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Top-12 Job Opportunities In Sacramento

Top-12 Job Opportunities in Sacramento
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It is no exaggeration to say that the year 2020 hit hard both the employers and the employees worldwide. So, if you’re on your way to getting a new job in Sacramento or somewhere around, take the time to browse our hand-curated list of the biggest and most trusted companies in the area.

Discover and explore the 12 best companies located straight in the heart of the state’s Central Valley and what positions they offer with our comprehensive, up-to-date guide: check out the salaries, background information, job offers, and other details with the recently updated statistics on each company.

Sutter Gould Medical Foundation

Would you like to work in one of the USA’s top five health care companies? One of the oldest health delivery businesses in the area, a non-profit organization Sutter Gould, founded in 1921, boasts an annual revenue of over $5.5B and is ranked 4 in Best Health Care Companies to Work For in California list and number 7 in all-American rating.

With its highly competitive salaries and career perspectives, the company has all chances to become an absolute health care industry leader in the country.
Sutter Gould is far more than a big company (with over 53,000 employees) – it’s an integrated professional network of dedicated health care specialists that operate in over 200 clinics and 24 acute care hospitals all across California’s San Fernando Valley and Bay Area.
A big company like this provides a wide range of jobs from primary care nurses to family medicine physicians, from food service workers to hospice case managers.

Riviana Foods

Riviana Foods is a giant in the area’s retail industry, with its annual revenue of $375M and more than 2,752 employees. The company specializes mainly in the processing and distributing rice and other branded products and demonstrates effective business networking, dealing with a huge number of markets, private labels, wholesalers, and restaurant chains all over the USA. The wages of an average employee in the company, though depending on the position, exceed $41,967 per year; starting as a packer at Riviana Foods, you may earn $22,102 yearly. As a staff accountant, you qualify for an average salary of $55k per year while working as a production planner – over $65k. According to the recent data, working in the marketing or IT department at Riviana Foods can earn you the highest yearly wages of $112,619 and $81,257, respectively.

Another strong point of the company is surely the loyalty of its employees: the recent statistics show that the average employee stays at Riviana Foods for over 4.7 years, second only to HP Hood Company with its average length of 5.5 years, but outpacing such retail enterprises, as Bay Valley Foods (3.4 years) and Seneca Foods (3.1 years on average).


SMUD stands for The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, a big name in the area’s Utilities Industry, having 1,760 employees and annual revenue of $1.3B. SMUD is known as a huge electricity provider in California, offering the workers a fully competitive salary of $72,500, which is significantly higher than the national salary average ($66,000).
Even though the average employee at SMUD stays with the company for only 2.5 years, the company has proved to satisfy the needs of its employers, recently ranked six among the Best Companies to Work For in Sacramento.

Despite the relatively short tenure, one of the positive key points of SMUD is the diverse ethnicity of its employees, most of them having different ethnic backgrounds. And about 54.8% of SMUD’s employers represent ethnic minorities.
In terms of gender identity, SMUD shows a relative balance, which may seem a little surprising for the Manufacturing industry; over 32.0% of the employees are women.
However, as to political preferences, there is no such diversity: among the SMUD’s employees, the supporters of the Democratic Party prevail.
Most SMUD employers hold a Bachelor’s degree (50.9 %), having majored in Computer Science and Business-related subjects, while over 24 % of employees come after graduating from California State University.

The State of California

Working in the State of California is the best choice for ambitious professionals willing to sharpen their leadership skills at a government organization and do good for their community.

With its estimated annual revenue of nearly $10.0B, the State of California has about 100,000 employees. In terms of yearly earnings, company financial health, and employee diversity, the company is rated 20 on Best Companies to Work For in Sacramento list. The number of employees, represented by the graduates majored in Business, and Fine Art is almost equal: 15.5 %.
Among other substantial benefits, such as a high salary, health- and long-term care insurance, retirement benefits, the employees often outline a friendly environment and team support in the company.
However, the average job tenure is even shorter than the previous one: only 1.9 years. Besides, the ethnic background of the company cannot boast a true diversity: White people represent 67.2 %, Black or African American – 14.7 % and Hispanic – only 10.3 %.
As for gender identity data, women make up the majority at the company, accounting for 63.1 %.


