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Top American Restaurants In Roseville, CA

Top American Restaurants in Roseville, CA
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Are you planning to visit Roseville as a tourist and want to make a list of the best cafes? Or have you lived here for many years and are looking for a restaurant you have not been to yet? In any case, the list of the best Roseville restaurants specializing in classic American cuisine will be useful to you!

In this list, you will find a cafe where burgers, steaks, French fries, and other traditional American dishes are prepared. However, we hope that by visiting at least a couple of restaurants mentioned below you will make sure that American cuisine should not always be associated with fatty and unhealthy food.

Currently, every guest of Roseville has the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes prepared with the use of fresh farm products. Moreover, many of the founders of restaurants in Roseville rethink traditional concepts and recipes and create unique dishes that you will not try anywhere else in the world!

1. Yard House

This place is one of the many Yard House restaurants that is located in Roseville. In general, the Yard House is a catering network that is widespread and well-known in various US states. The restaurant was opened in 1996 and has been extremely popular in Roseville for more than 25 years. Here, classic American cuisine is served and about 100 beers and original cocktails are poured. Moreover, this place is appreciated for the excellent rock music that is always playing here. In addition to the usual lunch and dinner visits, we recommend a restaurant promotion called happy hour.

There is a very large and varied menu including snacks, main courses, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, children's dishes, and desserts. If you follow any diet, then you can also visit the restaurant as there are vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on the menu.

2. Texas Roadhouse

Of course, one of the main dishes of classic American cuisine is steaks. However, we will not recommend ordering steaks at any nearby restaurant, especially if you come to Roseville from some other country, as you may needlessly be disappointed in American steaks. Fortunately, there is the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Roseville that has earned the trust and love of the locals. Roseville is home to only one of the many restaurants of the chain spread across the most diverse states of the United States. Here you can try classic Texas dishes: ribs, chicken, steaks, and seafood.

Please note that all restaurants of the chain serve dishes only from fresh meat. In each restaurant there is a butcher who cuts steaks and prepares them so that they will soon be cooked and served to visitors. What is more, there is a children's menu for young visitors.

3. Paul Martin's American Grill

This restaurant has a rather telling name. Indeed, residents of Roseville come here to enjoy a delicious classic grill. The main value of the team working in the restaurant is the creation of reliable partnerships with local farmers who supply fresh and natural products. Thanks to such careful selection, the chefs of the restaurant use high-quality products when cooking. As a result, all visitors are delighted with the taste of each dish.

The goal of all those involved in the work of the restaurant is to improve the quality of dishes related to classic American cuisine and destroy the myth that this cuisine is not very refined and healthy. Moreover, the founders of the restaurant believe that every dinner can be turned into a fancy event. That is why great importance is paid to modern interior and high-quality service. When visiting the restaurant, be sure to try meat, poultry, or grilled fish and order a glass of wine that was made in famous vineyards.

4. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers And Brews

Do you want to try real American burgers? Then this place is what you need to visit for sure! The history of the Red Robin restaurant began with the preparation of burgers. To this day, the restaurant remains an extremely popular place for a family dinner. In the restaurant, burgers are cooked on fire exclusively from fresh and high-quality products. In addition to the classic burgers with meat patty and bacon, completely unusual dishes are prepared here, such as a burger that includes exclusively mushrooms and Parmesan.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to offer your own burger recipe! You can choose the filling, sauce, size, and number of ingredients yourself. The chefs will cook any burger you can imagine. If you are not a fan of burgers, then we will recommend ordering wraps, sandwiches, or croissants with stuffing.

5. Islands Restaurant

The first restaurant was opened in 1982. According to the plan of the founder of the restaurant Tony DeGrazier, the cafe should reflect the relaxed beach atmosphere. He wanted to create a place that he would like to visit after surfing. Of course, this cafe is now more often visited after a working day in the office, but this does not prevent you from feeling the real Hawaiian atmosphere in this pleasant cafe. Initially, very simple food was sold here that could be quickly prepared so that visitors are ready to go on new adventures on the beach.

