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Top American Restaurants In Elk Grove, CA

Top American Restaurants in Elk Grove, CA
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Elk Grove is one of the largest cities in Sacramento County, and if you are its resident looking for a great place to have dinner on a Friday night or a visitor craving good-quality food of different cuisines during your trip, it has plenty to offer.

A special focus here is made on American cuisine eateries. From burgers to steaks, from diners and brunch spots, from fancy places to Southern dishes — the city has it all. And what’s more, the food here fits every taste and budget. The service is great and the staff is friendly almost everywhere, too.

We have explored the variety of local eateries that focus on different American dishes and prepared the ultimate rating of the top 15 spots where you will be able to have an amazing dinner, a hearty breakfast, and good food after hours.

The Barn

A classical American spot with a large menu full of delicious positions that any guest will enjoy, The Barn is a family-owned place where you can have a wonderful breakfast or lunch (served all day) accompanied by spectacular service.

The prices are more than affordable: for 6-8 dollars, you can get a huge plate with eggs, French toast, bacon, and other traditional ingredients that we love for breakfast. With 15 different sides for your dish — from a bagel with cream cheese to avocado slices and extra veggies — you literally can create a dream dish of your own.

For lunch, The Barn offers different kinds of meat like steaks, pulled pork, roast beef, and so on. Those who prefer turkey, chicken, or fish will also find suitable options on the menu. During dinner time, you can order amazing juicy ribs, sausages, beer-battered fish, and other interesting dishes.

Soups and salads, a menu for kids, and family meals — The Barn has it all. Lastly, the menu here has a separate huge section with different burgers.

Texas Roadhouse

If you are craving steaks in Elk Grove, visit Texas Roadhouse, a traditional steak house with tasty, high-quality fresh steaks: from the famous ribeye to chop steak or kabob. All steaks are served with a couple of great sides like potatoes or veggies that will emphasize the meat`s amazing taste and quality. For some steaks, you will be able to choose the size of the portion, which is a fantastic and convenient option, too.

Besides steaks, here, you can order various chicken specialties, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. If you come with kids, a special menu for them is also available. For a dessert, you can try a classic apple pie, cheesecake, or brownie with ice cream on top.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

This place has something more than just delicious and diverse food: locals and tourists come here to taste BJ’s own beer. According to the restaurant’s site, the place has received more gold medals for its beer than other local restaurants in the last five years. So, you have a chance to verify this fact and try local brewery’s products.

Speaking of food, the menu here also impresses guests with its size. Along with American classics (burgers, roasted meat, and sandwiches), you will find pizza, pasta, and tacos here accompanied by different appetizers, salads, and sides. Some visitors will also appreciate gluten-free options (including gluten-free pizza and burgers).

The pricing is rather friendly here: you will pay 12,25 dollars for a soup-salad combo, burgers start from 13,75 dollars, and a good steak is available for 21-23 dollars. If you come here for lunch on weekdays, you can enjoy various $10 Lunch Specials (for instance, a cheeseburger with fries or grilled chicken pasta).

Boulevard Bistro

If you are looking for a fancy place in Elk Grove to celebrate any special occasion or take your partner out to an intimate dinner, consider booking a table in Boulevard Bistro. This elegant spot offers sophisticated Californian dishes with a shade of other regions’ cuisines.

The family-owned restaurant opened in 2006 and since then has left plenty of Elk Grove residents and visitors content with their gourmet experience. Currently, you can taste share plates (appetizers), salads, and large plates here.

For example, oysters, warm camembert cheese, or olives with feta are suggested as starters; in salads, you will find unusual taste combinations like strawberry and spinach, and large plates contain different kinds of meat, fish, and game (pork, duck, salmon, and so on). The menu changes from time to time, offering new interesting positions.

Sarom’s Southern Kitchen

As you can identify from the name, this spot serves the gems of Southern American cuisine. Shrimps with grits, Southern fried chicken, jambalaya, country fried steak, and other positions inspired by the South of America are waiting for visitors here.

If you come here for breakfast, try buttermilk pancakes or one of the seven omelet options. Other positions to choose from are two eggs in the style you like, sandwiches, and even “healthy start” breakfast dishes that include hot oatmeal and protein shakes. The place has its own bakery that produces the freshest desserts every day.


Denny’s is a traditional American diner that not only works after hours but serves food 24 hours a day. Like in most diners in the United States, here, you will find multiple breakfast and brunch options that include eggs, omelets, sandwiches, pancakes, and crepes.

If you come here in the afternoon or late at night, you can try one of the numerous burgers, salads, starters, and “classic dinners” positions (like chicken tenders or a T-bone steak). There are also convenient Family Pack combos to share that can become a fulfilling meal for four or five people.

