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Top 10 Activities In Roseville, CA

Top 10 Activities in Roseville, CA
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Roseville, a small town near Sacramento, California, is a welcoming and nice place to visit if you ever happen to be in the state and have a couple of free days. Here, you can enjoy various species of leisure: from walking around pretty parks and trails to visiting art galleries and museums. And, of course, don’t forget about amazing eateries and coffee places that the town can offer.

We have developed this guide for those who either live in Roseville for a while now and think about enlivening their interests and favorite places or those who somehow arrive in the city as tourists: randomly or on purpose.

Hopefully, this review will help you select a perfect activity or two for your day in town. And when you are tired of walking and exploring, don’t forget to choose a place to eat from our list — we will begin with this vital point.

1.Try dishes of various cuisines in Roseville’s multiple eateries

The highly-rated Yalla Yalla Food & Bakery represents delicious Mediterranean cuisine. This includes chicken and beef gyro, shawarma, and kabob for meat lovers alongside falafel and hummus for vegans and vegetarians. There are also convenient tahini, tzatziki, rice, veggie, and salad options to share that can feed up to 20 guests.

Looking for something Mexican? Then, Marthas Taqueria is your choice in Roseville. It serves fantastic Mexican food all day long, starting with a breakfast burrito, huevos rancheros, and chilaquiles, moving forward to tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, and other delicious options for dinner. All these are well accompanied by Mexican beer and traditional cocktails. You’ll definitely leave this place full and happy.

Fancy an Italian dinner in a cute rustic restaurant? Try booking a reservation in the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. Pizza, pasta, and other traditional dishes will be waiting for you here, along with a cozy atmosphere of a tiny village in Italy.

Another Italian option specializing in pizza in Roseville is Campelli’s Pizza West. Many locals consider it their favorite pizza spot in town, and those who come here not for pizza enjoy various starters like chicken wings or salads.

Asian food lovers will appreciate the Ruen Thai Restaurant in Roseville. A large menu with different salads, soups, stir-fried dishes, noodles, curries, seafood, and many other options will leave you satisfied for sure. Visitors especially mention excellent service and extraordinary vegan options here. Don’t miss out on a great selection of Asian tea.

If you are a fan of healthy food and cannot imagine your day without a nutritious meal that will not make any harm to your stomach, Fit Eats is the right place for you. Healthy dishes here are well-combined with a beautiful serving, the staff is extremely friendly, and visitors note they didn’t expect that healthy food can be so tasty.

All the above-mentioned eateries will be happy to not only place you inside but also to deliver your order or make it a takeaway. This is a perfect option if you want to chill at home and have dinner without leaving the building and going somewhere.

2.Have a cup of the greatest coffee in town

There are plenty of cute coffee places in Roseville where you can try all that a coffee lover wants: from a plain espresso to a fancy caramel macchiato, raspberry latte, or other specialties.

Among the top-recommended spots is The Gardens Café, a nice small cafeteria where you can grab a cup of coffee and relax for a bit. Another place, The Fig Tree Coffee, Art, & Music Lounge, will surprise you with an outstanding atmosphere along with an easygoing and welcoming staff.

Shady Coffee & Tea will offer you beautiful merch that includes clothing, jars, thermoses, and stickers as a bonus to its tasty drinks. Lastly, Four Score Coffee is considered the best coffee shop in Roseville by many residents. So, instead of visiting a usual Starbucks that you can find almost everywhere (including Roseville), we strongly recommend you explore the local coffee scene with its marvelous spots.

3.Visit a brewery or a fancy bar

Now that you know where to eat or have a cup of tasty coffee, it is time to show you a couple of bars that can easily satisfy drinkers in Roseville. Mostly, they specialize in beer and its brewing.

We’ll start with Final Gravity Taproom & Bottleshop, a place full of different beers, both draft and in cans. Craft beer lovers will enjoy visiting the place for sure. It promises over 400 options that include beer and cider from all over the world. Besides, they offer a selection of wines, and if you wish to eat something, you can easily order from two friendly restaurants nearby.

For a traditional atmosphere of an Irish bar, you can visit The Boxing Donkey Irish Pub & Restaurant. Besides a huge variety of drinks and other beverages, people praise the food served there. The bar also has happy hours with discounts on beer and some signature dishes.

The Monk's Cellar is a brewery in Roseville that offers lots of different beers with delicious meals. The restaurant is cozy and nice to hang out with your family and friends. The staff is helpful and careful here, too.

