Centers

Culture lovers can visit numerous museums and galleries or buy a ticket for a nice show in one of the performing arts centers that exist in Davis.

The cycling movement in Davis is famous, and the US Bicycle Hall of Fame proves it, so come see it if you are a participant in the movement. Hattie Weber Museum awaits everyone who wants to explore Davis fully and find out the essentials of the city’s history. Bring your kids to the Explorit Science Center for interactive experience and knowledge accompanied by lots of fun.

Among other museums that are worth visiting are Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven, Bohart Museum of Entomology, Design Museum of UC Davis, and Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art.

For performing arts shows, check the program of these venues: John Natsoulas Gallery, Veterans Memorial Theater, and Mondavi Center.

8. Food and Drinks

Davis is famous for a great variety of eateries and bars where you can have a fantastic breakfast before your workday starts, take your partner to a romantic dinner, or have a couple of beers on a calm weekend.

In Davis, you will find any cuisine you like: Mexican, South American, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, and, of course, traditional American.

For amazing Mexican meals, come to Taqueria Davis or Taqueria Guadalajara Grill. Dos Coyotes Border Cafe offers both Mexican and South American Dishes. Great burgers are made in In-N-Out Burger; Burgers and Brew also suggest tasty options.

Among Asian cuisine gems, there are T-Kumi Ramen & Rice Bowl, where you can eat a hearty soup, Thai Canteen Davis for Thai meals, Tasty Kitchen for Chinese dishes, and Mikuni with great Japanese plates, including sushi.

In D Street Steakhouse, you will eat one of the best steaks ever. Pizza & Pints is perfect for pizzas and beers, and Sam’s Restaurant fits perfectly for big families willing to share Mediterranean cuisine plates. Paesanos offer fantastic Italian dishes.

There are also two top spots for healthy food lovers; if you have limits in nutrition or simply enjoy healthy meals and never choose anything else, try visiting Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe at Natural Food Works, where amazing quality dishes are made, and local products are offered.

Among bars in Davis, we recommend the University of Beer, Wiki Bar, and Davis Wine Bar.

Summing Up

As you can see, Davis can become a magnificent place to live, especially if you have kids and wish they get the top education; if you work in science; and if you love relaxed cities with no rush where you can enjoy plenty of things to do.

Despite the high living cost, people who live in Davis enjoy the city and would never change it to any other location in California or the US.


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