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Top 6 Things To Do With Kids In Roseville, CA

Top 6 things to do with kids in Roseville, CA
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Choosing a place to go with kids might sometimes be challenging. Depending on the child’s age and interests, some places might seem like a perfect destination, while others might totally spoil your plans for a fun day. To avoid unfortunate events, it is better to know in advance all of your options.

To make sure that your going out with kids is as perfect as it could be, we have collected the best options for the entertainment of little ones. Of course, these are not the only options, but they will surely make your children excited and happy with your decision.

1. Golfland Sunsplash

One of the best ways to spend a hot Californian day is to visit a water park. In Roseville, you can find Golfland Sunsplash, and it is one of the most exciting locations in the city. It attracts many families because it has something for every person of any age. There are plenty of water slides both for kids and adults.

The place is packed with lifeguards that watch very carefully for your actions on the slides and in the park overall. So, you can be sure that safety for you and your kids is guaranteed.

Moreover, there are places where you can have a meal as well. There is no need to go outside the park and if you get hungry, just go to one of the snack bars inside the Golfland Splash. If you get tired of splashing around, you can also go play mini-golf or laser tag.

2. iFly Sacramento

We are pretty sure everyone used to dream of flying when we were kids. Well, thanks to modern technologies nowadays, kids can actually make this dream come true. And there is no need to become a magician for you to make your kids fly. iFly Sacramento will do this job instead.

Those adults who have tried sky-diving know how fun and thrilling it is. At iFly Sacramento, all the kids starting from three-year-olds can take a chance and experience sky-diving in less extreme and more safe conditions.

Before the flight, all the kids are checked for health and other conditions. They are given detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do. It is totally safe if the kids follow all the rules and know what to do in different situations, as taught by the instructors.

Kids can enjoy flying around in the tube for up to an hour and a half. This experience will surely become one of the unforgettable moments in their life!

3. Heroes Virtual Reality Adventures

Is your kid more into technology? There is a great place in Roseville for that as well. Heroes Virtual Reality Adventures offers your kids a unique experience of virtual reality. The future is really here!

The place offers games and other experiences that would be interesting not only for kids but for the whole family as well. Have fun visiting some cool virtual realities, battling with characters that almost seem real, and playing your favorite games from another point of view.

4. Bounce U

For those kids who like to jump around, there is a perfect opportunity to do it ten times better. Bounce U has a huge world of inflatable castles that can excite kids of any age. Even two-year-old children can have fun in this bouncy world!

Many kids wait for a whole year to get an inflatable castle for the birthday celebration or other event. There is no need to wait anymore! All you have to do is visit Bounce U and make your kids day or even a whole year.

You can come for individual visits, or you can make a reservation for a birthday party. Bounce U has it all; you should really try it!

5. Maidu Museum & Historic Site

It is no secret that it is important for kids to learn history. Whether you are living in Roseville, CA, or just came for a visit, it might be interesting to learn the story and the past of the city. This entertainment is good for both kids and adults, so everybody is in benefit here.

In the Maidu Museum & Historic Site, you can learn about the life of people who lived on the territory many years ago. The place combines outdoor and indoor exhibitions, and you can see the items of Native Americans that were used as tools for cooking or hunting. It is extremely interesting, especially for kids who like to move around and see a lot of things at a time.

The location of the museum and the historic site is truly beautiful. You can enjoy the lovely landscapes of California while learning something new and cognitive. Maidu Museum & Historic Site is perfect for a family getaway with kids.

6. Topgolf

Another great destination for you to try out is Topgolf. If your kids love playing sports and enjoy competitive activities, this option is the best. The great thing is, golfing at Topgolf is accessible to everyone, no matter how much skills and experience you have. This gives a good opportunity to have fun family leisure with people of any age.

The scoring system makes it easier to follow your progress, and easy-to-understand rules of the sport will not make anyone confused. A huge area of the golf course will not leave you disappointed.

Moreover, you can spend as much time as you want at Topgolf. There is no need to worry about the food or drinks. The place has an amazing menu with a big variety of different meals and beverages for any taste.

Roseville, CA, is full of fun activities that you can participate in with your kids. Many of them are not only for small ones: adults can enjoy them as well. Whether your child prefers outdoor or indoor, active or peaceful, creative or energetic ways to spend time, there is definitely something that you can find in Roseville. At any time of the year, you can find something to entertain your kids with.


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