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Top 10 Reasons To Move To Sacramento

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Sacramento
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West might be one of the most popular directions to relocate to for many families out there. Nice weather with a plethora of sunny days. In recent years, California has attracted tons of people of different occupations, political views, and confessions. Despite all the goods the state can provide, but just seeing the prices for the coastal areas, people move inward to the capital of California.

Sacramento may not be the first choice of anyone who decided to make a smooth transaction from one place of living to another. Yes, it does hit your budget less than Los Angeles, but we can assure you there is definitely more to Sacramento than meets the eye. Maybe you have always wanted to live in a nice small neighborhood, or you are adept at water sports, or you are in search of a job of your dreams that Sacramento has up its sleeves… Here, in this article, we give you the top 10 reasons why moving to Sacramento will change your life for the best.

Neighborhoods: pick the best for you

Depending on where you come from and lived the past couple of years, Sacramento may make quite an unpredictable impression. Even though the city is the capital of California state, it has just around 500,000 residents that is not that much considering you come from New York City. But if your hometown was a small town in the middle of Texas, then the California capital has a huge potential to impress you with its size. Nevertheless, the city has a wide variety of neighborhoods to settle in. Like in any other city, they are different in safety range, pricing, and popularity. And you, for sure, can choose where you want to live more, be it in the city or in the outskirts of the city.

Neighborhoods in the city:

  • Midtown or Downtown are two perfect locations for the youth that is up for eclectics, fast-paced life on the go, and ready to meet people with different views and backgrounds. Here, you can find a small one-bedroom apartment next to a family house and a tattoo salon.
  • East Sacramento is a home area for an upper class, like lawyers and doctors, with respective prices per square meter. There is also a huge 32-acre green area, McKinley Park, where you can go jogging in the mornings or meet a few friends for a chat in the evenings.
  • South Land Park is an area four miles out of town where family homesteads are located, and the houses go from one generation to another. If you found a place for sale here, there is no time to think twice – you just have to grab it.
  • College Greens is not just a college neighborhood, as it may seem from the title. In its nature, it is close to Midtown and East Sacramento areas with a bit more space for living.

Neighborhoods in the suburbs:

If you are not a fan of fast city life and prefer to spend your days in a quiet place with quality public schools, there are a few destinations you can choose from:

  • Cameron Park
  • Auburn
  • Folsom
  • Orangevale
  • Roseville
  • Elk Grove

Climate conditions

The Sacramento climate may be an easy breeze for some of you; for the others, it may be a disaster, depending on where you originally come from. The good news, though, the winters in Sacramento are quite mild with little snow. So, if you are tired of digging your car out of a pile of snow each day, then Sacramento is the right place for you.
The temperatures in summers often go above 100 degrees. Do not get scared yet. If you take into account that humidity here is much less than in other parts of California, then even though summers are hot, they are also dry that is way more comfortable for your lungs than humid heat.
What a lot of people notice when they move to Sacramento is a vivid and clear change of seasons. Here, you will never miss the change of seasons via delicate weather changes. Most of the cities in California have evergreen trees, but in Sacramento, you will be able to enjoy the autumn leaves fall down the trees in a colorful dance. Maples and Ginkgo trees will make this experience come true each year. There is also a location called Apple Hill where not only can you enjoy the fall of foliage but also pick up apples in the orchards. Apple Hill is a pleasure for the eye in spring when trees bloom in white and pink, emanating a sweet fragrance in the air.
Many newcomers and old residents say that Sacramento has the ideal climate, not humid and not excruciatingly hot. Here, you can enjoy a cool drink during a warm night on a patio with a nice view.

The attractive cost of living

Even though the recession of 2007 has hit Sacramento quite tough and lowered the housing costs and cost of living. Sure, since the prices on the property are always on a steady incline, it is better to move as fast as possible. But we recommend getting a job with a steady income before you move to Sacramento.
Be ready to pay the average starting housing price of $300,000 for a single-family home. It may seem a lot for a country on the whole, but in comparison to other parts of California, this price for a square meter is pretty low. The cost of living in Sacramento is just 5% higher than the national average in comparison to 21.5% for Los Angeles.

