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Top 5 Exciting Facts About Elk Grove, CA

Top 5 Exciting Facts About Elk Grove, CA
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If you want to get away from the noise and the rush of California’s capital, Elk Grove is the right place to go. Located to the south of Sacramento, Elk Grove attracts its visitors and new citizens with peaceful life full of exciting things and opportunities. The city has been established in 1850, and ever since it has been growing and developing for the better.

If you are unfamiliar with all the delights that Elk Grove has to offer, we are here to help you. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy at any time of the year. Keep on reading to find out, what the city is famous for and what interesting things you can discover there.

Historical Center

The proudest for many citizens place in the city is its historical center called Old Town. The infrastructure there has an origin that dates back to the 19th century, and some of the buildings have saved their original appearance. The atmosphere there takes you right back to the times when the city was only a small town in the process of development.

There are many historical monuments and landmarks that tell the story of the city’s growth. You can learn a lot about its history, interesting facts and markable events.

The Old Town is not only fol walks full of admiration of historical beauty. You can stop for a delicious meal at one of the restaurants, visit locally owned and traditional shops, and even visit a tavern that will welcome you with the warmth and coziness of old times.

Elk Grove Festivals

What better way to participate in the city’s life than to take part in the annual festival? Elk Grove has plenty of them for any tastes and preferences. Each season there is a special festival or fair held for the entertainment of citizens and visitors of the city.

If you happen to be in Elk Grove in spring, you might be lucky to catch the Western Festival. Usually, it is arranged in May, on the first weekend of the month. It is a very fun and exciting festival, full of delicious food sold by local restaurant owners, entertaining shows, a parade, and even a show with the involvement of cars. You can also find various stalls that send different things that cannot be found any other time of the year.

In July, Elk Grove welcomes everyone at the Strauss Festival. The event is held in the Regional Park where all the fans of Johann Strauss and all the people who simply love music can enjoy a lovely evening. Guests' entertainment is provided by the beautiful performances of musicians, actors, and dancers.

In August, you can attend the Multicultural Festival. A diverse community of Elk Grove is celebrated by uniting in the Regional Park and offering all the visitors unique ethnic cuisines, ethnic music and other types of art, and performances of the representatives of different cultures.

In October, Elk Grove holds the Giant Pumpkin Festival. What better way to get into the fall spirit than to get together with family and friends and enjoy traditional fall meals and activities? The festival also offers plenty of crafts created by the local masters and performances given by the professionals.

Another great Elk Grove festival is arranged in November, and it is called Dickens Fair. There you can find all the traditional fair activities, such as food and crafts stalls. The main attraction of the event is the Festival of Lights.

McConnell Estates Winery

If you have a company of adults to entertain, a winery is a perfect solution. The McConnell Estates Winery that has been passed down from one generation to the next for many years now, is a truly fascinating place. The vineyard can be reserved for special occasions like celebrations, or you can visit it in the evenings to taste the wine.

The place offers all the traditional wine types, as well as their own unique blends. If you are a citizen of Elk Grove or are planning to stay for a while, you can even make a subscription for the wine to be delivered right to your house.

Rain Garden Plaza

All the nature-lovers will love this place for sure! Rain Garden Plaza is the biggest rain garden in the state of California, and it is truly one of a kind. Fantastic landscapes and wildlife settings can amaze even those who are not fans of outdoor activities.

You can enjoy the beauty of Elk Grove’s nature and wildlife by yourself, or you can take a guided tour where professionals will tell you everything about the beautiful nature of the state and the importance of its preservations.

Surf Xtreme

Elk Grove has something to offer even for those of you who prefer something more active and adrenaline-giving. Despite being far away from the ocean, you can still enjoy riding the waves in the city. Surf Xtreme gives those who like to surf a chance of experiencing the same excitement and fun but inside. If you are experienced enough, you can surf all by yourself, and if you are not sure of your abilities, the center has great instructors that will teach you everything and will make sure that you are safe.

If you are not quite a fan of surfing, do not worry. Surf Xtreme has something for everyone. You can have fun shooting in paintball or jumping and making cool tricks at trampolines. If you have little kids to entertain, there are a couple of options as well. The center has children's canvas and a salon where they can get a face paint makeover.

Elk Grove is a beautiful and exciting city. Almost everyone who comes here does not leave disappointed, as the place is great both for those who like active leisure and for the lovers of slow and calm relaxation. Fascinating nature in combination with the developed city facilities makes your stay at Elk Grove comfortable and pleasant. Choose something for your likings and have the best time in Elk Grove, CA.


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