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Top Elk Grove Summer Camps

Top Elk Grove Summer Camps
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After the end of the school year, children have free time in the summer. During this period, you can learn something new, develop your creative talents, become more athletic, and find new acquaintances. Summer camps for children are suitable for all these goals. There are many camps near Elk Grove that have been popular and trusted by parents for many years.

Summer camps are distributed according to the variety of activities they offer for children. Some camps appeal to creative children who are interested in art or dance, others are ideal for developing potential in sports, and several more camps are based on maintaining children's interest in science.

We have compiled a list of the best summer camps for children near Elk Grove. Keep reading this article to learn more about the 15 most interesting camps in which you can enroll your children this summer. Do not miss the opportunity to diversify the lives of your children and support their interests.

Summer camps for the development of creative abilities

The first category of summer camps that we want to draw your attention to is related to creativity and art. In some camps, children spend most of their time practicing dance skills, while in others, children enjoy drawing or playing musical instruments.

1. Northern California School of the Arts

This art school offers an acting training program for children. The advantage of the program is the possibility of online participation in the camp. In addition to children's camps, the art school also offers classes for adults so that people of any age can develop their speech, voice, body flexibility, as well as become more confident in themselves and overcome the fear of public performances. Even if your child does not dream of becoming an actor, the skills listed above are extremely important in everyday communication and career advancement in the future. Help your child become a confident leader in the future by enrolling them in an acting summer camp.

2. The MuVment Studio

Childhood is the best time to start dancing. If you do not develop the flexibility of your body, then over time, your body will become less and less mobile. It is in childhood that you can start doing any kind of dancing, as children easily learn new dance moves. At The Movement Studio camp, children will not only be able to learn a particular dance, but more importantly, they will develop their creativity and learn the art of movement. Here, children can also participate in various performances.

3. Musical Mayhem Productions

This organization is engaged in the creation of children's musical performances. The founders of the organization cooperate with primary schools in order to attract as many children as possible in the field of performing arts. The Center periodically organizes master classes and socially accessible rehearsals that are aimed at supporting the development of creative abilities and socialization of children when organizing musicals. Permanent members of the organization have the opportunity not only to perform on stage and participate in musicals but also to regularly go on joint trips to New York, Disneyland, and other places.

4. Blue Line Arts

Blue Line Art is an art gallery and an art center for children. By becoming a participant, your children can create their own work of art every time they visit the center. The club's employees teach children to draw and create new works of art, as well as help express their ideas and emotions through art. You can also attend lectures and seminars where people talk about creativity. Since the gallery presents the works of contemporary local artists, sometimes they are invited to give a lecture and talk about their creativity in more detail. Therefore, children get basic knowledge about art and try themselves in creating drawings and crafts.

5. Fancy Feet Dance Academy

This dance academy offers young dance lovers a more professional education in this field. Children have the opportunity to study with professional dancers. Many teenagers constantly attend the academy in order to prepare for admission to any dance academy or university in the United States. Here, children are taught various styles, so that they become comprehensively developed and in-demand dancers. Thus, a hobby can potentially grow into a real profession with good earnings. The Academy's program is based on a perfect balance between technique and self-expression. The Academy often organizes various children's camps that last only a few days. Each camp is dedicated to a specific topic. This is a great opportunity for children to try themselves in a new field and decide whether they like it or not.

Sports camps for young athletes

In addition to art and creativity, sports are an extremely popular activity for children. It is important to support a cheldrens’ love for a sporty lifestyle so that they maintain their health throughout the rest of their lives. Short summer camps can be the first step to attract your child to a new sport.

1. Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center

The popular swimming center offers a program for a children's camp. Usually, the camp takes place from the beginning of June to July. You can decide for yourself how long your child will participate in the camp since you pay for each week separately. Every day, children spend two hours in the pool practicing swimming techniques. Professional trainers who know how to create a friendly and cheerful atmosphere train children at each lesson. In addition to this activity, in the camp, children are engaged in drawing, creating crafts, outdoor games, hiking in the park, and participating in team buildings.

