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Top 11 Facts From Elk Grove Locals

Top 11 facts from Elk Grove Locals
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Even though Elk Grove is just a small city in Sacramento County, and there are a few non-citizens that might know about its existence, this city is indeed full of fascinating details. For Elk Grovians, these facts may seem familiar, yet to those who are only going to visit this tiny city, this information can be interesting and eye-opening.

1. Strike a Pose in Laguna Town Hall

No matter what celebration or holiday it is, the probability that you will take a photo in Laguna Town Hall is extremely high. Calm landscapes with enormous sallows, wooden bridges with antique lanterns, and fashionable cafés will definitely make your photo charming, especially if it is a High School Graduation day or your friend’s wedding.

2. You Know Every Newest Place in the City

Do you remember when Leatherby's just opened in Elk Grove? And Dutch Bros? And also Black Bear Diner…Undoubtedly, you do. What is more, you may consider the opening of these places as one of the best events happening to Elk Grove. Nowadays, many people spend time there during weekends and even celebrate family holidays there! What magnificent places for spending time together while in Sacramento.

3. CalFit as Sport Point of Attraction

There is no way a true Elk Grovian has never been to CalFit at least once. It is impossible not to mention this place while talking about the city since this sports center is not only a gym, it is also a surfing training center, a tanning and spa point, and a place where you meet numerous of your friends, ex-classmates, and so on. Maybe, it is the only place where you can meet at least five of your acquaintances at once!

4. King Skate Parties

Continuing to talk about entertainment in Elk Grove is impossible without King Skate. If you have never attended or created birthday parties in King Skate, you missed such a wholesome part of the fun in Elk Grove! Roller Skating seems to be one component of the truest American dream party, so never trying this in our city is so out of the ordinary!

5. Spending Childhood in Wackford Aquatic Complex

There is a very small chance that there exists one Elk Grovain person who did not visit Wackford Complex when they were a kid. Although it is not the best place in the city, it is the only safe place when the temperature is above 80 degrees. Nevertheless, you definitely had a friend who worked as a lifeguard here for one summer.

6. Knowing Who Wears Braces

Dr. Oshetski is the one place where everyone who needs braces goes. It is not the best-service dental care service, it is also a source of incomparable tie-dye t-shirts that were given as a prize to those who suffered the whole period of braces. So, when one was wearing it, you already knew what you would see on their teeth!

7. Pointless Target Visiting

Target has its branches in the majority of American cities and provides approximately the same range of products. Yet in Elk Grove Target is not an ordinary department store as it is also the place that people visit just for fun. While wandering around with your friends, it is almost illegal not to visit Target to continue a walk.

If it is your case, there is almost no doubt you were entirely happy because of the new Walmart shop opening. Maybe you did not mean to spend as much time there as in Target, yet saving money is exactly the thing that is worth visiting a new Walmart branch.

8. Independence Day Fireworks

Spending the 4th of July in Elk Grove Park is a good old tradition of many citizens. It is due to the fact that every year you will find a small fair with cotton candy and turkey dishes there. What is more, when it gets dark, you can see annual fireworks. Cannot actually call them festive and unforgettable, however, it is still better than spending that holiday evening at home.

9. In-N-Out Routines

Luckily, there are enough small celebrations monthly so that you can come home late and drop in this very in-n-out place. So many Elk Grovians were spotted there after football matches, evening school events, and on dates! I highly recommend ordering a double cheeseburger, animal-style fries, and thick strawberry milkshake there. However, I bet you already know how it tastes!

10. How Many Elks?

Surprisingly, you will hardly find any elks in Elk Grove. No matter how many citizens you will ask, there may be about two or three of them who have seen elks ever in their lives. Nevertheless, you will definitely find that one statue of elk that stands somewhere in the city center. It is hard to say why this creature takes this place.

11. Unfinished Mall

Last but not least, every true Elk Grovian knows about that shopping mall as it is going to open as soon as possible. However, such an announcement was proclaimed almost8 years ago! That is why small children may think that this building has a long-lasting history. Unfortunately, it could have been a huge shopping mall with numerous brandy shops. However, we still have to wait for its grand opening.

It is really hard to call Elk Grove a magnificent or truly attractive city. Even tourists are staying here just because I-5 is going alongside the city borders. Nevertheless, Elk Grove is that one city that will leave all its citizens indifferent about its story and familiar places. Even if you move to Miami or New York, there will be days when you will want to visit a small cozy Elk Grove once again just to refresh memorable moments.

Where Else to go in Elk Grove?

Nevertheless, if you are going to stay in Elk Grove for some time, there are some places you will need to visit to remember only the best about the city:

  • Creek Hiking Trail
  • Bartholomew Sports Park
  • McConnell Estates Winery
  • American Renaissance Institute of Arts
  • Laguna Community Park

Hopefully, you will enjoy your spare time in Elk Grove and come here again to see whether some new entertaining points opened here!


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