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Ten Things To Know Before Moving To Sacramento

Ten Things to Know Before Moving to Sacramento
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Sacramento is a great place for living and for doing business. This region offers a vast labor market, generally lowers living costs, and instant access to government and education, historical sites, and other cultural locations. With the well-known Northern California climate and geography, Sacramento makes for great overall quality of life, a place where you would definitely like to stay.

Being California’s state capital, Sacramento is a massive economic, political and social hub. It is fastly developing, and now the region boasts the seventh position among the world’s largest economies. Sacramento is the largest city in the region, with a metropolitan population of almost 500,000 people and 2.5 million people living around the city.

Sacramento offers futile grounds for investments in both the public and private sectors. This results in ever-growing commercial opportunities.

However, this is only a short summary of what Sacramento is and why so many people think of moving to this marvelous city. Read the entire article to learn more about this fantastic place.

1. A city with a history

The history of Sacramento begins back in the late 1840s. It is the time of the California Gold Rush. If it was not for the Gold Rush and the insane amount of two billion dollars worth of gold taken from the ground around Sacramento, this gem of California might not have come to be. The city of Sacramento as we know it today became possible thanks to the years of madness that kicked in when thousands of people came to the region hoping to get rich.

It all started when gold was first discovered at Sutter’s Mill. John Sutter, the property owner, later became one of Sacramento’s legends and most famous historical figures. Today, you get the chance to see a vivid glimpse of those days by visiting Sutter’s Fort, a tourist attraction that offers a tour around the restored historical locations. Actors will show you a number of scenes of days long gone by.

In Sutter’s Fort, you will learn what the Miners’ 10 Commandments were and what made Sacramento an “instant city.” Or you can take a ride on the retro rails that gold-rushers used when they came to the settlement in their quest for gold.

2. The past and the present perfectly combined

Sacramento is a perfect example of how past and present come together, making a balanced union. In Old Sacramento, there are 28 acres of nearly 130 shops, tourist attractions, restaurants, and other entertainment sites to visit while enjoying the historical roots of the city.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you get on board the Delta King, an on-water hotel made of a renovated 1920s riverboat? Try some local seafood, and then maybe you would like to enjoy a play staged in the onboard theater.

Another place you might want to visit is Evangeline’s, a shop and costume mansion offering you more than just a shopping experience. While traveling through the rooms of this three-story shop, you will learn about the most infamous murders and mayhems.

For those in love with vintage toys and games, Old Sacramento offers G Willikers! Toy Emporium, a marvelous toy store with unique toys and games. The Candy Barrel is a great place if you can’t live without sugar. If you like meat, then Fanny Ann’s Saloon’s grilled cheeseburger is your choice. Or you may try River City Saloon’s cuisine while enjoying a live music performance and karaoke.

3. Food paradise

There are two things you should know about Sacramento in terms of food. The first one is the Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival. The second one is that this city is a year-round food paradise.

Being one of America’s leaders in agricultural production, Sacramento is a fantastic place for framing and farming-related businesses. The region’s climate is perfect for growing vegetables and fruit. With its 1.5 million acres of farmland and 40 massive farming markets, Sacramento welcomes foodies from all across the nation.

The Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival is an annual event held for two weeks in a row, during which people celebrate their love for farming, wine-making, and food. During those fourteen days, you will get to try various dishes and wines, learn how to master your cooking skills and enjoy live performances by local artists. The Farm-to-Fork Festival’s grand finale is the Tour Bridge Dinner. This is a massive meal served by Sacramento’s finest cooks. While trying the food, you will get to enjoy the magnificent view of the Sacramento River.

But there’s more. Since Sacramento is a great place for a foodie all-time through the year! Here you are welcome to enjoy the cuisine at numerous restaurants like The Kitchen (a Michelin star owner), Bacon and Butter, Squeeze Burger, or Dad’s Kitchen. The choice is vast indeed.

For those into a more sophisticated type of food, there are places like Grange Restaurant & Bar with its delicious Lamb Shank and Butterball Potatoes or Firehouse. And, of course, there is always some room for a piece of a good old apple pie (or some other fabulous dessert) from the menu of Rock’s Dessert Diner.

4. Do you have time for a cup of coffee?

In Sacramento, there is always time for coffee because the city’s residents are real coffeeholic. If you are a coffee lover too, then you will definitely like it here. There are coffee shops everywhere in Sacramento! Among the best coffee houses in the city are Temple Coffee and Insight Coffee Roasters.

There is even a local coffee festival called Specialty Coffee Week that takes place in September. Coffee lovers from all over the region come to taste various coffee blends, share knowledge and love for the city’s most popular drink. If you believe that home is where coffee is, then Sacramento is the place for you.

5. A great place to raise kids

If you have kids, then you’ll be glad to know that Sacramento offers tons of fun things to get your children entertained:

  • Art Beast is an art studio for school-age children where they get to develop their art skills while learning something new. The school has both full-time and part-time programs;
  • Fairytale Town is a good choice if you have smaller kids. In Fairytale Town, your children will get to have fun in more than 20 playsets based on famous nursery rhymes and fairytales;
  • At Raging Waters top-quality water park, you and your kids will have fun by racing down a number of fast and intricately designed waterslides;
  • Sacramento History Museum will tell your kids about the city’s past;
  • At the Sacramento Zoo, your kids will get to see the tallest mammal on Earth. The Giraffe Encounter will not leave your kid unimpressed. But there’s more since the Zoo has over 100 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles for a young animal lover’s delight;
  • SeaQuest is another place to take your little animal lover to. Stingrays, Asian otters, sloths, and wallabies are waiting for you.

