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Top 8 Luxury Hotels In Sacramento

Top 8 Luxury Hotels in Sacramento
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Sacramento is an attractive place for people from all over the world because of its rich history and variety of opportunities. Being a center of California state Sacramento allows people with different interests to find their place in this area. Citizens of the state or tourists from other areas come here to understand the process of economic growth in California and find a source of income in Sacramento.

As Sacramento is a highly developed city, there are a lot of places to stay, different in their style and affordability. This review will describe the highest class of hotels available in Sacramento for people who want to become included in the wealthy lifestyle of California.

Here you can find information about the most luxury hotels in Sacramento that are popular among tourists and offer the best conditions for customers.

1. The Westin Sacramento

Westin Sacramento boutique hotel encompasses all the services that people need to relax during their stay in California. Its main advantage is its location on the bank of the Sacramento River. The view from the terraces impresses all guests of the hotel with the magnificent landscape of the river.

Moreover, location is beneficial for those who want to explore the city center of Sacramento. You can reach the most famous Sacramento sights in less than 30 minutes by walk or 10 minutes by car. So you will be able to enjoy both relaxations next to the natural scenery and visit California’s main city staying in this boutique hotel.

By the way, the Westin Sacramento staff and environment can help you to get rid of all the worries of routine life because it provides a high-quality SPA center, outdoor heated swimming pool, and luxury restaurant on the terrace. If your purpose of staying in Sacramento is to feel the vibe of wealthy life, this place will satisfy all your needs.

2. The Citizen

This hotel is one of the most popular residences in Sacramento because of the perfect location in downtown and abundant surrounding of luxury restaurants and boutiques. Once you enter the Citizen hotel, you will plunge into the world of extravagance and rich life. Lobby and rooms are designed in classic and majestic style with comprehensive service provided by the staff of the hotel.

Closeness to one of the most famous fine-dining restaurants, the Grange, and view on the Cezar Chaves Plaza complement the internal perfection of this boutique hotel. Except that the hotel is always welcome to guests who want to stay for a night or more in their rooms, the Citizen organizes dinners and celebrations in their area. This place is the most suitable option for Sacramento visitors interested in the historical details of the city’s development and comfortable staying during the trip.

3. Sheraton Grand Sacramento

Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento is one of the leaders among luxury places in this city for several reasons. Outdoor swimming pools, restaurants with ideal meals, and other areas for guests’ leisure are available in this hotel, and this makes it one of the most advantageous places in Sacramento.

The location of this hotel is convenient for guests as well because it is situated in the city center in the Public Market Building. So, you can visit all the attractions by walking but have all the privileges to relax on the territory of the hotel.

Sheraton Grand Hotel has an area with restaurants and a swimming pool inside the hotel so you can entertain yourself even without going outside of the territory. All Sheraton hotels are famous for their excellent service and supply of entertainment activities, and the one in Sacramento is not an exception. It provides comfortable rooms with top-quality furniture and equipment. There is no doubt that Sheraton Grand Sacramento is a high-grade place to stay in.

4. Hyatt Regency Sacramento

Hyatt hotel in Sacramento is a preferable option for people coming to conferences as well as for those who want to stay in the heart of Sacramento with top services. The staff of this hotel will do their best to make your stay here flawless.

The core advantage of this hotel is the combination of resort activities and closeness to all main sights of the city. You can explore the California State Capitol, historical museums, and other popular places in Sacramento and then relax in your room or SPA center of the hotel. Also, you can try meals of the top-quality chefs in the restaurants of the hotel, so you will not need to search for a place to eat outside of the hotel’s area.

Of course, rooms are designed in a fancy way with luxury decor and all equipment such as flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, coffee machine, and other necessary equipment. If you chose the Hyatt Regency hotel in Sacramento, you will remember your trip to this city among the most pleasant moments of your life.

5. Amber House Inn Of Midtown

Amber House hotel in Sacramento is a place uniting history and comfort in its rooms. The majority of areas in the hotel are designed in Victorian-inspired style, but the space is organized in a convenient for usage way. So, you will not be disconnected from modern life by staying in a historic hotel. Moreover, not only its design but also its location allows guests to explore the history of California and its capital. The hotel is situated close to the California State Capitol and Fort Sutter Historical Park, and you can easily get familiar with the city center of Sacramento staying here.

The variety of offered food and cozy places in the hotel lets guests spend their time with pleasure on the territory of the Amber House Inn. Also, rooms of this boutique hotel are equipped with hot tubes, 24/7 food service, TV, and Wi-Fi. It means that you can relax and refresh yourself by staying in your room.

All in all, this boutique hotel is one of the best places to spend time in Sacramento in a luxurious way.

6. The Sterling

The Sterling is the mansion in Sacramento downtown, which is made in typical Sacramento architecture style. Marble walls and floor, terraces, spacious room — classic symbols of Victorian-style represented in this hotel.

Guests of the Sterling hotel can reach the Capitol and other sights of the city by walking, which makes it attractive for tourists. Furthermore, it is a popular place for Sacramento citizens to arrange celebrations in the ballroom of the hotel.

The Sterling boutique hotel is a symbol of California history, and that is why this luxury place can become an option for your stay in Sacramento.

7. The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel is a variant of a luxury hotel for the young public because of its closeness to Golden 1 center and surroundings. A lot of tourists come to this hotel because of the visiting basketball matches or concerts. Moreover, this hotel has a roof-top bar with an impressive view of Sacramento city. Staying in this hotel, you can feel yourself as a part of energetic California life in the big city.

Of course, the hotel allows guests to use all necessary equipment and amenities and is created in a modern but unique style. This place is more suitable for people who do not want to narrow their activities to visiting historical attractions only but who want to be involved in the modern life of Sacramento.

8. Hilton Sacramento Arden West

Several Hilton hotels in Sacramento differ in their location and purposes, but this one can satisfy your needs if you want to visit tourist attractions of the city. As well as other hotels of this company, Hilton Arden West hotel pleases guests with one of the highest levels of service in Sacramento. The staff pays attention to every detail to make the stay of guests as comfortable as possible.

This hotel offers lounge zones, a swimming pool, and other spaces for leisure activities. At the same time, it is suitable for people coming to Sacramento for business trips because it is located close to the city center and includes all the services and facilities for efficient pastimes.


Sacramento is a city where everyone can find a place according to his or her interests and budget. It is full of luxury hotels and restaurants, and that is why it can be difficult to choose the place to stay in while visiting Sacramento. We collected only top-grade hotels with high ratings in this article for you to make it easier to find the perfect place to stay in the capital of California.


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