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Sacramento Entertaining Activities For Family

Sacramento Entertaining Activities for Family
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If you’re visiting Sacramento on vacation with your family, don’t worry, there will be plenty to do. There is entertainment in the city for every taste and age. Sacramento is California’s most family-friendly city, with many parks, museums, and fun activities for the whole family. Of course, several restaurants will welcome guests with children and offer a children’s menu.


California State Railroad Museum

This museum sits right in the heart of the city – in Old Sacramento. It may seem to you that there can be nothing exciting in the history of the railway. Well, that will change once you visit this museum. The railway played a significant role in developing many countries and cities, Sacramento was no exception. The museum’s collection contains more than 20 locomotives. This is an interactive museum, so children will like it there because you can sit inside and touch everything in all the cabins. Such close interaction with the museum expatriates will help better understand the history of the development of the railway, what technologies were used, and why so many funds were invested in the creation and improvement of the railway. You can ride one of the locomotives around Old Sacramento, a great idea for an evening with your lover. For children, train trips are regularly arranged, each of which has a special theme.

The Crocker Art Museum

The bulk of the museum’s collection are gifts from a family of wealthy businessmen named Crocker, all of these works of art are his presents to the city of Sacramento and the mansion that housed them. As the museum’s collection is continuously growing, the city authorities decided to build an additional building. Today, the Crocker family mansion exhibits works by masters of the past, dating back to the 19th century. The museum’s new building displays a collection of contemporary art: paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Please note that a single visit to this museum will not be enough to see all the exhibits. The exhibitions are constantly updated, so stay tuned for the latest news from the museum.

Sutter’s Fort

The fort is another interactive place where children can learn more about the state and Sacramento’s history. Here you can see how the city began and how people lived in those days. In the fort’s territory, there was a colony founded by Sutter, this colony of gold miners, and gave the city origins. Of course, there have been many tragic moments (floods) in Sacramento’s history that affected buildings in the city; despite this, the fort has an entirely original untouched building from the 19th century. All other buildings have an appearance precisely like the houses of those times. The Budget a few hours to visit this place because we are sure you will not want to leave any of the rooms storing the exhibits. As soon as you enter the fort’s territory, you get the impression that all the colony inhabitants went out for a minute and are about to return. You can see and even touch some household items, weapons, and clothes of the 19th century.

Old Sacramento and Underground Old Sacramento

For those interested in the country’s history or the background of the state and the town in particular, there is a fascinating old town. Old Sacramento is the historic center of the city, where you can see buildings from the 19th century, most of which have remained virtually unchanged. This part of the city was initially the busiest. Due to the high economic development rates and the gold rush, which was followed by an economic recession, beggars began to live in this part of the city. At some point, people stopped living together in large families. Today, the buildings house museums, cafes, and souvenir shops. A visit to this place is a great idea for a quality family pastime; here, your children can feel like the heroes of a western become aware of the facts from their country’s history.

Because the city is too close to the river, the annual floods quickly destroyed the city’s wooden buildings, so the city authorities decided to fill the lower floors of buildings with sand and dust and build a new town on top. It turned out to be much cheaper than building a drainage system. Now you can visit the Old Sacramento Underground on your own or with a guide. You can explore the labyrinths of the underground city and perhaps unravel some of its secrets and mysteries.

Sacramento History Museum

In this museum, you can learn about the city’s history, from the Native Americans’ settlements, ending with our days.

Sacramento’s history is closely related to gold mining. The gold rush led to a severe economic downturn, but the situation returned to normal over time, and Sacramento was once again a thriving city with well-developed farming. Fertile soil and hot climate have made Sacramento the farming capital of the state. You can see ethnographic exhibits from different times in the museum and a large collection of agricultural technology from all generations.

Parks and Recreation Areas

McKinley Park

Sacramento is a very green city with many parks, squares, and recreation areas. A large number of plants in the city help to hide from the summer heat. The most popular place for recreation in the city is this park. People come here to play sports, study, work, communicate with people, or breathe fresh air and walk. If you are in this park, look into the rose garden, which has more than 1200 rose bushes, and do not forget to admire the lake with a fountain.

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

Sacramento residents prefer an active lifestyle because of the hot climate; they can play sports in the fresh air at any time of the year. That is why the city has a variety of sports grounds.

