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Siding in Sacramento, CA
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Siding is a super practical and popular solution for the exterior design in Sacramento, California. However, despite high demand of consumers, there are few reputable and experienced siding contractors out there, who perform the task at the top quality level, use safe and durable materials and have an affordable quote.

Another challenge is to detect the turnkey siding contractor able to perform the full scope of tasks associated with the interior solution. In most companies the range of services is limited to the tasks performed by the in-house specialists.

At A+ Construction Pro the approach is different: we carefully listen to the needs of our customers, make up a collaboration plan and then deal with subcontractors in case some services beyond our scope of activity are required. It means that the client gets the work done in full without the need to search for other contractors on their own.

It goes without saying that the homeowners can find, buy and deliver the materials on their own and then just find a contractor to assemble, ensure everything is properly installed and is functioning as required. Nevertheless, such a workflow doesn’t include the full warranty and leads to sufficient time expenses of the customer: own market analysis and calculations might be wrong. What’s more, it includes a lot of paperwork and legwork: all the contracts need to be signed on your own and afterward it may turn out the material purchased is wrong or is not enough or whatever else can happen.

Remember that savings are rarely so considerable to be worth of all the stress and nervousness you have by starting the siding project on your own. We offer a great deal by undertaking the most complicated and tedious processes and we do that at an affordable price.

Hire Siding Contractor in Sacramento, California

In search of experienced siding contracts there are several factors to consider.

The top reasons of choosing siding and using a completely new material for the exterior design are the wish to change the aesthetic feel of the building and increase the future money savings due to better energy use, as well as the weather, wind and cold protection. Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that siding fulfills these tasks only in case the material is high-quality, and installation is carried out properly with no drawbacks. Wrong materials for the climate conditions in Sacramento, California, or poor installation full of defects usually lead to feelable additional costs aimed at making the situation better.

Therefore, it is so important to choose the right siding contractor for your house renovation project. It’s both a challenge and some science: unexperienced siding contractors know little about the materials, the combination of elements and can’t offer proper advice to keep the house interior protected.

Is A+ Construction Pro a certified siding installer?

Being a certified siding contractor is just a part of what we can provide. Along with certification and warranties, our company features a long track record of properly completed projects. Not all states require licensing and certification. However, siding certification and training is a proof that we are interested in delivering outstanding results. There are several hundred happy customers in Sacramento, California, and lots of their reviews and testimonials posted online. So, qualification is the number one thing to consider when you choose the contractor.

Along with the general exterior design contractor’s license and multiple code-compliant certifications, our specialists undergo ongoing training and workshops, in addition to those, organized by manufacturers, therefore we can guarantee the installation practices fully comply with the industry standards.

What are the key factors to keep in mind when searching for a siding contractor?

In some cases, you may find a contractor that matches all your demands and expectations, but the result will still be unsatisfactory. How so? It happens due to little experience with the specific siding material of your choice. Some contractors are perfectly skilled in working with steel or fiber cement siding but lack expertise with vinyl siding. Discus the details in advance: especially if you have already come up with the siding material decision.

It is important to select a siding contractor that offers workmanship insurance to help customers and employees feel secure. There are many unpredictable factors, which may influence the result of the project, but insurance help legitimate contractors bear the responsibility for the outcome. It is a great relief for customers: it means they are protected from prolonged legal activities if something goes wrong and get their money back, if necessary.

Cooperating with a time-tested siding contractor in California is a substantial benefit: we feature a steady and impressive performance, provide warranties, have a brilliant reputation among suppliers and subcontractors and provide additional maintenance in the future.

Turnkey Design & Build


It’s a timeless look found in most suburbs, especially new construction, making it the go-to choice.


This is comprised of mostly wood, with a few added materials to create a more natural-looking final product.


This is compared to vinyl siding and is a great option for homeowners who want the look of wood siding.


Originally used in factories and industrial buildings, metal exterior siding is becoming a more popular option for homes.

Sacramento Siding Services

What impacts the siding installation costs?