For those who stand up for the ideals of peace and right, becoming a professional peace officer at PORAC may be a perfect solution. Your responsibilities will include representing and protecting the interests of local communities and rank-and-file peace officers, providing research and training, increasing public awareness on current issues, and generally shaping the positive image of a professional peace officer.

The company’s founding story traces back to 1953 when a professional federation of law enforcement agencies was established in California, which is now proudly called the largest law enforcement organization in the state.

Today PORAC represents over 70,000 members providing public safety and more than 930 associations. The average salary of a PORAC’s General Manager is said to make $82,300 yearly – with 107,653 overall employees and the annual revenue of $297.7M, that may sound like an opportunity not to miss.

Sacramento County

Another option for a natural leader and a strong professional may be working at Sacramento County. Headquartered in Sacramento, which has been the state capital of California since 1854, the organization has over 3,740 employees, while its annual venue is estimated as $5.5B.
One of the organization’s key advantages is the retention rate of its employees, who work with the company on average for 3.6 years.

Today the company has no lack of ethnic diversity, with 49.6% of employees representing ethnic minorities. The percentage of female workers slightly prevails over men, 52.4%, though the employees’ political preferences do not differ much – the supporters of the Democratic Party make 70.4%.


Among the above-mentioned companies, there has not been one specializing in Publishing yet – so here is McClatchy, the industry leader in California. With relatively few numbers of employees (4,600), the company manages to have a revenue of $943.2.
Today, McClatchy operates 29 daily newspapers, a consistent number of websites, manages several websites and community papers and has a news agency called McClatchyDC, aimed at political news straight from Washington.

Stating its mission in providing the constant development and long-term growth of future top-class journalists and specialists in the publishing area, the company also offers several paid internships for students. The company outstands for the ethnic diversity of its employees: 43.2% of the staff represent ethnic minorities. 37.9% of employees are women. Working as a business digital sales consultant at McClatchy, you may earn $52,716 yearly, while the position of Executive Editor offers $85,266 yearly.

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings focuses on the Aerospace & Defense technologies and offers a wide range of technically-related career opportunities for brilliant minds.
Among the current top-paid jobs stand Senior Manager in HR with $136,774 yearly earnings, Test Engineer with a salary per annum of $84,442, and Engineer specializing in Facilities Engineering&Planning with a wage of $101,735.
Having the reputation of a truly innovative company with 4,965 employees and annual revenue of $1.9B, Aerojet Rocketdyne also has convincing retention with staff members who usually stay for more than 4.4 years. Due to the specificity of the industry, the majority of employees are men (72.5 %), while women represent only.
25.4 %. In terms of ethnicity, White people prevail among the company’s staff (62.2%), while Hispanic and Latino.
In most cases, technical education is an advantage (13.4% of the company’s employees attended Southern Arkansas University Tech). Still, you do not necessarily have to hold a Master’s degree to get a job at Aerojet Rocketdyne, as the average employee’s highest level of education required is a Bachelors.
The recent reviews from the employees highlight the consistent health insurance, the company’s team spirit, and quality of the final product.
With its top-quality working conditions, Aerojet Rocketdyne has recently been ranked 4 in Best Companies to Work For in Sacramento and one among those on the list of Best Technology Companies to Work For in the area.


Teichert is a private company in the domain of Construction, with an impressively long history, started in 1887, and annual revenue of over $813.3M – the factors that make it one of the strongest players in the industry.

