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Quality Of Life In Lincoln, CA

Quality of life in Lincoln, CA
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Lincoln is one of the most attractive places to visit and live in California. It is a city with developed infrastructure, pleasant weather conditions, and an affordable cost of living. Located in a suburban area of Sacramento, the capital of California state, Lincoln combines all the best characteristics of this state. The place provides various workplaces, entertainment, and social facilities that make the city perfect for life.

Is Lincoln a great place to live?

In this review, we will discuss the reasons to choose Lincoln as the place for life, its advantages and disadvantages, and the experience of other people residing here. Read this info if you consider Lincoln, CA as the option for your stay and want to learn more about the local culture and lifestyle.

1. Weather Conditions

Let’s start with the exploration of climate in Lincoln because these factors can significantly influence the quality of life. Also, all people have different preferences in climate which is comfortable for them. That is why this characteristic of the city is crucial to consider.

If you want to stay in Lincoln for several weeks or months you should choose the period of year wisely. For example, visiting this city at the end of spring or the beginning of autumn you will enjoy the time spent there as the temperature will be suitable for long walks and will vary from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, coming here in summer you will face problems with constant hot temperature and dry air. During the summer period, the temperature varies from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius, so it can be difficult for some people to stand such a climate.

As regards winter months, it is also not recommended to visit Lincoln during this time because winter here's cold and humid. The degrees Celsius stay at the interval from 5 to 20 and are accompanied by precipitation. According to statistics, 75% of all precipitation falls in wintertime. Thus, it can cause obstacles for you to explore the city and require special clothing for comfortable moving around the city.

Knowing this information you can make a decision about the best time to visit Lincoln based on your personal preferences. Furthermore, you can decide about the permanent stay here when you know the average data about the climate in Lincoln, CA.

2. Cost of Living in Lincoln, CA

The cost of living in the city is one of the most crucial factors to estimate before going there. Lincoln is quite an expensive city to live in because of the high prices of housing. Thus, the average cost of living here is 36% more expensive than the average for the USA. However, comparing Lincoln with other cities located in the suburbs of Sacramento and California in general, it is obvious that Lincoln can be more attractive in terms of expenses. For instance, the price for accommodation rent is 30% cheaper in Lincoln than in California state. So, Lincoln is one of the cheapest places to live if you choose California for your residence.

The living cost in California is higher than in some other regions but if you want to stay here the best place for this is Lincoln.

3. Economy and Employment Matters

The economy in Lincoln allows people to earn more on average than in other states. Thus, the statistics illustrate that the average income in Lincoln, CA equals $38,182 a year while in the US this value is equal to $28,555. However, the unemployment rate here is a bit higher than in the US in general and equals 6.1%. Furthermore, the development of the economy provides opportunities to increase the job market faster than in the whole country with a predicted rate of 36% during the future 10 years.

Also, the tax rates are higher in Lincoln and the values stand at 7.3% and 8% for sales tax and income tax respectively. Even though these rates are higher in Lincoln, CA than in the whole country, the innovations introduced into the economic system allow people living here to earn enough for a comfortable life.

Thus, you can consider Lincoln for permanent residence if you are planning to work here and build a career. The opportunities provided here on the job market are enough for life-sustaining and capital accumulation.

4. Population Growth Stats

The population of Lincoln is 48,996 with a share of 52.6% for females and 47.4% for males. The median age of the population in Lincoln, CA is higher than in the US and equals 43.1. The population mostly consists of white people and is equal to 68.1% while the second most common race here is Hispanic with the share of 20.1%.  

As regards the marriage status of the population in Lincoln, the major part of people residing here are married 64.4% while 35.6% are single. It may influence your decision to live in Lincoln based on your marriage status. If you have a family, you can be sure that there are all the facilities you need for the successful growth of your children. Besides, the crime rate in Lincoln is much lower than in other cities in the Sacramento area.

All in all, the population of Lincoln, CA creates livable conditions for life. With the low crime rate, you can be sure that your life and the lives of your family members here are safe.

5. Political Attitudes

The population of Placer County is mostly conservative and more people vote for the Republican party with a share of 52.1%. However, the population residing in the county surrounding has more liberal attitudes as well as in the California state in general.

The political attitudes of people living in Lincoln are important to consider as they can influence your interaction with the population. On the other hand, it is not the main factor that can influence your decision to stay in Lincoln, but it all depends on your preferences.

6. Population Opinion on the Life

Many people residing here evaluate Lincoln as a great city for living and visiting. According to reviews, Lincoln is a small and quiet city with many entertainment places and eateries. So here you can always find the places to visit that you like and enjoy the city life. Also, it is a promising city for career development as the job market grows every year.

So, living here, you can build a career and use all the needed social and cultural facilities. Lincoln is one of the best cities to live in the Sacramento region as the authorities work on its economic growth and support population.

Key Takeaway about Living in Lincoln

Being a small city, Lincoln still attracts many people who are searching for a calm life in California. Knowing the presented information about Lincoln you can make a choice about your stay here. Consider all the factors we described to be sure that Lincoln is a dream city to live in before moving there.


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