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Top 10 Best Elk Grove Neighborhoods

Top 10 Best Elk Grove Neighborhoods
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Life in California might tempt many US citizens, as the climate is quite nice throughout the year, the infrastructure is highly developed, and job opportunities are on the rise. However, it is not always the case that you would want to live in a big city like LA, especially when you have an opportunity to receive almost the same quality of life but in a town that is less hectic.

Thus, some of you might want to consider buying a house in a small city like Elk Grove, and here are a few interesting facts that speak louder than our flattery:

  • The weather is quite warm throughout the whole year, but May, September, and October will be the most pleasant months due to their lack of extreme heat waves;
  • The unemployment rate is equal to 6.2, which is not that far from the US average of 6%. Thus, with the current job growth trend in this city, you should not have a problem finding yourself employment;
  • The overall political atmosphere of Elk Grove is quite Democratic: the last Presidential elections in this city showed a 61% preference for the Democratic party over the Republican one;
  • The population of the city is equal to approximately 177 thousand people, with a 17.7% growth since 2020. Thus, the city has a perfect pace of life as it is not as big but not as small at the same time;
  • As for education, the city has quite a lot of schools and teaching staff for the students, so for each teacher, that will be approximately 20.8 students. In addition, the city spends around 9 thousand dollars for each student, which is quite a good number in comparison with other US cities;
  • The transportation systems work well in Elk Grove so that the average commute time would be equal to 31 minutes.

All of these important advantages make Elk Grove a city in high demand. A lot of people might want to live there, but this fact made the real estate market increase its prices, and now, the cost of living in Elk Grove has become 34% higher than an average one in the States.

Still, there will be people for whom this fact will not be a problem, which means that this category of people will need to know some insights about different Elk Grove neighborhoods to be able to choose the one that suits them best. If this is applicable to you, then please read further!

Our Personal Top-10 Elk Grove Neighborhoods

Knowing that you would want to buy a house in the best neighborhood of Elk Grove means that it also will be one of the most expensive ones, so do not be surprised when you will see house prices in each of the neighborhoods that we have chosen and remember that they are all worth it.

With that in mind, you can now look at our own list of top-10 Elk Grove Neighborhoods:

  • Grant Line Road is by far the most expensive neighborhood of Elk Grove, with a median home price being equal to 1,351,877 dollars. As for the rent, the median number here would be around 2 thousand dollars.
    And as far as we are concerned, the neighborhood is worth the money that you pay for living in it: most of the dwellers there are residing in their homes, not renting them; the schools located nearby are one of the best ones in California; quite a few parks are located on Grant Line Road.

All in all, the infrastructure is well developed, and the beauty of the neighborhood is definitely something that you will be paying for with the money spent on your house.

  • Sheldon Road is the next neighborhood on our list of the best places to live in Elk Grove, and it is located quite close to Grant Line Road, which means that most of the amenities will be shared by these two neighborhoods. Thus, the best schools will be located both near Grant Line and Sheldon Roads together with parks and cafes, which means that not only your kids but the grown-ups as well will be presented with an opportunity to visit lots of parks and cafes together with people from the first neighborhood described here.

Having nice neighbors is also a good indicator of the place where you are living, and Grant Line Road is by far one of the best choices for such acquaintances.

  • Laguna Boulevard is also a place that you might want to consider as your main residence: the prices for the houses will be the third one in our rating, but the infrastructure stays relatively the same. You still will have an opportunity to send your kids to B+ rated schools, spend some dinner time in a good restaurant, and have a Sunday family picnic in the parks nearby. The distance from your house to all of these amenities will depend on the location of your dwelling in the neighborhood: thus, on average, you will need to use a car to be able to do different errands.
  • Next on our list of the best neighborhoods in Elk Grove would be Glenbrooke. The median home price here would be around 700 thousand dollars, but the quality of life will not change much: the schools in this area will be a bit lower on the rating, but they are still one of the best ones in the city; the surrounding cafes and restaurants will be more low-key and family-friendly. And as will almost any neighborhood in this list, you might have some trouble visiting certain places on foot, but this is usually not a problem for American families that always have a car to use for such purposes.
  • Laguna neighborhood is the next one in terms of its pricing policy, but definitely not in terms of quality of life. Thus, the schools here will have a B+ rating, the number of amenities will be high, and the neighbors still will be nice. The only really important disadvantage of this neighborhood is its even bigger distance from all of the main errands and entertainments, which is why having a car, or even multiple ones, is a must.

  • Sharkey Avenue has a median home price somewhere around 560 thousand dollars, which might be much more affordable for most US citizens. What is more, you still will be given an opportunity to send your kids to A+ rated schools nearby, spend some quality time in some cafes or restaurants, as well as take an evening stroll in one of the parks. However, as with almost any other great neighborhood described by us here, you will have to either spend quite a lot of time walking to all of these places or frequently use your car for this task.
  • Florin Road is a bit pricier than Sharkey Avenue, but it is also located a bit close to all of the important amenities so that you might not need to spend much of your time in a car. As for the schools, this neighborhood has a convenient location that gives you access to quite a few of them, with some schools having an A+ rating and others B/C+ ones, which means that you will have lots of choices in this matter. And, of course, we could not forget about the parks and cafes: you will have an opportunity to visit  Shasta Community, Butterfly, and Van Doren Parks, as well as grab a bite at Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Del Taco, and many other places.

  • Elk Grove Boulevard has a relatively the same price range as Florin Road, however, almost all of its schools will have an A+ rating, which might be important for those of you who plan to move to provide your children with better education or plan to have kids right now. As for the amenities, we could not say anything new to you here: discussing the top-10 neighborhoods of Elk Grove means that all of them will have a good infrastructure and your choice will mostly depend on the price range and the proximity to the amenities.

Thus, Elk Grove Boulevard will provide you with great parks and cafes to spend your free time, but the distance from your home to these amenities will require a car.

  • The last two neighborhoods that are worth your attention are Waterman Road and East Stockton Boulevard. Both of them have a median home price range of around 750-800 thousand dollars, but the quality of life will be almost the same as in other neighborhoods discussed here that were a bit more affordable. Thus, you might consider these two neighborhoods if there will not be any interesting offers in others, or if you yourself will like these areas so much that you would not want to consider anything else.

The last choice, of course, depends on your budget restrictions, but if you do not have any, both Waterman Road and East Stockton Boulevard are great residence choices.


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