Started over 130 years ago, when the company’s founder was honing his skills by building walkways, cellar floors, and fencing, today Teichert’s responsibilities include producing the whole construction, developing infrastructure, preserving the environment, and much more. The recent data shows that an average employee at Teichert makes $52,110 per year. Among the highest-paid job offers on the market, Teichert offers the positions of Technical Director and HR Manager, allowing the top-rated employees to make over $91,000 per year.

Although the company demonstrates a tolerant attitude to its employees’ various backgrounds – about 46.4% represent ethnic minorities, we cannot say so about its political diversity, as 64.3% of employees identify as members of the Democratic Party.

Besides, that comes as no surprise, men dominate in the company (76.1 %), and only 22.8% of employees are women. Nevertheless, the 4.6 years an average employee works for the company indicates a high loyalty level.

California Department of Rehabilitation

One thing the California Department of Rehabilitation stands out for is surely the rich ethnic background of its employees, of which more than 52.2% represent ethnic minorities. As the biggest vocational rehabilitation provider in the United States, the company supports 28 non-profit Independent Living Centers in communities all across California. Its noble mission is to provide services and advocacy, independent living, and equality for disabled individuals.

California Department of Rehabilitation has gained a solid reputation, being a government organization with $300.0M annual revenue and having over 3,000 employees. Moreover, the average employee at the California Department of Rehabilitation makes $50,294 per year, which is undoubtedly at a highly competitive level. As a stable and steady-growing company, the California Department of Rehabilitation provides great working conditions, health coverage, paid time off, employee training, maternity and paternity leave, retirement plan, and much more.

Recent reviews show that, among other benefits, the employees especially value the salary, their duties, and responsibilities at the company, and enjoy working with and for the diverse environment.

Matheson Trucking

This family-owned and family-ruled company today successfully operates more than 1,300 workers. One of the highlights of this transportation and logistics enterprise is undoubtedly the salary of its employees: while the average employee at Matheson Trucking earns a yearly salary of $50,741, Supply Chain Manager’s earnings reach $95k per year, and Human Resources Business Partner may earn over $99k every year. Though, in comparison to its closest competitors, Matheson Trucking goes a bit inferior: Ruan Transportation’s average employee earns $58,439, and Transervice Logistics’ staff makes $56,281 per year.

It is worth mentioning that to apply for a position at Matheson Trucking, and you do not necessarily have to hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree; in 37.8 % of cases, along with your skills and experience, your High Schools Diploma may be enough. Besides, most of the company’s employees majored in Business (29.2 %) or Criminal Justice (8.9 %).

While the company makes $453.9M yearly, the average employee stays with the company for about three years, thus overpassing its competitors. Among the other benefits stressed out by the company’s employees are comprehensive medical, life, and retirement plans and the dedicated team of coworkers.

All the above-mentioned factors let the company gain first place in Best Transportation Companies to Work For rating, as applied to the Sacramento area.

Golden 1 Credit Union

Finally, the last but not least company in our guide represents the Financial Industry: a non-profit credit organization Golden 1 Credit Union today operates 80 branches located throughout the State and currently serves almost 40 of the 58 counties in California.

Having 1,552 employees responsible for the company’s annual revenue of $255.6M, today the company ranks 4 in Best Finance Companies to Work For in Sacramento. The average length of employment that exceeds 3.7 years speaks for itself. While 65.3 % of the employees are women, the ethnic diversity of the staff is outstanding: 44.7 % are White, 33.5 % are represented by Hispanic or Latino, over 10 % are Asian, and over 6.3% are African American. The diversity of foreign languages spoken at Golden 1 Credit Union is worth mentioning, too: 66.7 % speak Spanish, 7.4 % – Russian and Thai, and 3.7 % – Chinese.

Graduates with different backgrounds, among which the most popular are Business, Accounting, and Health Care Administration, are welcomed to work for the company and build an impressive career, given that the average Golden 1 Credit Union salary ranges from $37,860 per year (for Loan Advisor) up to to $200,000 for Senior Data Analyst, and this is not the limit.


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