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Things You Didnt Know About Elk Grove

Things You Didnt Know About Elk Grove
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Many people associate California with Los Angeles and forget about its wonders outside the state’s capital. Aside from the splendid nature that the state possesses, it also has quite a lot of cities that are also worth visiting, such as Elk Grove!

This city has almost everything that Los Angeles has to offer:

  • Greatly developed infrastructure with lots of schools and hospitals
  • Lots of entertainments, such as theaters, restaurants, sports activities, malls, and art galleries
  • And wildlife with lots of parks and landmarks not to miss!

In addition, there might even be a few interesting facts that are unknown even to its citizens, and if you are interested and finding out about them, then please read further!

History That is Interesting to Learn and See

Elk Grove’s development goes back to the 1800s, and the city actually changed its central location three times!

It all started with a Holl family creating a hotel named “Elk Grove” on the road to comfort the travelers on their way. This is how the town got its name. Then, as the city started to develop further, it had to move away from the initial spot, with a new central location now being one mile away from the first one.

After that, this site shifted one last time because of a railroad that was built a little bit further than it should have been. Some entrepreneurs of those times saw an opportunity in this railroad to make their city prosper even more and due to that, Elk Grove moved its central area for a mile one more time.

Now you can see some of these old buildings in the Old Town of Elk Grove, with many of them going back to the 1800s. You can visit this part of the city and enjoy its restaurants and the vintage look itself. For example, one of the most famous taverns of Elk Grove called Bob’s Culs is located in the oldest building of the city, and it is open every day.

However, Old Town is not the only location in Elk Grove that is famous for its locations. There are also quite a few historical landmarks located outside of this area, such as Donner Party Survivors grave.

Unusually Creative

It might be surprising for you to find out that a city as little as Elk Grove can have more than 20 art displays throughout its territory, but it actually has them!

Both wildlife of the city and its buildings can be seen by many as a true piece of art that is hard to find anywhere else! Moreover, there are so many beautiful sculptures for you to see, such as bronze eagles, elk, horses, and so on!

What is more, Elk Grove has something to offer to those of you that are fans of artistic talents. The city has quite a few theater productions and musicals for you to see on a weekly basis!

Nature Surrounding you Anywhere

One of the things that attract most of the newcomers to Elk Grove is its nature! The city has more than 70 parks with beautiful plants and recreational zones.

In most of Elk Grove’s parks, you will find one of the following amenities:

  • Softball fields,
  • Children’s playgrounds,
  • Picnic areas for lunches with friends and partners,
  • Skate parks,
  • And even swim centers!

But Elk Grove is known especially for its Rain Garden Plaza, the first wide scale rain garden in the state. Here, you can walk alongside beautiful plants and learn about the preservation of nature at the same time. There is also a lot of artwork located around the Garden Plaza, which is why this place should be one of the first ones on your list of landmarks to visit at Elk Grove.

And just near the borders of Elk Grove, you have an opportunity to visit Cosumnes River, Stone Lakes Refuge, and Laguna Creek Parkway. These places are all more secluded than those inside the city, so if you are looking for a quieter place to walk along the shore, catch some fish or watch the beautiful birds fly in sync, then these locations are a must!

More Random Facts

Here you can also learn a few interesting facts about Elk Grove that are more random:

  • For example, you probably do not know that Elk Grove’s Unified School District is said to be the best educational district in the USA! The citizens of Elk Grove talk in more than 80 different languages, and all of them still manage to get themselves the education of the highest quality
  • Elk Grove is the second-largest city in Sacramento and was actually named the fastest developing city in America in 2004-2005. This fact is especially interesting when knowing that Elk Grove got a status of a city only in 2000
  • As you already know, Elk Grove has quite rich nature and wildlife surrounding it, which is why it was quite common for the natives of this place to implement edible roots and fish from this area into their everyday diet
  • Elk Grove has a few unusual festivals held annually, such as Gian Pumpkin one. You can visit this festival on the first weekend of every October and see for yourselves how many people are actually attracted to this celebration at Elk Grove’s Regional Park. Another interesting festival that is not common for many cities is called the Strauss festival. It is held in the same place as is the previously named festival, and here you can participate or look at numerous stage dances created by the citizens
  • A more traditionally accepted festival of Elk Grove is called Hot Summer Nights. This one takes place every Friday of August at the Laguna Town Hall and is appreciated by true music lovers and dancers that would like to spend their Friday evening listening to some party tunes

No one would think of such a small city as Elk Grove to have something to provide for not only its citizens but for visitors as well! However, I believe that now you actually will not miss an opportunity to visit the city on your summer trip throughout the States!


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