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The Best Nightlife Spots In Sacramento Downtown

The Best Nightlife Spots in Sacramento Downtown
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If the day was rough or you are just looking for an entertaining evening with fancy food, beverages, good songs, and fun, then you might think of visiting the Sacramento Downtown. Sacramento is usually vivid and eclectic, filled with outstanding events and people during every time of the day. What is going to be your Friday night destination?

Night pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants in the center of Sacramento would serve as a great option. In the article below, we present you with the Best Nightlife Spots in Downtown Sacramento!

The Streets, American Bar

The Streets bar, also known as the “Streets of London,” serves beloved British drinks in the American bar. Streets are considered to be a nearby sports bar that usually presents a diversity of sports to entertain their guests with: starting from gold and continuing with soccer, etc. This spot is famous on the grounds of its incredible night shows, for example, karaoke, open MICS, and live music. The Streets are cherished by the local people and guests in light of the fact that there is such a thoroughly stocked bar accompanied by a novel list of dishes.

Punchline Sacramento, Bar

Sacramento Punchline is a bar placed on the East side of the city that is perfect for spending a night downtown. The bar offers some comedian shows, live music concerts, and great beer as their key advantage. The guests of the Punchline bar give brilliant feedback on the service staff; nonetheless, they also pay attention to high-priced drinks. Besides, the drinks and beer especially are worth the money spent. Pay attention that the minimum number of drinks for one order is two drinks of any kind!

Harlow’s, an American Bar

Harlow’s was initially made in 1982 and is known to be one of Sacramento’s #1 amusement spots, including broadly eminent artists, local concerts, and an easygoing craftsmanship stylistic layout setting. The live music concerts in Harlow’s include not only several types of music, such as blues, rock, and soul but also a huge dance floor for ones who enjoy the active night. Visitors can also spend their leisure time by hosting a private event or an outdoor party in the bar’s backyard.

Blue Cue, American Restaurant

Blue Cue is considered one of the best billiard-club restaurants; nonetheless, billiard & bar parts there are more valuable than the restaurant part. This high-class billiard room has an elegant interior and offers its visitors Valet Parking. Blue Cue is full of people both on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, with great music, outstanding brews, and an extensive list of scotches. This restaurant likewise offers daily specials to their guests at least three days a week!

Bonn Lair, British Pub

This comfortable games bar carries a sample of European spirit to the Golden State, having cool drinks, tasty snacks, and beverages, they serve an assortment of draft and packaged beers. Visitors can appreciate lunches here and do not forget to check out their specials, such as Shepherd’s pie and vegetarian sandwiches, and many other plates. Bonn Lair gives a unique atmosphere to de-stress yourself after a long working day.

Back Door Lounge, Pub Grub

The Back Door Lounge is an incredible spot to check out with your fellows at the end of the tough day. The bar’s key feature is the Las Vegas aesthetic of the fifties, so essentially, it is a retro-bar. Back Door Lounge is enhanced with a splendid interior, brilliant garnishing, and dim lights. The bar is likewise considered to have a huge assortment of music and great tracks, for example, Frank Sinatra, who often is played on the music set for a night. One can get their #1 drinks like vermouth or whiskey and hang out in the fifties aesthetic.

The Torch Club, Bar

The Torch Club is, first of all, famed for its unique music venue. From the early 1950s, it was attracting the attention of many national and local blues artists. This venue showcased live music seven days per week. Nowadays, this spot is the only one in Sacramento downtown where live music is played twice a day, six days a week. As mentioned, it is a cool place to catch live blues: something that seems to go by the wayside at this age, something unique. The bar itself is small but quirky, having a good-sized dance floor, impressive drinks for reasonable costs. If you plan to go there by car, mind that parking is a bit tricky here. We recommend parking in the parking lot behind the Torch club or the garage one block up.

Fox & Goose Public House, Bar With Many Options

Fox & Goose Public House is a crowded bar, all thanks to its unique collection of drafted beers, originating and coming straight from the UK. On the other hand, for girly companies, the bar can offer a big collection of wines and a full menu of liquors. The Public House is also famed for its traditions: sticking to their guns, they provide a comprehensive list of dishes that consists of English Cuisine, as well as some vegetarian positions. Not to mention, Fox & Goose won the grant for the nomination of “Best Breakfast” in the city of Sacramento.

Darling Aviary, Burger Bar

Last but not least, on our list is the Darling Aviary Bar. Darling Aviary is a hot burger restaurant just in the heart of Sacramento, where one can spend some good time listening to chilling although loud music. The service staff is very attentive, and if you are looking for a trendy place with a private dinner, this is the right one! Keep in mind that it takes ten dollars per person when you place an order, and it doesn’t go for food or drinks; nonetheless, as their visitors say, it is worth a look (from the rooftop) and a drink!

