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Sacramento Attractions

Sacramento Attractions
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Sacramento, the California capital, is a must for tourists who want to explore this state entirely. Sacramento offers a large array of attractions and interesting places. This guide is here to help you organize an unforgettable trip over Sacramento — it covers all major sightseeing spots and popular tourists’ destinations.

A bit of Sacramento history

The history of Sacramento dates back to 1848, it was then that the son of a Swiss emigrant, a rather influential landowner (it was on his lands for the first time that precious metal deposits were discovered in the USA) founded his own fort and a small trading company in the form of a colony, his name was John Sutter the Younger.

It was Sacramento that was the first settlement in California to be awarded the status of a city, and in 1854 it was proclaimed the state capital; this recognition cost the local authorities one million US dollars.

Thanks to the active mining of gold, Sacramento began to develop rapidly in the 19th century.

Thanks to active gold mining, Sacramento began to develop at a rapid pace in the 19th century: the first railway transport route on the North American continent was laid, which contributed to an even more active development of all industrial and economic spheres of the city. In the mid-20th century, Sacramento turned into one of California’s most influential industrial centers with its own railway station, domestic and international airports, a man-made canal, and a huge port. In the vicinity of Sacramento is one of the largest bases of deployment of the US Air Force.

At the same time, Sacramento city was able to maintain its own special flavor — surrounded by skyscrapers, offices and cutting-edge manufacturing enterprises, Old Sacramento lives in its own rhythm with ancient (completely restored) buildings with a maximum of three floors, cozy cafes and restaurants, as well as numerous parks. A walk through the historic Sacramento center will take you a century and a half ago, in the era of the great American dreamers and gold hunters. Old Sacramento also has a marina, from where sightseeing boats regularly run along the river along the city.

When you arrive to Sacramento…

The corridors of Sacramento International Airport are now adorned with a unique rug created using technologies akin to those used by printing companies to print photographs or images onto mugs, T-shirts and photo murals. An aerial view of the Sacramento River is shown on the carpet of a pedestrian crossing leading travelers from the car park to the terminals. A person walking on such a carpet feels as if already in flight.

Sacramento Capitol

One of the absolute first fantastic structures in the city, the California Capitol Building is located in Sacramento. It is built in the western part of the city Capitol Park in the middle of a picturesque natural area. The architecture of the Sacramento building is designed in a neoclassical style. This solution gives the facade a spectacular appearance and sets it apart from other buildings. At the end of the 20th century, this unique attraction was included in the National Register of those places that have real historical and cultural value for the state.

Sacramento Capitol was raised in 1874. Impeccable from an engineering perspective, the complex is encircled, in addition, by a beautiful park. In the Sacramento Capitol, there is additionally the City Museum with a broad piece committed to the troublesome and brimming with fascinating occasions of the historical backdrop of Sacramento.

In appearance and design of the facades, the structure of Sacramento Capitol resembles the main Capitol in Washington. The dome of the building is located at an altitude of about 70 meters relative to the main flat roof. As its decorative lighting, a small street lamp made in the shape of a golden ball is used.

The main purpose of the Sacramento Capitol is to conduct legislative and other government events. It also serves as the office for the governor of California. On the territory of the Sacramento building several dozens of premises are located, which include offices of administrative employees, several assembly halls, the Senate Chamber, etc.

There’s one interesting feature of the interior of the Sacramento Capitol: many visitors to the Capitol consider the presence of two tall armchairs trimmed with expensive red fabric. They are designed to receive royals coming to Sacramento. The unusual situation is that the head of the United States is the president, not the king. Therefore, these places always remain empty.

Old Sacramento

The old city is the quintessence of Sacramento. The place from which the exploration of the center of the miners’ area began during the gold rush.

Almost all buildings in the Old Sacramento area (State Historical Park) date back to the 19th century. All of them required reconstruction, and some, the most thorough, because of the catastrophic fire that occurred in 1852. Nevertheless, the surviving Sacramento buildings fully help to convey the spirit of the times, and once you get there, you involuntarily feel like a hero of some western.

Of course, few, if any, of the Sacramento houses are used for their intended purpose. Most of the Sacramento buildings are now restaurants, hotels or souvenir shops: And yet, something “pretty historical” can be seen. Like, for example, the old Sacramento school building.

There, you can also find two important Sacramento monuments:

  • Monument to the Pony Express courier service, which lasted a year and a half in the 19th century and whose main task was to deliver mail from the Atlantic Ocean — from St. Joseph, Missouri — to the Pacific Ocean (in Sacramento) in 10 days.
  • Monument to Theodore Dehone Judah. He is the parent of the idea of building a railway with a route crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was this man who was the chief engineer of the first railroad built west of the Mississippi River, and it was he who was able to conclude a profitable deal with four influential people and lobby for the law that authorized the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Bridge Crossing the Sacramento River and Connecting Sacramento to Western Sacramento is called Tower Bridge.

This is the first vertical drawbridge in California, which allowed cargo and passenger ships to pass under it. Opened in 1935, it, along with the Capitol, is the most recognizable symbol of the Sacramento city.

Elevators are able to raise part of the Sacramento bridge to a height of 160 feet, this allows passing fairly high vessels under the bridge. Initially, there were four lanes on the bridge for cars and one in the center for trains that no longer run on the bridge. To date, limited Sacramento traffic has been introduced for cars and pedestrians.