Jamie’s Cafe

This place is popular in Elk Grove for breakfast and lunch: it is open daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. only. Visitors enjoy the atmosphere and decor along with the quality of food and menu positions. The cafe offers a huge variety of perfectly combined ingredients: you can select from 17 breakfast (from 11 to 17 dollars per plate)  and 18 lunch (from 11 to 17 dollars per dish, too) options. All of them have a traditional American vibe, large size, and hearty ingredients.

For example, available breakfast options include fluffy buttermilk pancakes with eggs and bacon or sausage, an avocado toast with eggs and Feta cheese, a breakfast burrito, French toast, and many other delicious meals. For lunch, you can try Jamie’s classic cheeseburger, Philly cheesesteak, vegetarian or chicken sandwiches, salads, and so on.

Black Bear Diner

Another decent diner in Elk Grove city, Black Bear welcomes guests from 6 a.m. every day. From Sunday to Thursday, you can enjoy great American cuisine meals here until 9 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays, working hours are extended until 10 p.m.

Along with typical pancakes, waffles, and French toasts with eggs of different styles, guests who are especially hungry are welcome to order the diner-created plates “Bigfoot” and “The Grizz!” full of calories (2580 and 1520, respectively), where meat meets eggs in amazing combinations.

Eggs here are cooked in all possible ways (two or three eggs omelets, scrambles, Benedict style, sunny side up) and are matched with multiple products — from bacon and hashbrowns to sausages made of any meat you can imagine. Breakfast here is served all day, so you can come any time.

Outback Steakhouse

Yet another steak spot in Elk Grove where you can order traditional American juicy steaks. But before we go to steaks, we should dive into great starters, soups, and salads options which will especially be appreciated by healthy food lovers. By the way, the place is open daily until 10 p.m. but be careful: on weekdays, it opens its doors at 3 p.m. (earlier on weekends).

As appetizers, you can order truly American dishes to share like mac & cheese bites, twisted ribs, mushrooms, and cheese fries. Baked potato soup and French onion soup along with veggie salad and blue cheese pecan chopped salad will be a good continuation of your meal.

Besides steaks (you can choose your favorite from eight positions, including filet mignon and ribeye), the menu also has The “Not” Steaks and From the Sea sections where those who cannot enjoy steaks for some reason will find something suitable but still delicious.

Regarding beverages, it is worth mentioning that the restaurant suggests accompanying your steak or another dish with various signature cocktails based on tequila and rum. If you want something simpler, beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages are available, too.

Jack’s Urban Eats

This is a great local restaurant for every day where you can have a casual dinner with your partner or lunch with friends. Visitors adore it for its informal atmosphere, amazing food, and friendly staff. The location is well-chosen, too: the place is situated in the middle of a large shopping area, so many guests come here by accident after a successful shopping day.

The spot specializes in true-style American sandwiches offered with side potatoes or salad; you can also create your own hearty salad here or order full plates (with meat and sides), mac & cheese, or soup of the day.

Stagecoach Restaurant

As you can see, there are many locations in Elk Grove that are open until 2 or 3 p.m., where you can have any breakfast you like. Stagecoach restaurant is one of these, too.

Guests praise the quality of food, the staff’s warm welcome, and the size of portions at Stagecoach. From traditional diner food to outstanding weekend specials, the place has many dishes to offer, and no one will leave hungry.

The place itself is cozy, with a Western-inspired interior. Prices here are more than moderate: there is no dish on the menu that costs over 13 dollars.

Chicago Fire

Last but not least, Chicago Fire in Elk Grove is an eatery that represents American cuisine inspired by Italian dishes. The place offers delicious pizzas on thin and thick crusts (more than 10 different flavors, including vegetarian options) and family-style Italian pasta plates.

Among typical American plates, you will find numerous burgers and sandwiches that will fit everyone’s preferences. Appetizers and wings will whet your appetite, and salads will work as a healthy option.

While we have chosen the best American restaurants for you in Elk Grove, the list does not end here. We also recommend you check out other spots: The Waffle Experience, Huckleberry’s Breakfast and Lunch, Bert’s Diner, The Original Mike’s Diner, and In-N-Out Burge. There are many fantastic American eateries in the city that will leave you absolutely content with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Most of the locations work not only as places where you can sit but as pick-up spots. They usually offer delivery services, too. Also, before you go anywhere to the above-suggested locations, ensure that the place is open and has a suitable schedule: many eateries in Elk Grove offer “only breakfast” or “only dinner” options (you could have noticed, though).


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