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Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Rocklin, CA

Top 10 fun things to do in Rocklin, CA
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We can say for the fact that California is a mesmerizing state that does not have many competitors when we are talking about nature, which also has a great history and knows how to show it to the visitors. And Rocklin is not an exception. This city is situated in the northern part of California, close to the Sierra Mountains.

The city itself is one of the suburbs of Sacramento, but it can offer much more than the usual suburbs of big American cities. The unique location of the city allows local residents to experience great weather throughout the whole year, and proximity to the mountains made Rocklin a top destination for people who like hiking in the mountains.

Moreover, this city has a lot more to offer than just good weather and stunning views. And in this article, we will tell what the best and funniest things to do in Rocklin, California, are.     

1. Quarry Park

But at the same time, this place is well-known for lots of concerts and other fun community events that occur in the park regularly.

Moreover, in Quarry Park, you can try such things as rock climbing and ziplining.

2. Rocklin Historical Society & Museum

If you are one of the history lovers, you would definitely want to visit the Rocklin Historical Society & Museum. Being the center of the gold rush in the mid-XIX century, this city has a lot to show to people who understand history.

In the museum, you would find a lot of artifacts that would help you to know and understand the history of Rocklin from the XIX century and up to our days.

3. Do Golf at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club

Not even all big cities in the country have a good golf club that can satisfy the needs of all categories of players, from amateurs to professionals. But Rocklin has, Whitney Oaks Golf Club is indeed one of the main attractions of the city, which is visited by golf players from all California and even beyond.

Whitney Oaks Golf Club has a very beautiful landscape that would please your eyes while you are playing golf. Also, the landscape was constructed in such a way to challenge even the most experienced players; that is the reason why there are so many hills and bunkers. The field has 18 holes which allow clients to enjoy proper golf.

If you feel the need to practice before the game, this golf club has just everything for such a case; there, you can find:

  • Driving range
  • Pitching area
  • Chipping green
  • Putting green

Moreover, if you just decided to join the golf movement and you do not know how to hold a gold club, there are plenty of instructors who would definitely help you.

4. Try local beer

The great Sacramento area is well-known for fantastic local craft beer. And Rocklin is also following the trend. In this city, you can easily find many interesting beers from local breweries. Local companies are well-known for their sour IPA and fantastic ale. Local caramel super stout is a must-try for any lover of dark beer.

The best places to try local beer in Rocklin are the University of beer, Craft Beer vault, and Kathrin’s Biergarten. In all those places you would be able to try all different types of local beer with good food and in a stunning atmosphere.  

5. Experience the Miner’s Ravine Bike and Walking Trail

If you want a pause from urban life and a simple walk in a park is not enough for you, the city of Rocklin has something else to offer. We are speaking about the Miner’s Ravine Bike and Walking Trail, which is a perfect opportunity for you to hike or drive a bike in nature.  

A long time ago, this trail was used by miners during the famous gold rush in this area, so now, walking this route, you would also touch the history of the city and of the state. Moreover, while walking down the trail, you would be able to meet many different species of animals and reptiles that are living in the mountains.

It is also important to mention that the trail is very well maintained and suitable for walking and bike riding.

6. Play Laser tag

One can say that nowadays, laser tag can be found in almost any city, so why go to Rocklin for it. And the answer is simple, the Xtreme craze laze tag in Rocklin is one of the most interesting facilities of such a type in California,

The arena is simply large and placed on multiple floors. Moreover, in the arena, you can find such things as mazes and various inflatable slides.

7. Get to know About Maidu

Another place for history connoisseurs in Rocklin is the Maidu museum. While the museum is located in the nearby city of Roseville, it is still worth visiting because it shows that people lived in this area long before the gold rush.

In the museum, you would be able to find many objects that were created by the Maidu people, and that can tell you a lot about their culture and history.

The main advantage of this museum is the fact that it is located directly on a site that previously was home to Maidu families and where you can see various rock drawings and art of these ancient people.  

8. Listen to some local comedy

Rocklin is home to one of the best community-driven comedy clubs in California, which is called Blacktop Comedy. Blacktop Comedy is a club that is driven solely by volunteers and which promotes different types of humor.

The club holds comedy events every week, and all residents of the city are welcome to watch or even to try themselves in this subtle art. Moreover, the club is also offering master classes from experienced comedians.  

9. Visit Wilderness Archery Inc

Wilderness Archery is a business that works for archers all over the country. They manufacture gear and different accessories that are beloved by archery enthusiasts in the US.  

In Rocklin, they have not only their factory but also a full archer school that offers lessons of archery to anyone. Even if you do not know how to hold an arch, they will help you out. Moreover, they have a special indoor range where they test their gears and where they teach their students. Furthermore, anyone can go to the range and try his or her hand in archery.

10. Eat at the art bistro

If you want to combine eating and cultural enrichment at Rockline, you will find just a perfect place to do so. Because at the art bistro you can create your piece of art while eating some fine and delicious food.

In this bistro, you can paint something, or if you want, you can even try your hand at pottery or at the wood glass. From the point of cuisine, the bistro offers classics of American and European cuisines, wine and local beer are also served.


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