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Top Elk Grove Museums

Top Elk Grove Museums
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Elk Grove is a wonderful city with a great environment for families and couples. Here, you can find numerous parks, cafés, and shopping malls. Therefore, you will always find a way to spend your spare time. However, if you want to spend it not only in a fun and careless way but also to find out some interesting and exciting facts you could not know before, you can attend one of the local museums.

Nowadays, the majority of the Elk Grove museums are free or suggest making donations since the locals take care of the environment and are likely to meet the guests only for the prosperity of the site.

Top 7 Museums in Elk Grove and Surroundings

In this article, we elaborated on the list of 10 superior museums devoted to various themes located in Elk Grove, so you could spend more time educating yourself. While making this list, we regarded diversified factors, including the events made by the museum, its exhibitions, and a variety of presented themes. So, you definitely will not get bored!

1. Elk Grove Historical Museum

Elk Grove Historical Museum is a significant cultural institution for the locals as it collects and preserves all the valuable artifacts of the city’s history. It is open year-round, and everyone can become the museum’s partner to provide it with significant exhibits.

In the museum’s collection, there are dozens of photographs, archives, audio clips, and other artifacts that you can touch and interact with. The museum accurately tells the history of Elk Grove’s development through centuries and decades with the supervision of the local Historical Society. Different exhibitions and events dedicated to various topics are always held there.

It is a pure pleasure to take a walk through the museum with all its amenities and park zones, so you can consider it not only as an educational part of your weekend but also as a walking destination to spend time at the natural site. School tours and touristic group programs are also held there.

2. Elk Grove House and Stage Stop Museum

Located in the Heritage Park in the heart of Elk Grove, this museum initially was a hotel for travelers to the newly established Elk Grove in 1850. Hence, the museum presents the contemporary mode of life of the people who came to stay in the hotel. After the 1950s, the progress took over, and the building was sentenced to be torn down for the extension of the highway.

However, the local Historical Society took the situation under control to reestablish the true image by using photographs and notes of the guests. The building itself looks astonishing with its balcony, terrace, and red brick surface. Inside, you will find several rooms with accurately preserved interiors, furniture, and details. Thanks to the wealth of the artifacts, the museum’s guests will feel like real roomers during the Victorian Era years.

On the park’s territory, you will find other historical buildings, including the Foulks House, the San Joaquin Justice Court, and the Jail. So, be sure to visit the park’s amenities at least once to enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of the place.

3. California State Capitol Museum

Located in the capital of California – Sacramento, which is only 30 minutes away from Elk Grove – the State Capitol Museum is also the seat of the state government. During the reconstruction of the Capitol, the local historians and volunteers had been interpreting its restoration in the Capitol museum. Volunteers along with historians paid the most accurate attention to recreate the rooms of the Capitol, so the visitors of the museum could feel as being placed in the real atmosphere of the earliest 20th century.

All the details and artifacts had been gathered during the last decades to complete the interior. The archives were reviewed to recreate the mode of life of these times, so if you are going to take up an excursion through the rooms, the guide will tell you all the niceties and traditions that were implied.

In the museum, one can know the history of the California Capitol from its establishment right to the modern days.

4. California State Railroad Museum

“Our lives are made of railroad stories” is a motto of the California Railroad museum with its numerous exhibits and programs, where you can explore the establishment  of the state’s prosperous history of railroad construction.The museum’s staff collects the stories of local Americans whose families got involved in the development of the nation’s railroad system.

The museum’s digital collection is enormous with its archives, photographs, and stories, as well as its offline exhibitions. Furthermore, you can attend excursion train rides every weekend as a way to rearrange the holiday. Each exhibition is dedicated to various themes. For instance, the experience of the Chinese workers on the California railroads, the story of Gold spike, and toy trains. Be sure you will also enjoy the constant gallery, too.

Children under five can visit the museum freely, children 6-17 normally attend the museum for $6, while the price for adults is $12. Guided tours usually tend to be cheaper, so you can plan your visit with friends in advance. Tours for schools are also provided with railroad safety programs.

5. Crocker Art Museum

One of the best art museums in the whole state of California is located really close to Elk Grove, and it is the Crocker Art Museum. The museum’s great collection and exciting exhibitions will not leave anyone disappointed. Except for preserving the unique pieces of Californian art, it also has the biggest collection of African, Asian, and Oceanic ceramics, which is indeed an impressive collection.

We highly recommend taking the guided excursion as the staff carefully represents the collectibles. Permanently changing exhibitions will make you visit the Crocker Museum again and again to observe the newest art collections from American artists. The museum also suggests its visitors take part in the auctions, where even the best nation’s collectors are present.

6. Wells Fargo Museum

The museum is devoted to the history of gold mining in the US. Sinec, California, is the capital of the Gold Rush; the museum is located in San Francisco, which is 40 minutes away from Elk Grove. Wells Fargo Museum tracks the history of Californian banking system development. Nowadays, Wells Fargo sponsors many big companies and even has a branch in Silicon Valley; however, it was not like that from the beginning.

So, you can get acquainted with the whole history of one of the biggest American banks right in its prospering innovative museum. With acknowledged guides, your visit to the Wells Fargo Museum will become an unforgettable experience that will bring you useful knowledge.

7.Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum

Another Californian museum that preserves and tells the history of local life is an Old Sacramento Schoolhouse museum which stores and exposes California’s early experience of education. Except for the entourage of the interiors and the building, your visit here will be delighted by costumed staff, so you can fully dive into the school's 19th-century atmosphere.

There are many activities for kids and students weekly, along with events dedicated to the national and local holidays. Groups are welcome to attend guided thematic tours with additional activities.

All in all, Sacramento, especially Elk Grove and its surroundings, are wealthy with dozens of museums, which are accurately recreated with the help of residents in order to preserve the history of their favorite city!


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