University of Beer, Beer Bar

The University of Beer was initially opened in 2012 in Davis CA. The cafe, as claimed, is enthusiastic to carry the best nearby specialty beers and to recount the accounts of the neighborhood brewers who made them. Every bar from this network includes a huge collection of beers. At the point when a barrel at the bar is vacant, and they supplant it with something totally new to guarantee that each visit to UoB is a novel encounter!

Coin-Op Game Room, Game Bar

The next cafe to offer to you is a Coin-Up Game Room with crafts beer and gambling games. As the cafe claims, they are a local bar serving mixed drinks, specialty lager, tasty food, and obviously exemplary arcade games. Come visit them in Downtown Sacramento and get the high score you generally needed to over a scrumptious cold beer, special cocktails with new unambiguous servings of snacks, such as craftsman pizza. If one wants to play some games, one can shoot their shot at Goliath Jenga. Not to mention, the late evening feasting kitchen is open daily until 1 AM.

Mix Downtown, Bar

Mix Downtown is another great bar situated on top of the Firestone Building. The housetop porch highlights extensive bars, fire pits, a dance floor, sofas, and semi-private rooms. The spot is the ideal setting for after-work relaxation, conferences, mixed-drink parties, or a night around with companions. One will also appreciate the design that was planned with rural components like endured concrete walls, recovered outbuilding wood, and steel radiates with a sprinkle of shading.

District 30, Bar

District 30 is a nightclub that includes Happy Hours, various snacks, and low beat music from 8 PM to 10 PM each Friday. A Boutique Lounge is also opened for socially sophisticated and active people who are eager to engage in new meetings. The bar also has a State of the Art Sound System, so you will have a hard time believing your ears, as the music here is really fantastic. An essential rule is to dress appropriately to match the atmosphere of a club; hence one should avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (Track Jackets, Jerseys, Hats, Athletic Shoes, etc.).

The Park Ultra Lounge, Dancing Club

The Park is a favorite place in Sacramento for those who strive for a fun time in an amazing place with the best music in Sac! The Park is a great place for parties with trendy EDM events on Thursdays, and the events are crazy, as their visitors say. Besides, they have three restaurants straight in the lounge. On Fridays and Saturdays, this is a great night club: you never know what kind of fire DJ they have lined up, from EDM rave events that are regular club nights to some resident DJs who are very personable and well-versed in their craft. The service is five stars, as their visitors claim, and the hospitality is on point. Come check it out.

Oshima Sushi Fugu Lounge, Restaurant

In case you are tired of regular fish & chips and burgers, you can give some Asian alternatives a try! For more than 15 years, Oshima Sushi has been Sacramento’s favorite sushi restaurant, sports bar, and aesthetic lounge. The restaurant offers its visitors a large private section that is ideal for big events and parties. It is also a great place for a business lunch or an official meeting. The Sushi Fugu Lounge serves special sushi, Japanese dishes, and snacks from the menu with numerous options.

Rubicon Brewing Company, Pub

Since 1987, the Rubicon Brewing Company has been a destination area of Sacramento’s midtown. The spot is not simply mainstream as a result of its honor-winning lagers, yet additionally for its incredible food. In the course of recent years, under the responsibility of Phillips, the Rubicon has gotten acclaimed for its locale outreach and magnanimous endeavors. All things considered, this is an extraordinary spot to visit for incredible beverages, food, affordable prices, and network outreach. One can visit the Rubicon and appreciate an extraordinary place to spend time in.

Midtown Spirits, Bar

Midtown Spirits is another bar with exceptional food and unusual drinks. It is considered to be the first distillery in Sacramento since Prohibition. It is a 5-star rated restaurant-bar with both outdoor and indoor seating, both delivery and takeout. The dishes they serve are of various kinds, and the drinks, of course, are outstanding indeed. So, if you have a spare Friday night, you can come and check out the place yourself!

Alley Katz, Pub Grub

The Bar known as Alley Katz was set up in 2010 and has since attempted to be the best beer bar in Sacramento, offering a joint absolute of more than 200 distinct beers, 86 of them being drafts. During your visit, you will discover two pool tables, two dart sheets, air hockey, and 16 TV screens, which are available for all of the visitors for free. Because you had a sort of brew yesterday, it does not mean it will be here today, so one can discover some new taste merely every day thus;, in case you are somebody hoping to venture out of your usual range of familiarity, think about halting by Alley Katz.

Dive Bar

The Dive Bar in midtown of Sacramento invites visitors with modern elegance! The key advantage and unique thing of this spot are the Mermaid Shows consistently performed in the forty-foot seawater aquarium. Their live underwater actors will take you to the ocean of dreams with their reality well-known shows, while the barkeeps blend their own drink chemistry behind the tables. The bar has live DJs. Astonishing tank light shows, month-to-month and week after week drink specials and events. Thus if you are searching for an engaging and entertaining show accompanied by an immense list of drinks, you can visit the Dive Bar!


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