Rivers and lakes were within reach

The Pacific Ocean is the only water body that comes into the mind of anyone when they think of California along with dry and hot areas. Sacramento, being a part of California, actually has a few large rivers and lakes. This is ideal for people who like to spend their free time on the water. And many water activities like floating in the rivers and sitting in watering holes are favorite for many people since they help you to cool off outdoors.
We must also mention Sacramento’s proximity to the mountains. So, if you also like to cool off by skiing down the hill, then come to Sacramento.

Outdoor water places:

  • American River Parkway is the water jewel of Sacramento. It is a coastline along the river with dozens of parks. Here, you can boat, raft, or hike, along with getting a bait and fishing rod to get a few fish out of water.
  • Folsom Lake is located east of Sacramento, and it is a perfect location for lovers of boating and other water sport activities.
  • Sacramento River. Sacramento has two rivers and a lake which should be enough to overcome droughts. But as in the rest of California, the drought problem is still there though the levels of precipitations have been increasing in the past four years.

Diverse job market

Sacramento is the capital of California with more job abundance and a higher unemployment rate than in the other parts of the state. The recession of 2007 put the city’s economy at risk. That is why it is better to think in advance of what job you would like to do here.
Luckily, now the economy is going back to normal, and the hiring levels are up again. With that, house pricing has gone up as well that says a lot about the residents. If your house costs you much, then you should earn at least just twice as much.
Sacramento is a home for such industries as healthcare and technology and houses a few large employers like the State of California and Sutter Health.

Historical background

1848 was a point when Sacramento was a city to shape America. The gold that was discovered here has set the minds of people on fire and attracted dozens of gold diggers that extracted nearly $2 billion during the gold rush era. And in 1849, the Sacramento gold helped California state to become the 31st state in the US. Sacramento keeps its history close to heart and fresh, so here you can get all the 150-year old experience.

Sutter’s Fort is located in Midtown Sacramento, and here you can visit a place where the first piece of gold was extracted from the American Rivers at Sutter’s Mill, the Swiss immigrant homestead.
Gold Rush Days is a festival near Labor Day when the city travels 150 years back in time with the help of hundreds of performers.
You can also discover some historical events at the California State Library. The renovation of this building belonging to the National Register of Historic Places got completed in 2014.
World’s Oldest Triathlon is the name of Eppie’s Great Race when you have to paddle your way to victory.

Weekends away

If you are up for spending a weekend away, then Sacramento is a perfect location since it is close to some sweetest destinations in the California state. From Sacramento, you can reach the ocean, the wine country, and the mountains. The directions purely depend on your mood and needs, just get in the car, start it, and put your foot down.

The places to get a beautiful view:

  • Lake Tahoe
  • San Francisco
  • Napa and Sonoma
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • Yosemite
  • Lassen National Park
  • Muir Woods National Monument
  • Apple Hill


  • There might be traffic on the road, so leaving early in the day will for sure benefit you. Otherwise, instead of two hours drive to the ocean, you can spend four in the hot car.
  • It is cheaper to travel just for a day since you save the money you would have paid for your stay. Yes, it may mean longer hours in the car, but a lovely Spotify playlist will make the time fly.

Green city

Sacramento’s Downtown is well-known as the best urban tree-lined streets in the nation. You should not underestimate the tree-lined streets since they will offer you a nice natural shelter from direct sunlight during hot summers. The city of Sacramento watches out for the trees with great heed, so the city’s view is as green as it can be, as well as there are fewer accidents connected to summer heat.
Moreover, there are hundreds of parks within the city where you can meet with friends and colleagues for a nice shadowy brunch or take a nap in the shadow of a big maple tree.

