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Sacramento Cultural Life

Sacramento Cultural Life
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You can say for sure that Sacramento’s culture is diversified: in accordance with the demography of this city in 2002, the Times Magazine said that Sacramento is the most diverse city in the USA.

And indeed, a lot of ethnicities can be found here, such as:

  • Russians
  • African Americans
  • Hispanics, and so on

The LGBT community is also strongly supported here, as the whole neighborhood of the LGBT community is placed in Sacramento, called Lavender Heights.

Famous Historical Streets and Buildings to see

In this city, you can also find two old and beautiful neighborhoods, such as Sutter’s Fort and Old Sacramento. The last one has a lot of historic buildings placed on its cobbled old-time streets.

Many of the buildings in the Old Sacramento neighborhood were reconstructed or preserved, which makes this place very valuable to Sacramento’s history. It also attracts a lot of tourists: with its paddle steamers and steam-hauled trains, you will feel like being transported into the last century!

When visiting Sacramento, you can also find here the “Big Four Building”: an office for Mark Hopkins, Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker, and Leland Stanford. Also, the main pacific train systems, such as the Central and the Southern railroads, were founded here.

The building was demolished in 1963 but, fortunately, recreated in 1965. It is now considered to be a National Historic Landmark of Sacramento

The Newspapers’ history

The main newspaper that is working in Sacramento now is named The Sacramento Bee, and it was founded in 1857. Making a history throwback, we can notice that there was a paper that was instituted six years before the Sacramento Bee — the Sacramento Union.

Back in the days before the Union’s closing in 1994, it was the oldest newspaper in the western part of Mississippi state. An interesting fact is that Mark Twain used to work in this newspaper for some time in 1866.

And actually, the Union reestablished itself in 2004, but in the form of bimonthly magazines, not in the form of a newspaper as before.

Sports-related Information


For those interested in sports, you now will be surprised to know what a big sport-related history Sacramento has, both in the past and in the present times.

First, talking about the past:

  • Sacramento was the home for two professional football teams: Sacramento Surge and Sacramento Gold Miners, as well as for the soccer team called the Sacramento Knights that played in Sacramento for some time.
  • Moreover, a professional basketball team with the name Sacramento Solons, originally called the Sacramento Senators, played in this city from 1903 to 1961. For those interested, the name was changed in 1935.

And second, as for the present times:

  • An NBA team named the Sacramento Kings is the team formed in this city. They usually play at Power Balance Pavilion or at the Arco Arena.
  • There is also another basketball team present, but of the minor ABA league, and they are called the Sacramento Heatwave. This team plays at Cosumnes River College.
  • To add to the list of the previous teams, Sacramento also has a baseball team of a minor league called the Sacramento River Cats. They play at Raley Field in West Sacramento.

Sacramento’s Annual California International Marathon (CIM)

Another important event that is hosted by Sacramento is the California International 26-mile Marathon that is done every December and takes a form of a road race that goes through many important eyesights of the city: starting at the Folsom Dam, it then lets you pass midtown of the city with a great view at the finish, the California State Capitol.

The usual amount of 5000+ plus runners is accommodated by 2000+ volunteers. Each mile, the participants have some course entertainments, get some cheers from watchers, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors on the trees of Sacramento.

Those who decide to participate can gain some benefits from the marathon, such as:

  • 50,000 dollars prize.
  • Boston Marathon or Olympic Marathon Trials qualifying time
  • The satisfaction of finishing their first marathon (or not the first) is always present at such marathons.

This marathon is so great that the Runner’s World Magazine put the California International Marathon into the top-5 qualifying for Boston Marathon. Moreover, they consider this marathon to be one of the best small ones in the world!

Important Residents You Might Know

There are quite a few famous people who have some connections to Sacramento. The list includes the following personas:

  • Michael Williamson, the cameraman
  • Wayne Thiebaud, the painter
  • Stephen Robinson, the astronaut
  • Joan Didion, the writer
  • The Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy
  • The band called Cake also started their career in Sacramento

Talking about the businesses, the city’s most successful ones are Russ Solomon and Sherwood Shakey Johnson.

Additional Facts for you

Here is another bunch of facts that you may be interested in:

  • Sacramento is the second city in the country that plays softball more than any other state. In the first place is Detroit, Michigan
  • In previous times Sacramento used to host the NCAA Track and Field Championships
  • The city also has national flat-track motorcycle races, called the Sacramento Mile
  • Sacramento is the home for the California State Fair that is happening every year at the last summer days and until Labor Day. This event is quite popular, as it attracted more than a whole million people in 2001
  • The cyclists of the state may want to know that the city also has a Jedediah memorial trail that goes all the way from Old Sacramento to Folsom Lake

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