It is quite natural that the bridge was painted in golden color, symbolizing the old times, in which the building was built Old Sacramento, which began during the “Gold Rush”. The color of the bridge is updated every 30 years.

California State Railroad Museum

Sacramento houses the world’s largest railway museum. Over 500,000 people visit it annually. Here 21 restored steam locomotives and wagons are presented, the oldest belong to 1862, the presented exhibits clearly show how the life of Americans has changed with the development of railways. From April to September, Sacramento sightseeing trips are organized along the ten-kilometer railway in an old train with a steam locomotive.

By visiting the California State Automobile Museum, you will be surprised at its exposure. Here are racing cars, motorcycles, environmental “green” cars, cars owned by the stars.

Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento

This magnificent Victorian villa, built in 1878, served as the residence of thirteen California governors, the last of which was Ronald Reagan, who lived there from 1966 to 1975. This mansion is located in the State Historical Park of the Governor’s Mansion. An incredibly richly decorated and beautiful building was erected for a private individual, and then procured by the state in 1903 for Governor George Pardi. This Sacramento mansion is decorated with a very delicate decor, with features and special touches from Europe. Outside the house in vast areas there are gardens with exotic plants from around the world. Of particular note is the pool, built in 1959.

Crocker Museum of Art

The Crocker Museum of Art has an amazing assortment of craftsmanship in Sacramento, just as European and East Asian workmanship, photos and contemporary works. The first historical center structure and the assortment, which is as yet the premise of the gallery, were given by Margaret Crocker. This private assortment was gathered by Judge Edwin B Crocker during the 1860s.

California and American craftsmanship incorporates works dating from 1848, including Danish time to photos of Ansel Adams and compositions that extend from the earliest starting point of the nineteenth century to the present decade. The structure itself, which started distinctly with the first Victoria House in 1873, experienced rebuilding, which included the cutting edge 125,000-square-foot Teel Family structure.

Fort Sutter State Historic Park

The Fort Sutter Museum stands on what used to be the site of Sacramento first outpost of white man, created by German-Swiss immigrant Johann August Sutter in 1839. The second house, built in the same year, was restored in the original style, and keeps relics of the pioneer and golden period. There are also objects related to the founder of the Sacramento city, whose estates reached the other side of the American River near Coloma. After the gold was discovered, Sutter was literally overwhelmed with gold seekers, so he was forced to flee.

Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo is an incredible family fascination with several intriguing creatures from around the globe. They likewise have fascinating assortments of flying creatures and reptiles. The Sacramento zoo is engaged with neighborhood and worldwide protection ventures.

Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town is a family park with a wide range of fun and instructive things for kids to see and do. The recreation center has livestock considering nurseries and subject territories dependent on fantasies and kids’ rhymes.

Other Attractions in Sacramento

  • A most loved excursion spot for the two voyagers and local people is William Land Park, which is spread right around a hundred hectares.
  • Here you cannot simply meander in the shade of a hundred-year-old back streets, yet in addition play golf or even visit the Sacramento zoo, where numerous types of outlandish creatures are gathered.
  • By and large, Sacramento can be glad for its parks, of which there are as of now eight dozen in the city.
  • You can expand your relaxation time in Sacramento by setting off to an expressive dance (all things considered, there is a perpetual city artful dance troupe) or going to one of the old style music shows that are routinely given by the neighborhood ensemble symphony.
  • It will likewise be fascinating to visit Fort Sutter, totally redesigned as per the soul of the nineteenth century.
  • Of the cutting edge engineering landmarks, the amazing Ziggurat pyramid, raised on the stream bank, stands apart particularly.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the pearls of Northern California, and is located not far from Sacramento. It is popular with tourists and vacationing Americans at any time of the year. In summer, you can swim on the beaches and go on trails, and in winter — ski and snowboard on the Olympic ski slopes. And what fresh pine air is there!

Tahoe is located in two states at once — California and Nevada. Suggest driving along the California coast, stopping at observation decks and going down to the beaches. I must say right away that most of the good beaches are located in state parks, entry to which is paid. It’s not recommended to save and pay for parking and spending time on the lake.

The cost of a visit to the parks Emerald Bay SP, D.L. Bliss SP and Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point SP — $ 10. But, like in other state parks on the Big Sur coast (for example, Point Lobos and Julia Pfeiffer Park), if you visit them in one day, you will only need to pay entry once.

Near the famous Inspection Point, a beautiful Sacramento trail begins in the Bayview pine forest. Haik is quite complex, but it offers beautiful views of the Emerald Bay. The trail is simpler — to the Cascade Falls overlooking the Cascade Lake.

To prolong your stay in Sacramento, suggest spending the night in the town of Incline Village, which has access to the lake and where you can have a great walk. The best Hyatt hotel is located right on the shores of Lake Tahoe and it has a beautiful beach. In addition, it is convenient to travel the route later. But you can choose other hotels on Lake Tahoe, for example, in the cities of South Lake Tahoe or Truckee.

Bottom Line

Sacramento offers a large variety of attractions, and tourists can find a huge number of historical objects. It goes without mentioning the splendid Californian nature, tasty cuisine and welcoming locals. Sacramento city is definitely worth your time — you can make your trip truly magnificent.


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