Basically, the chosen material, the square footage of the surface to be covered, your geography (like Sacramento, California) and more factors can influence the total cost of the project.

As far as the physical installation is concerned, our professional team of 2–4 specialists will do everything rapidly and seamlessly, minimizing any inconvenience caused by the work. Talking about paperwork and permits — that’s what we are ready to undertake too. Contact us now to find out the details. The installation estimates usually include the labor price — this one is usually charged by the square foot and depends on the material. The general rule is: the heavier the siding, the more people are required to install it securely and neatly.

We suggest that you order the onsite visit for us to be able to offer you an informative bid.

How to get the house prepared for siding installation?

Either you can do it on your own or our team will do that for you. However, make sure you take these steps before the siding installation starts:

When is it better to install house siding?

We work all year-round in Sacramento, California due to the favorable climatic conditions. So, it’s up to you when to plan your project.

How long does it take to install siding on a turnkey basis?

Siding installation includes the removal of old covering, preparation of surfaces, adding insulation, the installation of the new siding and additional modifications, for example, painting or trimming.

The total time for siding installation depends on the amount of preparation work for your case, on the type of siding and the number of workers involved. However, you don’t have to worry about having your house exterior exposed to weather and damaging factors. We have been working with similar tasks for several years and can guarantee the surface will not be damaged during the installation.

The process may take up to a 2–3 weeks, but we can discuss completing the project in a shorter term.

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Siding Contractor near me?

A+ Construction Pro is ready to provide you siding installation services. We have the necessary expertise with siding materials and can suggest you using the specific type of siding based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Siding installation steps:

  1. The removal of old siding

    Before the team proceeds to the new siding installation, it is necessary to remove the old one, clean and prepare the house exterior walls for the new one. At this step, the contractor assesses the state of the wall and deals with possible issues.

  2. Preparation of the surface

    The appearance and the durability of the new siding strongly depends on the condition of the wall beneath it. The contractor will inspect the potentially problematic areas and provides you with a plan on how to fix it.

  3. Installation of the insulation

    Proper insulation is one of the key factors that impact the energy efficiency, protect the condition of the walls and ensure the siding is effective. Experienced teams like us provide you with the top insulation materials and top-notch techniques of using them.

  4. Installation of the new siding material

    Carefully and steadily our team installs parts of the new siding. In case it requires paint or other manipulations upon installation, we consider that in timeframe planning to let you understand the terms beforehand.

Key competitive advantages of A+ Construction Pro as a siding contractor in Sacramento, CA:

How to calculate quotes on a exterior siding installation?

You can deal with the measurements on your own or call us for an onsite visit to carry out the measurements for you. The quote depends on the square footage, the materials and other issues. Contact us now to do the calculation for you.

Our pricing policy is fully transparent and includes fulfilling the project on a turnkey basis. It includes the labor costs, the material costs and a lot more. Other contractors may not include certain services on their quotes: make sure you consider that when you make up your mind about cooperation with us. Also, consider years of experience, warranties, positive customer reviews and a portfolio of a contractor. It will help you make the right choice.

In order to avoid unpredictable situations, ask to specify the estimates in the contract. We analyze the ratio between flexible and fixed parameters to make our quotes reliable. It helps A+ Construction Pro a market niche leader and a trustworthy siding contractor in Sacramento, California.

The team of experienced workers and engineers is there for you to carry out the material research and explain you the nitty-gritty of each: its advantages and disadvantages, maintenance and durability, esthetic differences and ways to pick up the right one to match your home’s architectural style. Every single member of our team is competent and certified to fulfill the tasks they are entrusted with.

Get your house exterior design on a new level of energy efficiency, attractive look, protection and style.

To start your project, just use the contact form on the website or call us right away. You will get detailed answers to your questions, a reliable bid and a couple of valuable advice on your house exterior renovation project. We are ready to inform you about the necessary permits, possible issues and ways to avoid them. Contact us now to have a reliable guide in your journey of transforming the house exterior design!

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