The cafe has become popular thanks to burgers, French fries, and cold drinks. Nowadays, the menu is much larger and includes salads, soups, tacos, and desserts. A special feature of the cafe is a wide variety of vegan dishes. Be sure to visit this place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel like somewhere on exotic islands in the middle of the ocean.

6. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant has a rather telling name. It was so named not only because of the love of the founders of the cafe chain for dogs but also because of the real possibility of all visitors to take their pets with them for dinner. This cafe even has a special dog menu! You do not need to treat your dog to something from your order, order a special dish for it! Moreover, the owner of the restaurant Chris Simms dreamed of creating a true family cafe in which every family member can feel comfortable. In each cafe from the chain, a relaxed modern interior has been created so that you can relax and have a great time with your family.

Here, you can really be a little lazy and entrust dinner to the waiters and chefs of the restaurant. As for the menu, you can order fish n chips, steak, roast turkey, or mac n cheese. Moreover, numerous beers are presented here. Beer lovers can join the beer club in order to receive discounts when visiting the cafe.

7. The Cheesecake Factory

Do you want to try something new? Are you tired of the same type of menus including burgers and sandwiches? The tastes of your family members do not match and you can not decide which cafe to choose for dinner? Then you will definitely like the Cheesecake Factory! American, Italian, and French cuisine are served here. The menu has everything you can imagine from pancakes to pasta. What is more, this cafe is a must-visit place in Roseville for all sweet tooths!

The restaurant's menu offers 35 different flavors of cheesecakes: from the original taste to cheesecake with salted caramel, oreo, or marshmallow. We are sure that you cannot try some special types of cheesecakes anywhere else, so do not miss your opportunity to enjoy sweets at the Cheesecake Factory when visiting Roseville.

8. Boston Market

In order to have an idea about the specialization of this restaurant, it is enough to know that it used to be called Boston Chicken. The main menu of the restaurant is fried chicken, but you can find a variety of dishes here. This is a large catering network that is distributed throughout the United States. In addition to chicken dishes, you can order a variety of side dishes, meat rolls, turkey cooked in different ways, and ham. When visiting a restaurant, you should definitely try the branded sandwiches that have made this catering chain famous.

If you do not eat meat, then you can order a fish dish. In addition, you can find frozen dishes from this company in most supermarkets in California. So you do not have to visit a restaurant to get an idea of the American cuisine presented there.

9. Apple Annies Kitchen & Bakery

If you miss the home-cooked dishes that your mother and grandmother cooked, then we will advise you to visit this restaurant! This is probably the place with the warmest homely atmosphere in Roseville. There is an extremely diverse and at the same time simple menu consisting of classic American cuisine. Breakfast is served here all day long, so it is never too late for an omelet or waffles. Visitors love the local natural and delicious soups. It is impossible not to mention the pastries that are sold in this cafe: fresh bread, rolls, pies, and low-calorie sweets without sugar.

Visiting this cafe even every day you will never get bored. Every day of the week has a special theme and menu: dinner for two on Mondays, pasta day, Polish day, only the best and most favorite dishes of the guests on Thursdays, and a special menu including seafood on Fridays. You can also order food for any of your events. Catering service is available for large groups of people (from 20 to 75 guests).

10. Bennett's Kitchen Bar Market

If you do not like when it takes too long to choose dishes in a restaurant and do not want to worry about feeding a large family, then Bennett's Kitchen will be the best place for lunch or dinner in Roseville. In addition to the usual menu, which certainly includes classic and popular dishes of American cuisine, special complex dishes designed for four people are extremely popular here. The menu offers several options for dinner served for four (the price is for 4 servings, not one).

This way you order a large dish that will be enough for everyone and save money on a family dinner. Prices start at $24 and reach $69 depending on the dish you choose. You can also book a table for a festive lunch, for example, on Easter or Mother's Day. Pay a fixed amount for lunch for four (a great option for a family or group of friends) or for one and enjoy a perfectly balanced and thoughtful lunch.


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