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Sacramento Style Of Living

Sacramento Style of Living
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Despite being a capital of the California state, Sacramento is overshadowed mostly by highly popular coastal areas. But the city can offer much more to its visitors though it has an agricultural origin. It is appealing by its fascinating examples of architecture, history, entertainment, and natural beauty as a capital. Travelers and people who think to move to this area consider it an excellent choice to settle down in affordable destinations.

Picturesque Areas

Sacramento has remarkable areas, perfect for photographing and sightseeing, with its tree-shaded lines of streets stretched across the city. Especially in the city center, they create an oasis-like serenity serving as a canopy during a hot summer. So it is more likely for you to be impressed by this realm of trees that the city is well-known for. The Sacramento Tree Foundation even offers tours in a company of a guide. A wonderful mix of family houses and apartment buildings, ranch-style homes, and recreational places with all the greenery and two big rivers make you feel like living more in the park. If you still don’t feel much of the countryside air, you’re welcome to the small farms and ranches relatively close to the city. Suburban neighborhoods like Cameron Park, Roseville, Folsom, Auburn, Elk Grove, and Orangevale can compete with the city and ensure a good option for small-town experiences.

Rivers and Lakes

Two freshwater rivers and lakes secure the area with plenty of water if you compare it with California. Rivers not only complete the picturesque landscape of the city, but they attract the attention of visitors. There are plenty of options to fit their desires in various activities of an endless range: rafting, fishing, waterskiing, and hiking, sunbathing, as well as camping and kayaking, etc. One of the popular activities among the residents and tourists is floating the rivers. This is an enjoyable time-spending for the whole family, and your kids will love it. The American River accommodates numerous parks along its way, which are attractive for leisure time activities. For instance, the 23-miles-long American River Parkway is a perfect place for jogging or riding a bike.

Awesome Retreat for Weekends

Sacramento has an ideal location if you would like to escape from the city for your holidays and weekends within California. There are plenty of options to indulge yourself with beautiful destinations avoiding exhausting travel for long distances. Enjoy your skiing and snowboarding time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains after two hours by car eastwards. San Francisco and the beach are only around two hours away to the west. Yosemite National Park is 2.5 hours southeast. The famous ski resorts and Lake Tahoe are just over 60 minutes off the city. Napa and Sonoma are also around. The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel, and the wild coast of Mendocino are very close to those looking for a perfect weekend retreat.

Life in Sacramento

Compared to other areas in California, Sacramento is a place with a reasonable cost of living and average house values. The reason for that is in the economic crisis of 2007, which affected the city considerably. The figures show the total cost of living is 5% above the national average in Sacramento (for reference, 21.5% above for Los Angeles). They think that it contributes to the population growth in the area. It is recommended to ensure a job place there before you decide to move there. An excellent stable income makes you feel more comfortable and secure from your living anywhere in the world. Think about an affordable house for your life straight away, as prices are still going up gradually.

Go Around the City

Of course, the car is the preferred means to travel around the city. Public transportation is quite limited. You can find light-rail services and buses by which you can reach the nearby areas of Sacramento. Wide streets allow you to enjoy your bicycle ride for leisure or to commute to work. Use Sacramento International Airport if you want to fly to other places in the world. And daily Amtrak trains can bring you to a variety of destinations all over the country.

Residents of Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is well known for being a cozy city eager to welcome any person. And non-residents envy such a beautiful city peculiarity since historical time. More young people are coming to this area for living, as a particular population shift has been tracing in California lately. The population is extremely diverse, and people of all ethnicities and backgrounds are highly represented in the area, which residents think of as one of the advantages. It leads to a multi-cultures mix and other religious awareness. The most practiced one is Catholicism, though. More and more people speak languages different from English, showing the multi-linguistic tendency in the community. English

Feel the History

There, you will hear the story of John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant, and a powerful landowner, who built his fort near two rivers in 1839. Later, in 1848, people discovered gold in the area near Sacramento. It affected the life of that place in the 19th century, with crowds of gold miners enticed by chance to become affluent. The area developed rapidly and turned into the industrial center of the state in the 20th century. You can feel and even touch the history there, as Old Sacramento preserves its original buildings and atmosphere of the long-forgotten past. Sutter’s Fort Museum is another fantastic place welcoming its visitors all year round. It features objects of the Rush period and those related to the founder of the city. Gold Rush Days Festival starts annually in October, showing a wide variety of performances. The Tower Bridge, built-in 1935, is another unique place in ‘Old Sac.’ The bridge painted in gold is considered one of the most remarkable symbols of the city. The next one is the Railroad Museum, one of the largest of the kind in the world. You can see steam-drawn locomotives and wagons of the old days, and even enjoy the trip around the area, riding one of these old-fashioned trains.

