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Top 7 Best Parks Near Folsom

Top 7 best parks near Folsom
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California is definitely one of the most beautiful states in the US. And Folsom is one of the best cities that can show you the natural beauty of California as well as the vibrant, diverse, and colorful Californian lifestyle.

Located in the Sacramento area in northern California Folsom can be a great place for anyone who wants to experience the nature of California. And there are no better places to experience it than parks. Speaking of which Folsom has many of them, they are all different and can offer you to experience natural distraction from urban activities combined with comfort.

So, here is the list of the 8 best parks near Folsom, California.

1. Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

When speaking about Folsom the first thing that comes to mind of many people is the big and beautiful Folsom lake. The lake is surrounded by a gigantic park. The park is 20.000 acres of almost intact, mesmerizing Californian nature.    

At this park, you can not only hike or swim in the lake. There are much more activities to discover. For example, near the lake, you can find such fun activities as water skiing and boating. Other interesting things to do near the lake are horseriding, picnicking, or biking.

This recreation area is probably one of the best places for biking in California because here you can find a big paved bike trail that goes around the lake which gives a perfect opportunity to see the beauty of the lake while challenging your physical abilities.

It is also important to mention that in the lake you can find plenty of different fish. In the lake, you could find:

  • Catfish
  • Trout
  • Yellow perch

So, if you are a connoisseur of fishing and you know your way around fishing rods, Folsom Lake Recreation Area is a must-go for you.

2. Beal’s Point

While the entire Folsom Lake area is stunning and mesmerizing, there is one place that is definitely worth vising more than others, especially if you are planning a little picnic with your family or even overnight camping, this place is Beal’s Point.

Beal’s Point can be found in Granite Bay and it easy recognizable because it is a large area covered by grass and shades from many different trees. This area is just perfect for picnics in the quiet and stunning surroundings of Folsom Lake. Moreover, to make such an experience better, there are many barbeque pits. Also, this place is just perfect for family camping, especially during the warm months.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that Beal’s Point is a starting point for a huge bike trail that goes all the way to Sacramento.  

3. Carpenter Hill

Another beautiful parking space in Folsom where you can experience the finest sides of California nature is Carpenter Hill. The hill is the perfect place for hiking which is liked equally by tourists and local residents. The place has an accessible location and fits all types of hikers, from newbies to experienced people.

Another reason to climb the hill is the stunning view of the Sacrament valley, which opens to the people who managed to climb the top of the hill. It is also important to mention that while climbing, you can meet some representatives of Californian wildlife, especially the snakes, so you have to be very careful while hiking on Carpenter hill.

4. Folsom Dog Park

There is almost no worse feeling for pet owners than going to a new park and seeing that it is prohibited to enter it with dogs or other animals. Sadly, some parks in the Folsom area are still following such a policy. Nevertheless, there is also good news for dog owners because one of the parks in the area was created for them.

We are talking about Folsom Dog Park, which is the perfect place for city residents and tourists to spend some time with their dogs in nature. The park has everything that you and your pet need; there is running water, poo bags, shaded picnic tables, and many benches.

Moreover, the park has two designated areas where dogs might run unleashed, and one of these zones is for small dogs while another is for big ones. So, if your dog is tiny, you can go to the park without fearing that it can get hurt by big dogs.

5. Amos P Catlin Park 

The first classical city park on our list Amos P Catlin Park may offer many interesting activities for the visitors that go far beyond walking and resting on the benches. At Amos P Catlin park, you can find such usual facilities as restrooms, barbeque places, tables, benches, and a pavilion.

Moreover, for baseball fans, there is a huge baseball field that has everything that you might need to play with your friends or family. Also, the park has access to the bike trail.

6. Bud and Artie Davis Park

Another city park that offers many interesting activities for people in Folsom is Bud and Artie Davis Park. And if you thought that Amos P Catlin offers a lot, you would be amazed by this park.

In terms of classical park facilities, Bud and Artie Davis park is just on a good level with clean restrooms, barbeque places, and benches. However, speaking of sporting activities, this park offers a lot more than just a bile trail and a baseball field.

At Bud and Artie Davis Park, you could find lighted basketball and tennis courts, so it will not be a problem to play with your buddies in the evening when there is no more hot Californian sun. Moreover, there is a soccer field and an open play area. Probably there are no better places to do sport in Folsom than Bud and Artie Davis Park.

7. American River Bike Trail

We have already mentioned the American River Bike Trail before, but this structure definitely deserves its own part of our article because this place is unique not only for California but for the whole US.

So, the American River Bike Trail is a more than 30 miles long paved bike road that takes you from Folsom lake all the way to Sacramento. The bike road is almost fully separate from the car road, which ensures safe driving for you and your family, so you can easily take children on the bike trip.

The road is very well maintained with all the necessary facilities like lights and markers. Moreover, the road goes alongside with American River so you would have a nice view for the whole duration of the trip. The road has only a small elevation, so it is suitable for all bikers.  


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