In addition to tennis, golf, football, and more, many in Sacramento are involved in running or hiking because it is a sport that does not require additional equipment or a lot of experience. That is why the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail has become one of the most popular places in the city. With a length of 32 miles, the trail runs along with scenic landscapes and the American River. For joggers’ comfort, the authorities have built public toilets, small shops, and cafes along the entire length of the trail, so that athletes have the opportunity to take a breath, tidy up, and recharge.

Several parks in the city have access to the trail, so getting there is not a problem.

Family-friendly restaurants

Bacon & Batter

If you’re a fan of simpler, traditional American food, check out Bacon & Batter. The goal of this establishment is to use only local farm products and top quality meat. The menu features fresh pastries, bacon crepes, cinnamon rolls, chocolate biscuits, and banana bread, perfect options to take on the road.

Lovers of healthy food can find interesting options for them on the menu because they serve dishes not only from bacon and butter, as you might think. For breakfast or an early lunch, you can order avocado toast or chia pudding.

Democratic prices, from $ 3 to $ 20 and a family atmosphere – you will find all this here. And the workload at lunchtime is not a problem, because the restaurant has two rooms for receiving guests.

Tres Hermanas

This restaurant has a children’s zone and a special children’s menu. The restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine, where you can eat tacos, burritos, and more. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the food, all the dishes and ingredients of the dishes are prepared in the morning before the restaurant’s opening so that you can enjoy a truly fresh and high-quality meal. We understand that your family’s safety comes first. The plus is that the staff is polite and the service is as fast as possible.
Adults can enjoy a huge selection of wines and margaritas for every taste. There are vegetarian options on the menu.

Keep in mind that on Fridays, it is better to take seats and book in advance. Many people want to taste Mexican cuisine at this hour with the whole family.

Other places to spend time with your family

Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo is home to over 500 animals of 150 species. You can see lions, crocodiles, other reptiles, flamingos and other birds, and even otters and penguins. We advise you to sign up for the “Evening at the Zoo” in advance. This is a unique opportunity to visit the Zoo after sunset and see the living creatures’ nightlife.

Funderland Amusement Park & Sacramento Fairytale Town

Of course, do not forget about one of the most favorite children’s activities – visiting an amusement park and attractions. Fairytale Town is a place where children can visit a fairy-tale world. All kinds of game equipment options: slides, swings, carousels, mazes, ladders, etc. More than 12 playgrounds have unique designs inspired by stories from the most popular fairy tales and cartoons. Funderland Amusement Park has 12 unique rides, all of which have their theme and route.

Sacramento Farmers’ Markets

One of the best ways to introduce children to the farming culture is to take them to the farmers’ market, which ends with a homemade family dinner of farm products. Here, children will be able to see the result of farmers and farmers’ work with their own eyes. Besides, the market is simply charming, with an abundance of colors and fragrances around. We are sure that you will not be able to resist and buy a couple of kilograms of some natural and healthy products. Agree, it’s nice to eat right if all the conditions exist to do so.

Sacramento Capitol

The Capitol Building is one of the first historical and other splendid buildings in Sacramento. Even though this is an active capitol, you can visit it absolutely without restrictions and free of charge. In the 20th century, this building was included in the register of cultural heritage sites.

A shady park surrounds the impeccable building of the capitol, ideal for walking on hot days. Many people say that the local capitol is a miniature copy of the White House, there are indeed similarities, but the local capitol is much smaller, while its size remains impressive.

The Capitol is functioning; it hosts meetings, meetings, and receptions of ambassadors from other countries. Fun Fact: visitors often notice the two armchairs inside the building, upholstered in luxurious red fabric. These chairs are always empty because they are intended to receive a royalty.

Summing up, we can conclude that Sacramento is the most family-friendly city in the state of California. You can safely plan your next vacation here with the whole family, young and old. The crime rate is incredibly low, so your trip will be safe. We advise you to bring closed summer clothes and sunscreen because it is hot and sunny here. The city has a lot of entertainment for children. Besides, kids can watch contemporary and other art. And of course, play in playgrounds and go in for sports in specially equipped places. The main advantage of Sacramento is that it is a family-friendly city.


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