Cultural life

Here, in Sacramento, you and your kids will never get bored since there are tons of cultural activities to any taste, be it Cinco de Mayo, Carnaval, or the Chinese New Year. One weekend you can get away from the city and spend it on the coast enjoying the ocean waves while the other weekends you can fill with a cultural experience or a sporting event.
The adepts of the sport here may join the NBA scene present by the Sacramento Kings. The team’s stadium was built a few years ago and is considered modern among other arenas in the NBA. If the NFL is close to your heart, you can cheer on the Oakland Raiders, just 100 miles away from the city.

If you are not into sports, then here is the list of how you can explore Sacramento:

  • Sacramento offers music and arts events at the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera. So, if you are a fan of classical music, here you will find a pleasant musical piece for your ears and possibly not even one.
  • From September to May, the Sacramento theater Company offers up to eight plays a week in different styles. Whatever you would like to see, some classical play or contemporary, or maybe a musical, you can find a piece to your heart. The Company tries to involve the youth in the arts by opening up a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.
  • Wide Open Walls is a two-week mural festival when famous artists from all over the world come to Sacramento to paint public spaces in various styles and with an underlying message for the general public on relevant cultural events. The festival takes place in August and has no specific location in contrast to the common belief that art should be confined within the museum walls.
  • Coffee culture is widely developed in the city of Sacramento. You and our friends can enjoy the nice mild climate of Sacramento over a cup of coffee made with love by skilled baristas. Popular coffee places like Temple are waiting for you every day with a fresh cup of coffee and a croissant and relaxed brunches on the weekends.

For families with kids, Sacramento also offers the following activities:

  • The kids can enjoy the fantastical world out of nursery rhymes and fairy tales in a Fairytale Town. This outdoor park got spilled over 3 acres of land, and here kids can use their imagination and add their own story to the 25 different existing playsets.
  • Even if your kids are not that into trains, the California State Railroad Museum will keep them occupied for a time. You can either join the historical train tour and learn about how the railroads were built in America and how the train design changed through time, or you can spend time at the children’s activity center. A major plus is that the Museum is located in Old Sacramento State Historic Park.
  • Sacramento River Train offers a themed ride through the Sacramento countryside. Any child and adult fill find the best train excursion for them. We do recommend joining on the pumpkin train and enjoying the Halloween, Christmas train and getting into Xmas mood, and the gold rush and trying yourselves out as gold miners of the 19th century.

Food culture

Sacramento is the national Farm to Fork capital since here farmers grow anything that restaurateurs and foodies alike need at their kitchens. Everyone can feel sure that every piece of food on their plates is as fresh as it can be.
Since 2012 Sacramento has joined the list of culinary destinations and now sits there along with San Francisco and Los Angeles. Dozens of farmlands nearby provide local restaurants with the freshest ingredients.

Here is a list of food activities you can do in Sacramento:

  • Sacramento organizes a few agricultural festivals that non-residents usually are not aware of. These festivals are not long and take a day or a weekend. There you can see how to serve the product and where to add it. Welcome and join such festivals as Pear Festival, the Eggplant Festival, the Banana Festival, and the Berry Festival.
  • There are also farmers’ markets in Sacramento where you can buy fresh products from local farmers. We highly recommend doing so to support the local food producers as well as to take care of your health.
  • Various local restaurants and bistros offer locally sourced food and send it via Postmates that saves your time and also gets you acquainted with the most you can get from the area where you live.

For sure, any destination has its pluses and minuses; the same goes for Sacramento. And moving to Sacramento might not be your first choice just to the reasons like an unbearable climate, poor economy, and urban blight. Here we would like to give you a few tips that may help you to make a final decision of moving to Sacramento:

  • Spend some time in the area you chose to live in to check whether you are comfortable with living there. Do not judge the book by its cover. Give yourself some time to get absorbed into the vibrant life.
  • Embrace yourself – the heat is coming. You should check every apartment for a properly working air conditioner.
  • Find something you can do for the community to thrive.
  • Find a job before you move to Sacramento. This way, you ensure your income and will feel way socially safer.

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