The Sacramento Pros & Cons Summary, part I

Before we move on with our list of ten things to know before moving to Sacramento, let’s take a look at what existing or former Sacramento residents have to say about this city. This is the first part of the Sacramento pros and cons summary.

  • Sacramento is very close to the cities of San Francisco, Tahoe, and Roseville;
  • Although the city is quite populous, it is not too overcrowded;
  • The city is a short drive to the mountains and the ocean coastline;
  • Living in Sacramento is not too expensive, and the labor market is constantly growing;
  • The climate has four distinct seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Summers are hot; winters are cold and wet (but it never snows).


  • Some say that Sacramento has a relatively high crime rate, and for some areas of the city, it may not be safe to leave valuable belongings in a vehicle or even walk by yourself;
  • Pretty much like the neighboring San Francisco, Sacramento has homeless people on the streets;
  • Being the state’s capital city, Sacramento has a reputation as an “overly political” city.

Look for more pros and cons of Sacramento city in the second part of the section at the bottom of the article.

6. Do you like art?

Art is actually everywhere in Sacramento. From enormous wall paintings to exquisite and original artwork displayed during local art festivals. One of them, by the way, is fully dedicated to wall paintings and is called the Wide Open Walls festival. For ten whole days, local and guest artists use the city walls, building facades, and storefronts as their canvas creating unforgettable masterpieces.

Second Saturday is another cultural event that includes exhibitions at the local art galleries, live music performances, and special menus at local restaurants.

If you’re into the fusion of art and history, then you’ll most likely get interested by the exhibition of the 1800s ceramic collections and paintings at епру Crocker Art Museum.
Sacramento Theater Company welcomes everyone who’s into performing arts, music, and drama. What is great about the Theater Company is that it collaborates with Sacramento schools to get the local youths interested in theater.

For ballet lovers, there is the Sacramento Ballet. And those who love classical music will be welcome at the Sacramento Philanthropic and Opera.

7. The Golden 1 Center

What is the Golden 1 Center? Well, it’s the ultimate entertainment center in Sacramento. Some even call it the future of entertainment. Why? Because this enormous venue offers the city’s residents and its guests countless events combining entertainment with an eco-friendly approach. The Golden 1 Center utilizes solar power panels and makes use of energy-efficient lighting systems.

Within the walls of the Golden 1 Center, you are welcome to watch basketball games, attend a live music performance by the likes of Kanye West, Eric Church, and Blacker Shelton.

The Golden 1 venue also offers entertainment for the whole family, such as Disney on Ice and Harlem Globetrotters games.

8. The sun and the water

We have already mentioned the climate in Sacramento, and we guess that it’s right about the time we delve a bit deeper into that matter. Well, as you probably suspect, Sacramento can get pretty hot at times. That’s true. So if you live somewhere north and are thinking of moving to California, you should know what you’re up to.

In summer, the temperature can get as high as 90 degrees and even higher. That’s normal for the Northern California region. But here’s some good news: Sacramento has a lot of trees that create shade to save you from the scorching sun. The city is so green that at some point in the past, it was nicknamed “the City of Trees.” Thanks to the abundance of trees, summer temperatures feel as much as 35 degrees lower.

Another great thing about Sacramento is water. Here, such on-water activities like fishing, floating, and boating are very popular and extremely accessible. The city has two main rivers – the Sacramento River and the American River. There is also Folsom Lake, where you can sunbathe on the beach, go for a swim or even try windsurfing.

Kayaking is also very popular in Sacramento. As much as more relaxing on-water activities like riverboat cruises.

9. There’s plenty of jobs here

Moving to Sacramento city, you know that you will find lots of job opportunities here. The job market is ever-growing, and Sacramento boasts the status of one of the best places to seek jobs or create jobs as well.

Back in 2010, the city had its share of struggle in terms of economic hardships and the decrease of job offers, but now it’s an altogether different story. Thanks to its capital city status Sacramento has a lot of government-related career opportunities as well as many jobs at Sutter Health, Blue Diamond, and VSP Global.

10. Affordable living

And finally, living in Sacramento is indeed affordable. Sacramento offers a cost of living that is 16% lower than the state’s average. And if you look at San Francisco, you will find it 33% more expensive than Sacramento. This makes Sacramento one of America’s most cost-effective metropolitan areas to live in.

The Sacramento Pros & Cons Summary, part II


  • A cheaper rent;
  • Great food delivery services;
  • A historical region;
  • LGBT-friendly;
  • The city has plenty of educational opportunities;
  • A lot of government job opportunities;
  • A lot of cultural activities and entertainment options.


  • Some say that summers get too hot;
  • Heavy traffic;
  • Poorly developed public transportation services.


As you can see, Sacramento has a lot to offer, and thanks to a number of undisputed advantages, this city may be the perfect place for you to stay. However, there are some aspects that may require more personal research and consideration if you’re planning to become a Sacramento resident.


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