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The Best Music And Art Venues In Sacramento

The best music and art venues in Sacramento
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There are a lot of options in Sacramento for those who want to spend their Friday evening somewhere outside of the home, including ballets, operas, music concerts, bars, and so on. For more information on different places where you can participate in some leisure activities, please read further!

For the Indie Rock Music Lovers

There are plenty of different places that you can visit in Sacramento to listen to some decent music of your preference. Here are some of them:

  • Torch Club is one of the oldest bars in Sacramento that is known for playing some blues for six-night in a week: here, you can listen to some good old-fashioned reggae, rock’n’roll, and roots if you are lucky!
  • Old Ironsides is a family-owned place that offers you a variety of entertainments, such as indie rock shows, dance nights with DJs, and open mic nights.
  • Starlite Lounge is a place where mixtures of music can be found, from metal and rock to blues and Americana. A big dance floor and some pool tables can also be found here.
  • Shine Sacramento is another place that welcomes different music genres to be placed together on different days. It can also be considered a family-friendly place for those who could not leave their kids with grandparents this Friday!
  • Harlow’s Restaurant & Night Club is a bit larger place in comparison with the previous ones, as it offers a big lounge zone for the fans to dance near their music icons. When a bit of movement and signing out loud is in need, this is the place for you.

For your nightlife experience in general, Ace of Spades bar has also recommended itself quite well among Sacramento citizens, as it also offers a great variety of show and music genres to be present on their stage. Moreover, a lot of famous singers have played here, such as Snoop Dog, Tyler the Creator, Wu-Tang Clan, and so on.

For Those With a Taste for High Culture Events

Sacramento is considered to be somewhat of a home to the murals events, as it accommodates more than 650 murals and holds an annual Wide Open Walls festival dedicated to them.

As for the museums, there is also a great variety of places to go and exhibitions to see in Sacramento. Here is a list of a few ideas and places for you to visit:

  • Crocker Art Museum for some fresh look on the impressionists
  • Governor’s Mansion for those who fancy architecture and want to see some historical places
  • California Museum is good for those who want to know more about California’s history and its life in general

Now we will go into even more details on different places that you can visit, from some theatre performances and operas to exhibitions, educational meet-ups, and so on.

Broadway Sacramento

This is a non-profit musical theatre that is considered to be one of the largest in its category and the most successful non-profit theatre in Northern California. They have a patronage base of over 250,000 patrons that get entertained by the theatre every year.

Being in a Broadway League, they produce Broadway At Music Circus series and also provide theatre education programs for students.

Memorial Auditorium

Memorial Auditorium is another great place for interested in visiting some concerts of the local and guest bands. A Jean Runyon Little Theater is placed in here. When needed, some banquets, meetings, and ceremonies may be held here.

This is quite a remarkable place with fascinating architecture, so consider throwing a wedding or a jubilee in the Memorial Auditorium; you will not forget about this experience!

Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

Mondavi Center is a great mix of both theatre performances and education for those who might want to dig a bit deeper into the culture.

Here, anyone’s preferences would be fulfilled: the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts is the place for a great variety of performances, from traditional to innovative and more modern. The cultural programming for students can also be found here: academic departments and laboratories for students are located in the Mondavi Center and supported by UC Davis University.

Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra

As you might have already guessed, several orchestral and choral performances can be found in this place, and the price range can vary drastically for those with both big and small amounts of money ready to be spent on an unforgettable evening in the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra.

Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera

Another great finding for those with a taste for high culture events is Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera.

Moreover, this wonderful place often houses different performances for schools, shelters, and hospitals, so that everyone can appreciate the opera, even if they do not have such opportunities. Choosing this place for any leisure time spending, you will definitely be able to find something for your taste!

The Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for Arts

This place is somewhat more modern and creative when it comes to performing plays, as it demonstrates a clearly untraditional and fresh view of the theatre with its peculiar contemporary performances and plays.

The venue is actually considered the best live theatre and performing arts center in Sacramento, so if you are looking for something new to see, consider the Sofia Tsakopoulos center for your Friday evening!


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