Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom in Sacramento Area

Immerse yourself into the world of the high-grade kitchen and bathroom remodel and design at our Sacramento showroom! Consult with the most experienced design and building experts in the industry.

We have a renowned kitchen and bath showroom with the best brands that we love and trust. You will find only the best cabinets and vanities, tiling and flooring, custom and semi-custom counters and countertops to fit any style of any home!

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We offer:

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  • Custom designs and fabrication
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  • Warranty
  • Officially licensed and bonded
  • Direct communication with you
Our showroom was designed with you in mind! We offer wide range of styles and colors to meet any needs of your home. You’ll be able to touch, see and feel materials that our designers can piece together into a complete design. We’ll help you pick out the colors and materials that will meet your expectations in matters of quality, style, convenience, and longevity.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Showroom

A+ Construction Pro strives to bring you the most innovative ideas and only the best quality to solve any remodeling needs. We understand all the difficult decision that you, as homeowners, face when dealing with remodeling your home. Do not worry, our experts have been in the industry for years and will walk you through every step of the remodel, from planning to building. Our goal is to make this experience as smooth and flawless as possible for you.

Our knowledge and experience of the industry has inspired us to create a comfortable kitchen and bathroom showroom for anyone who walks through its doors. Now, we’re ready to share our inspiration with you! We’ve got an excellent line of material choices, a variety of accessories, lines we love, hand-selected brands we trust and designers ready to help you put it all together. A+ Construction Pro has arranged a perfect visual space containing:

  • More than 70 varieties of cabinets
  • A great choice of designs that are able to fit any kitchen or bath design
  • A wide range of materials from custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets
  • Natural and man-made materials for your walls and floors
  • Refacing solutions for cabinets and vanities
Click here to see some of our completed projects before you visit our showroom

Quality Materials and Innovative Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Ideas

We pride ourselves on working with only the best and most trusted manufacturers of cabinets, and countertops not only in Sacramento but anywhere in California. Visit our showroom to see the brands we love and trust including:

  • Silestone
  • Cambria
  • Starmark
  • Decore-ative Specialties
  • Fieldstone
  • Timberlake
  • Grainger
  • KraftMaid
We work directly with the manufacturers which allows us to cut out the middleman and pass on the best prices directly to you!


Our showroom has the best and the most versatile kitchen samples to fit any style our customers want. The displayed cabinets can be made in a variety of colors and materials that will be perfect for for any kitchen or bath.

We carry over than 70 cabinet varieties so you will surely find something you will absolutely fall in love with. Meet our team of experts right in the showroom and learn how to make the ideal design to maximize the space and give any room the perfect aesthetic.

Our cabinetry is generally made out of top-quality wood. We put quality craftsmanship into every piece we make, so you will be getting only the best. Our most popular choices of wood for cabinets are:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Pecan
  • Alder wood

Natural wood has gorgeous undertones, distinct grains, knots, mineral streaks, and natural wooden patterns. Unfortunately, a showroom does can’t fully show the charm of a completed kitchen. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to touch it, feel the pattern, the smell, and the shape of it.

Depending on the design of the cabinetry, we can also use additional materials (glass, fiberwood, vinyl, etc.), when doing refacing or modification. It all depends on what you will fall in love with and decide to choose for your home.

Call our office at 916-970-0047 for an appointment in our spacious showroom to learn more about our materials.


We’ve got a very impressive choice of countertops – more than 200 styles! They are partially presented in our showroom. Additional samples can be requested from our designer. Some of the materials we use for countertops are:
  • Granite – one of the most durable variants available in a variety of natural colors and patterns
  • Quartz – glassy and shiny that doesn't require polishing
  • Quartzite – long-lasting and resistant to heat, available in big variety of colors and patterns
Come to our spacious showroom to see our selection of countertop and feel the smooth edges and flawless surfaces. We also offer countertops that are completely custom, if you don’t see exactly what you were looking for from our prefabricated selection.

Walls & Floors

Our showroom displays a variety of choices for walls and floors to fit any design and style of your home. Our designers will guide you through the process of choosing exactly what your home needs.
  • Opt for natural stone – get a traditional and long-lasting classic look.
  • Order a custom flooring layout – use tiling, hardwood, laminate or of our other endless options to fit your needs and your budget.
  • Invest in hardwood flooring - get a high-end look that will last a lifetime.
  • Try engineered hardwood – valued as one of the most durable and stylish flooring options for your living space.
  • Install vinyl planks for a luxurious wooden look – these top-quality planks look identical natural hardwood planks and last a long time.
Our showroom carries all types of surfaces you may want in your home. Just make an appointment and our designers will gladly meet with you and go over all the options.