2. IR Academy of Soccer Development

This soccer Academy is engaged in the development of soccer in Sacramento County. Professional coaches help children turn their passion for soccer into playing sports on a regular basis and participating in games between teams. Much attention is paid to both the development of leadership qualities and the ability to work in a team. If a child has talent and stubbornly develops their skills, then it is likely that when participating in games organized by the soccer academy, they will be noticed and invited to play in a popular team in the future. In order to try to become a professional soccer player, a child can attend a spring camp.

3. The Boulder Field

This center is popular among rock climbing enthusiasts in Elk Grove. Children visit the center in order to improve their skills and athletic training, take part in group yoga classes, do rock climbing accompanied by a coach, and visit the gym. Rock climbing perfectly develops dexterity and strength which has a positive effect on any person, no matter if they are going to become a professional athlete. In addition, children's parties are organized here.

4. Cosumnes CSD Parks and Recreation

This is a community whose mission is to spread a healthy lifestyle and active sports among local residents. Participants gather in various parks and sports grounds throughout the district. One of the opportunities to interest a child in sports is to participate in a multi-sport summer camp where training in various sports is presented. Thus, a child has the opportunity to try numerous sports and decide which activity they like more than others. Moreover, participating in a summer camp is a great opportunity to make new friends.

5. Amazing Athletes

During the pandemic, online classes have become extremely popular. Currently, the Amazing Athletic club offers digital group classes for children. Basically, children perform fairly simple physical exercises that are aimed at developing dexterity, strength, endurance, and balance. Children study in groups, they can see their coaches and other participants of classes, which motivates them to actively participate. In addition to these classes, you can enroll your children in soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and other sports.

Children's camps for learning and first steps in science

Another important area that we want to cover is the occupation of children with science. The beginning of the study of sciences is extremely important for a child to easily study at school and develop their mental abilities. The knowledge that children receive in classes and children's scientific camps will definitely be useful to them in the future and will allow them to become successful and comprehensively developed people.

1. YoungGates

Currently, gadgets play a significant role in our lives, so it is not surprising that many children already know how to use phones and tablets from an early age. What is more, some children show extraordinary talents in computer science. In this case, you should think about continuing to study programming. Your child can learn to write code, create applications, websites, and study artificial intelligence. All these skills are extremely in demand in the modern world, so while developing them in childhood, a person should not worry about finding a job in the future.

2. Aerospace Museum of California

If your child is from 6 to 12 years old and if they are interested in aerospace and aviation technology, then they will definitely have to participate in the camp organized by the aerospace museum. Usually, the camp starts from the very beginning of summer. You can choose whether you want your child to participate in all activities and stay in the camp throughout the day. During the stay in the camp, the child learns a lot of new information about the conquest of space and the device of airplanes and spaceships.

3. Grade Power Learning

Do you notice that your child has problems with learning at school? Perhaps it is difficult for them to stay focused and attentive for a long time? Then we recommend participating in classes from the Grade Learning school. Here, teachers help children develop reading, writing, and counting skills. It is important that unlike a regular school, here, a teacher has enough time to find an individual approach to each child so that they will definitely succeed at school and at university in the future.

4. Almondale Academy

If it seems to you that in an ordinary school, your children do not receive enough in-demand knowledge, then it will be a good idea to attend classes at this academy. Classes are not limited to the usual subjects that are taught in school rooms. Children take part in weekly expeditions that help to learn more about the world around them, study in groups of different ages which also helps to broaden their horizons and social circle, and interact with teachers to adopt their personal experience and knowledge.

5. Camp EDMO

The summer camp from EDMO combines science, creativity, and art classes, which contributes to the comprehensive development of skills and abilities. It is crucial that if you want to put your child in danger due to the pandemic, they can participate in classes and activities online. The camp runs from the beginning of June to the end of July. The camp takes place in three different locations: Rocklin, Folsom, and Sacramento.


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