Also, Moksa Brewing Company is a nice and spacious place where you can have a beer tasting and enjoy the day choosing from different beer types. It is located on Roseville’s border, in Rocklin, but still worth visiting because of its huge selection of beers and friendly atmosphere.

4.Spend a day in museums

While Roseville isn’t the biggest city in the world, still, it has a great number of museums to offer to curious tourists and bored locals.

For historical facts about Roseville and its surroundings, go to the Carnegie Museum. Visitors mostly enjoy the experience, noting that they’ve found out plenty of interesting information. The museum is rather small, so you will not spend hours walking there.

Maidu Museum & Historic Site welcomes everyone who would like to know more about Nisenan Maidu who used to live on the grounds of modern Roseville for hundreds of years. The trip to the museum includes walking in the park where you can check out historical artifacts like petroglyphs and other items so unusual in the modern world.

Last but not least, the Roseville Telephone Museum is considered one of the best museums in town, bringing useful knowledge about technology and phones to both adults and children. If you are a parent of a child or children who are over seven years old, this place is a must for you, and you might spend hours there. The Roseville Telephone Company started its history more than a hundred years ago; the museum reveals the most interesting facts and surprises its guests with fantastic guided trips.

5.Visit an outstanding art gallery

Those who love painting and pictures will be excited after going to the Blue Line Arts gallery. This is not just a place with pictures hanging around but also a community center that gathers visitors for workshops, classes for adults and kids, and meetings with different artists.

Various events happen here all the time; you can always check the schedule and info about the current exhibitions on the gallery’s site.

6.Enjoy trains watching

If you are a railfan, this place is definitely worth visiting. The Roseville Train Watching Platform is located near the above-mentioned Telephone Museum and Blue Line Arts. If watching trains brings you joy, don’t miss out on the platform. But be careful: reviews say that it can be way too noisy there.

7.Go to a huge amusement park

Roseville is famous for its enormous Golfland Sunsplash park that offers a ton of different attractions for families. Kids and adults will have a lot of fun while visiting a laser tag field, a mini-golf field, a water park with various slides, and numerous rides that include bumper cars, an arcade, and so on.

If you have a free day in Roseville and a child or two, this place is a wonderful opportunity to make your whole day busy and great at the same time. Parents who have no idea how to organize a perfect birthday celebration for their kids in Roseville can also arrange a party there — children will love it for sure!

8.Have a nice walk in parks with trails

If you open Roseville’s map, you will probably notice how green the area is. The town can boast several beautiful parks with convenient trails that walkers, runners, and bikers can enjoy.

One of the most notable trails in Roseville is the Miner’s Ravine. Its length is almost nine miles, the road is well-maintained, and it welcomes everybody, including dog owners (don’t forget a leash for your dog if you plan to visit the trail). You will walk by the water and enjoy rich surroundings because Roseville’s nature is beautiful and includes different flowers, plants, trees, birds, and even animals.

Among other nice parks and trails worth visiting in the area are Mahany Nature Preserve, Saugstad Royer Park Trail, Lincoln Estates Park, and Maidu Regional Park.

9.Go shopping for luxury (and not so luxury) brands

Another activity you can go for in Roseville is shopping. If you feel like you should buy some clothes or accessories right away, head to Westfield Galleria, an enormous shopping center with more than 150 different stores.

Here, you will find Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Boss, and other luxurious brands’ stores. Besides, less pricy stores such as H&M, Topshop, Zara, and many others will be open for you. Health and beauty products, goods for your home, bags, shoes, toys for kids, sportswear, jewelry, books, gifts, gadgets, etc. Everything you can imagine can be bought here.

And when you are tired of going to numerous shops, you can catch a movie or visit a restaurant to have lunch right there. By the way, if you drive an electric car, you can leave it for charging on a huge parking lot while you shop.

10.Check out the store with different antiques

Finally, our top 10 activities in the city list finishes with an antique store, the famous Antique Trove. It has existed for over 30 years now, selling fantastic items ever since. Lovers of unique stuff that one cannot find anywhere else should definitely pay a visit.

Here, you can get a set of collectibles to redecorate your house and enjoy the atmosphere that antique treasures give to any place. Also, they sell various accessories and other handy items, and the pricing is rather fair.

So, this was a top 10 list of things you can do if you find yourself in the city of Roseville. We hope that our review helps you with leisure and you will wish to get back here over and over again!


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