Bath Remodel

Our extensive collection of bath vanities, showers, tubs, sinks, and flooring varies from traditional to contemporary, you will surely find a style you will love. The goal of every bath project is to maximize the space while looking beautiful and serving as a highly functioning space . Our building experts, as well as the experienced plumbers and designers, know how to make your bathroom visions become a reality, regardless of the square footage. We’ve got stunning accessories and hardware to put that finishing touch on your space.

Remodeling Process

Our building and remodeling projects include not only kitchen renovations, but also smaller spaces that play a big part in your everyday comfort, your bathroom. A typical bathroom remodel encompases almost the same steps as the kitchen except a bathroom triangle includes a sink, a shower (or/and a bathtub) and a toilet.

Our basic bathroom remodeling steps include:

  • Sanitary aspects
  • Counters
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Cabinets
  • Storage
  • Tiling & flooring
  • Lighting
  • Basic plumbing elements (tub, sink, toilet, and faucets).

Bathroom Remodel Layout

The first step in your remodel is actually figuring out whether or not you would want to change the layout of your bathroom to maximize the space. If you have a smaller bathroom, our designers can work with you to maximize the space as much as possible. Our experts deal with plan layouts for you, the plan includes measurements and the layout of plumbing and electrical outlets. We would be glad to see you in our showroom to discuss the layout of you bathroom and help you design one you will absolutely be glad to be in. You could bring measurements and pictures of your existing bathroom to our designers, and they will design a bathroom just for you!

Bathroom Cabinetry

Visit our showroom to see the varieties of cabinets we offer, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Most popular categories include:

  • Traditional bathroom cabinets that will always be in style
  • Modern cabinets created for your maximum comfort and style
  • Transitional cabinets that represent a perfect combination of contemporary style and classic feel.
We can easily customize your bathroom, just make an appointment to our showroom and our designer will show you a 3D rendering using the new innovative technology.

Sinks & Vanities

We install all types of bathroom sinks, for single or double vanities. Tell us what you are looking for or let our designers suggest something that would look best for your style. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can always make you a custom piece.

Flooring & Tiling

We carry a variety of options for flooring and tile to go along with your design:
  • Porcelain tile – a perfect indoor and outdoor option that will cost you less than natural stone tiling.
  • Ceramic, marble and granite tile – they have luxurious look and unbelievable flare.
  • Natural stone – one of the priciest, but the most durable and noble variants for any bathroom and kitchen remodel.
  • Custom flooring – a customized flooring will exceed all your expectations
  • Hardwood – get a high-end look that will last a lifetime.
  • Engineered hardwood – a cheaper variant of wooden flooring that looks exactly like natural wood but requires less maintenance and lasts a lifetime due to its unique structure. Also, engineered hardwood is manufactured in all colors, tints, and undertones you may want.
  • Vinyl – one of the most affordable flooring options offering wide variety of colors and styles.

We know how to install waterproof flooring and how to make man-made planks look natural. Our designer’s experience allows us to show you the best designs in the industry. We always strive to bring you high quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Your Remodel - Done on Time

Every detail matters to us as much as it does to you. We try to foresee any issues and solve them before they happen because we want to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible for you. We will work with your budget and on your timeline so you can have a peace of mind knowing our experts are exceeding your every expectation.

If you would like to see what we offer and get started on your remodel, visit our showroom today so we can make your dream home a reality!

Quality Matters

A+ Construction Pro knows that reputation is the vital for any business, that’s why we are committed to great customer service and quality craftsmanship in every project. You can find our profiles on social media as well as Google, Yelp, Houzz, and Buildzoom to see some of our completed projects and learn more about our team.

A+ Construction Pro Certifications

Kitchen and Bath Showroom in Sacramento: Virtual Tour

Our specialists created virtual tour of our kitchen and bath showroom located in Sacramento. Experience our showroom in 3D, where you will find:
  • Cabinet and countertops samples;
  • Walls and floors samples;
  • Accessories

Bath & Kitchen Design Showroom in Sacramento

3612 Madison Ave #33

North Highlands, CA 95660, USA

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday, Sunday: Closed

You can also call for an after-hours appointment +1 916-970-0047

You can get directions to our bath and kitchen design showroom using a map

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