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Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In Elk Grove

Top 10 Things to do With Kids in Elk Grove
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Visiting California doesn’t only mean going to its landmarks like Los Angeles or San Francisco. It has much more to offer: its national parks and beautiful wildlife along with the capital city Sacramento with its suburbs.

If you ever pass Sacramento and, particularly, the Elk Grove area, don’t think that it is a small village where you have nothing to do. In our review, we’ve gathered 10 activities you can enjoy while staying in this nice and charming spot. Also, if you are a local or recently moved in and feel quite bored, maybe our tips below will be useful for you.

Elk Grove is famous for its parks and trails, great eateries of different cuisines, the old town area which is worth visiting, and some other fantastic places that can surprise you. Keep reading to find out where to go and what to do in this outstanding city.

1)    Try Something New in Elk Grove’s Amazing Eateries

Almost all cities in the world nowadays can boast some wonderful places to eat, and different cuisines are well-represented in many of those cities. Elk Grove is not an exception. So, if it is your first (or even only) day here, we suggest you start your gourmet research. Because you will have to eat something at some point, right?

We’ll give you a couple of verified hints that you can use — the places we’ll offer now represent various tastes and countries, and you always can find more via online maps.

For haute cuisine, visit Boulevard Bistro. The New American restaurant offers chic dishes and will definitely guide you through an unusual gourmet experience.

Elk Grove is famous for its place that serves both Italian and Mexican two of the most popular cuisines in the world. Todo un Poco is a local restaurant that has an acknowledged reputation as a wonderful eatery offering Italian and Mexican dishes of top quality.

If you are craving some Thai food in Elk Grove, your choice is Thai Chili. Reasonable prices and a huge menu will be waiting for you there. Portions are large, and you can choose the spiciness level for each order.

Looking for the traditional American or New American options? Try visiting Sheldon Inn, the local spot famous for its classical steaks on the one hand and some new features added to regular dishes on the other hand. People arrive here to have amazing dinners and pleasant evenings. The food is fantastic, and what’s more: they have a massive bar with experienced bartenders who are ready to help and prepare an ideal drink for you.

Another place that will work for you if you’re craving a delicious steak in Elk Grove is Outback Steakhouse. Here, you will find all kinds of steaks you can imagine, and all of them will be surprisingly tasty. Many locals recommend this place and have a habit of having dinner here from time to time (but only because a steak is probably not a thing for everyday eating).

Lastly, if you’re not looking for something extraordinary and willing to taste a simple chicken fast food, there’s a great option: Chick-fil-A. The place is always busy, and this normally means that the food is delicious and people keep coming back. Prices are attractive here; you won’t have to overpay when grabbing a bite or having a full dinner here. Not only is the food quality great, but also the staff is friendly, welcoming, and fast (which is crucial because they always have guests queuing).

2)    Visit One of Elk Grove’s Beautiful Parks

There is nothing better after a hearty lunch or dinner than either lying down on a couch or having a nice walk in a park. Elk Grove has plenty of sweet parks and green areas, and while you can search online for the closest ones, here are the top spots loved by both locals and the city’s guests.

Elk Grove Regional Park is a multifunctional place: it has a romantic atmosphere for nice walks that couples appreciate, convenient bike and running trails for those who are keen on sports, and even a pond with breathtaking surroundings. Locals prefer to go here for a Sunday picnic with friends and family or simply for an everyday chill.

Jennie McConnell Park is a park nearby that is much smaller. However, you should definitely visit, especially if you are in Elk Grove with your children. The park has a massive kids’ playground, which will make every child happy, wanting to stay outside for hours.

Camden Park is a quiet and charming spot full of harmony. It provides you with an opportunity to enjoy nature without having many people around. Nice shady paths will help to have a long stroll even on the sunniest and hottest days. The park also has plenty of water — a pond makes up almost half of its territory.

Laguna Community Park is a perfect spot for those who cannot imagine a week without playing soccer and other ball games. It has a great number of fields and gathers sports lovers on weekends.

Miwok Park is another place that welcomes kids and their parents to spend a nice sunny day. While kids will be enjoying playing on authentic playgrounds made of raw wood, adults can walk around looking for squirrels (they say the park has plenty of them).

Of course, the list of parks in Elk Grove doesn’t end on these five. There are many other fantastic options depending on your aims and needs.

3)    Walk through the Breathtaking Trails

Together with parks come the local trails. In Elk Grove, the most famous would be the Elk Grove Creek Trail, where you can walk, run, cycle, and enjoy the beauty of the local nature. Generally, there are almost 30 miles of different trails in the city, and none of them will leave you discontent.