Experience Culture

In fact, the cultural life can strike you more, offering a significant number of cultural activities for visitors and residents to discover your own Sacramento. The Crocker Art Museum is certainly at the top of this list, for it is in a range of the oldest public art galleries in the US, presenting national, European, and East Asian crafts, and contemporary works. Another museum to visit is the California Museum, famous for its California Hall of Fame. It spans the state’s history from the Spanish mission era to Japanese internment during World War II. You will enjoy music and arts is Philharmonic and Opera, which has been increasing in its popularity in recent years. Sacramento Theatre Company welcomes its attendees and gives lots of classical, musical, and contemporary plays for the visitors to admire. Otherwise, you may prefer to see a Ziggurat pyramid, an exciting sample of the city’s modern buildings, attracted by its engineering structure.

Apart from the traditional ways of cultural experience, you can explore the mural festival known as Wide Open Walls. It takes place in August, and many tourists come to enjoy its program from all over the country. Famous artists from distant parts of the globe come to the festival to paint out public spaces in Sacramento, especially for the festival. Within two weeks of the festival, you can observe colorful murals on the walls across the city. You might also walk the pathways of William Land Park, a vast area of nearly a hundred hectares, where you can play golf or go to the zoo and watch the creatures from around the world. Or go to Victorian-style Capitol Park with a lovely trout pond, a cactus garden, and a collection of native plants representing every Earth’s county. Visit a family park, Fairytale Town, a perfect place for kids to have fun and spend their time happily with your dears. Or join prolific themed excursions on the River Train.

Farm to Fork Movement

Sacramento has a famous agricultural character, having a lot of farms, orchards, and vineyards nearby. Not by chance, it has become America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. It grows almost everything: vegetables, fruits, rice, beef, almonds, and all possible delicacies. The desire to use fresh and seasonal products from local agronomy has turned into a national idea and gained Americans’ fame. Many chefs are dealing with farmers and growers to get fresh ingredients they need every day. Wherever you go, restaurant, or foodies, be sure they treat you with local produce’s best food. This re-discovery of the goodness of fresh food has shaped a new approach to culinary art as a whole. Unlike other cities, many restaurants in Sacramento can boast with the constant change of new entries on the menu. The number of top restaurants and high-class chefs has been growing in Sacramento. Therefore, the city is considered appealing as a culinary destination.

If you want to learn more about your nutrition patterns, take advantage of attending agricultural festivals or farm-to-fork ones. They usually have many things for the visitors to offer, such as delicious and non-trivial food, wine, and craft beers from regional eateries and purveyors. You can enjoy live music concerts, cooking demonstrations, kids’ zones, interactive booths from local grocers, farms, ranches, and even more! Visiting Farmers’ Markets is another option to become familiar with this Movement. You can find more than 40 of them in the region. As reviews reveal, no one regrets.

Beverage Culture

In neighborhoods of Sacramento, hide plenty of wineries, some of them are close to the city. Visitors, especially newcomers, will be happy to relish the high-quality local products with a choice of red and white wines. Some regional wineries like Frasinetti have more than an age-long history. Casque Wines are enjoyable, with the taste of Bordeaux and Rhone-style wines, which are the specials of Sacramento’s wine houses. The best-known brand from Sacramento is Bogle, and its wine is available at retail chains and local wine shops. You can hold a celebration or any other event at the Cielo Estate Winery in an enjoyable atmosphere and outstanding service.

Continue your drinking experience with craft beer. This industry is well-developed to offer more than 60 breweries in the area. For instance, New Helvetia brewery impresses you with a neighborhood feel. Visit the tasting room in the city of the Two Rivers Cider Company and try something different. In Der Biergarten, you can find mostly German beer. And there is even a mobile pub-like Sac Brew Bike which provides beer bars tours for two-three hours around the area. It can accommodate up to 15 people, so it is perfect for having parties and celebrations. The city also hosts significant events such as Sacramento Cocktail Week, the annual California Beer Craft Summit, Sacramento Beer Week.

Today’s culture of Sacramento can be traced through coffee as well. Numerous community roasters and coffee shops certainly make you enjoy a great cup of coffee at any time. Stick to local brands like Insight Coffee Roasters, Temple Coffee, Old Soul Co., Naked Lounge, etc. They create a pleasant environment for you to meet up with friends and take a cup. Other popular chains like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Philz Coffee you can find in the city.

Shopping Experience in Sacramento

Sacramento offers a lot of opportunities for your shopping tours in the area. Big centers and malls are attractive to shop-goers with their considerable range of stores. Different brands, boutiques, and saloons are presented to suit any taste and help you out on any occasion. Usually, these places have food court facilities on the upper levels with complimentary free wi-fi and a movie theatre zone. If you want to have a memorable dining experience, you can do it at restaurants in malls like the Pavilions.

The largest shopping mall in the city is Arden Fair Mall, which provides mid and high-end shopping opportunities. Valet parking and mobility services are available in most places there. And even a concierge service like in the Roseville Galleria. You are also welcome to various antique and gift shops in the city and its neighborhoods. For instance, Antique Plaza, outside of Sacramento in Rancho Cordova, offers a great choice of vintage or antique items. Or Capitol Books and Gifts, Downtown, is a good try if you search for articles and books related to California, or the Blue Diamond Growers Gift Shop is another place for travelers to drop in.

Sacramento is appealing in many ways: for visitors by chance and particular travelers, it has a broad spectrum of attractions, beautiful nature, and various amenities to keep you returning.


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