The Creek Trail has a length of approximately nine miles. Here, visitors are allowed to walk and also practice some inline skating and horseback riding. The trail is surrounded by magnificent views and is a beloved place for locals to have their promenades.

4)    Book a Tour in the Local Historical Museum

If you are fond of discovering new historical facts and finding out some information about the place you visit, Elk Grove has a museum to offer: Elk Grove Historical Society museum.

Both adults and children find this place interesting and enlightening. The community that works for the museum is exciting because of how its members are dedicated to the local history and its preservation.

5)    Start Your Saturday with the Farmers Market

Visiting Elk Grove on any Saturday in any month between June and October means that you can join the local Farmers Market. Believe us; it is a great way to start your day. Here, you can buy everything that Elk Grove farmers can offer: fruits and vegetables, various spices, honey, fresh bread, meat, and even some tasty treats for dogs.

Remember that the market works only from the early morning until 1 p.m. So, if you are not a morning person and hate waking up early, you can comfort yourself with a smart plan: begin your day with a couple of friends, go to the market, purchase the freshest products and walk to the nearest park where you can organize a picnic and a delightful morning breakfast.

6)    Walk Around Old Town

If you have another sunny day waiting for you and absolutely no plans, and all of the above-offered parks and trails are already explored, try checking out the old town of Elk Grove. Here, you can embrace the area’s spirit and see how the town lives with all the residents, tourists, shops where you are welcome to buy something nice, cafeterias, restaurants, and so on.

Elk Grove has existed since 1850 for almost two centuries now. Believe us; its old town is worth seeing with all the historic buildings and cozy atmosphere. So, if you have seen all the spots that interest you, do not hesitate to continue your trip to the old town.

7)    Have a Wine Tasting at a Winery

Another fantastic thing to do around Elk Grove, especially if you can call yourself a wine lover. The LangeTwins winery is located 20 minutes from Elk Grove center by car; you should go to the south, and any online map will easily direct you.

Californian wines are famous all over the world, and a visit to LangeTwins is a unique chance to try them in an exciting atmosphere of an actual winery. The place was founded at the end of the 19th century by twins Brad and Randall Lange and still welcomes wine admirers — both locals from Sacramento and tourists from everywhere.

While guests can enjoy an unusual activity — wine tasting with delicious cheese plates and walk around the vineyard with its eco-friendly features, locals can become members of the wine club established by the winery.

8)    Enjoy Your Day in a Spa

Wherever you are — in Elk Grove or any other place in the world — having a blissful day in a spa is always a wonderful idea. Elk Grove has plenty of spa spots to offer.

One of the most favorite places to have a relaxed day among Elk Grove residents and guests is Healthy Sole Reflexology. This is more than a simple spa: the place has an individual approach to each client and helps to get rid of the problem that bothers you. The center offers various procedures that include massages (of the whole body, back and neck separately, and so on), a 30-minute spa relaxation, a whole-day spa experience, and other relaxing programs.

The only thing you should do is honestly tell the team member who will work with you what is wrong and what you wish to fix. After the specialist provides you with all the needed spa procedures, you will highly likely feel like you have wings. This spot is especially recommended to everyone who suffers from constant headaches and stress.

9)    Learn How to Play Golf at Emerald Lakes Golf Course

You might be curious about golf and want to learn how to play, or be an experienced golf player, or have certain skills but wish to improve them — the Emerald Lakes Golf Course and its professionals will be happy to meet you.

Besides practicing on your own, here, you can take lessons from the course’s professionals, visit a golf shop to renew your tools, and even participate in a contest. Moreover, if you have kids, they are also welcome at Emerald Lakes, with courses developed especially for children that may arouse young golf lovers’ interest.

10)  Entertain Yourself and Your Kids in the Rockin’ Jump Club

If you are looking for some kind of entertainment that you don’t experience every day and also have children with you, consider visiting Rockin’ Jump in Elk Grove. The center calls itself the ultimate trampoline park and offers plenty of fun and different activities for both adults and kids.

This is also a perfect place if your kid has a birthday soon and your whole family happens to be in Elk Grove on that day: Rockin’ Jump is great for birthday parties.

While this is a top 10 rating of places in Elk Grove, still, there is more to do. Before exploring each place mentioned above, ensure that you have checked its working hours and current situation (because the COVID-19 pandemic makes corrections sometimes). Hopefully, you will enjoy your days in Elk Grove and have an amazing time!


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