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Top Neighborhoods In Roseville

Top Neighborhoods in Roseville
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For those looking for a place to settle in or just travel around and explore small counties of the States, particularly California, it might be interesting to find out why Roseville is a city loved by all of its citizens, as it is a rare case nowadays!

Main Points to Consider about Roseville, CA

So let us go over a few of the advantages that Roseville brings not only to its particular neighborhoods but to the whole population of its citizens:

  • Road system.
    The network of different trails and roads is very convenient in this city, as they are all logically connected, which allows you to easily find your way to almost any part of Roseville or go whenever and find unexpected yet interesting trails! And if any other path was developed, it would be made in sync with an already existing road system, so that convenience would be maintained even on the new roads!
  • Nature harmony.
    Here we are not just talking about various parks that cities might have, no. In the case of Roseville, there are actually quite a lot of open spaces that allow you to see different kinds of animals, like turkeys, goats, and egrets, in their natural environment. What is more, you can catch not only some animals, but amazing sunsets and sunrises, as it is the best time to be able to see some of them walking around! So why not combine this together, as it is not common for townsmen to see such animals in the city.
  • Top-notch city services.
    Nowadays, it is hard to find a city with a more caring attitude from the side of both the citizens and their service providers than that of Roseville, as it is not easy to maintain the same level of quality in the big cities and, at the same time, in small ones as well, because not every small town’s mayor will care enough for its city and there are not that many people that could control him or her.
    Roseville is a great exception in this part, and you will be able to understand that from the very first minute of your visit to this town and not only from the infrastructure that it has but from the clean parks and public areas as well, not to mention the general attitudes of authorities to its citizens and of citizens to each other!
  • Weather conditions.
    How many of you actually like to live in a cold and foggy region? It is a known fact that weather could actually have a big influence on your overall mood and stability of the nervous system so that you would be less stressed and much happier when there is a lot of sunshine and warmth in your everyday life.
    Well, Roseville is definitely capable of providing you with that as well! The weather in this area is not only pleasant but quite predictable throughout all of its seasons, so if you are a person that is struggling from constant rains or snow, moving to a warmer place like Roseville might be a solution to your problems!
  • The location in the state.
    In addition to all of the things that we have already mentioned, Roseville also has a location at the very heart of California, which means that adventure-lovers would have much more possibilities to explore this state from any of its parts! Sacramento Airport is also located near the city, which means that opportunities to travel around are available to everyone, no matter whether you have a car or not. And, due to the location, the tickets will not be that expensive, as it is not hard to travel to any part of California!
  • The community.
    It is always expected that the population of small cities is more predictable so that your encounters with them will be either mostly bad or mostly good. We personally have met quite a lot of people in Roseville while traveling there and our communication with them was nothing but respectful, interesting, and polite! This conclusion of ours is made on different age ranges, starting from teenagers and ending with pensioners, so do not be afraid of making a conversation with the locals, they will be glad to chat or help you with some problem.

The Best Neighborhoods

Did we get you excited about visiting Roseville or moving there on a more permanent basis? If yes, let us get down to the business and discuss the best neighborhoods to live in while you are in Roseville.

All in all, Roseville is more of a family town, which is why you will find a lot of great schools and infrastructure for couples with kids, but because of that, everyone, no matter their age, benefits from living in this town, as it creates you a safe and well-developed environment that only encourages you to reach your goals and dreams!

1. Diamond Oaks

The population of this neighborhood is close to 4 thousand people, which is not that big in comparison with other areas that we are going to discuss, but we still believe that this neighborhood is worth your attention!

The overall atmosphere of Diamond Oaks is somewhere between urban and suburban: most of its residents are renting houses and there are families living there, but young people, whether alone or not, are also present in this neighborhood. In addition, there are also great schools located here, which might be an attraction for young families, but at the same time, the infrastructure is well-developed, so that you could find yourself a nice restaurant, coffee shop, or park to visit.

Basically, Diamond Oaks is an area that welcomes different kinds of people, but the pace and style of living are still a bit conservative, which is why party-lovers might not feel comfortable here, as there is simply no one who would support such a lifestyle.

2. Westpark

This is one of the newest neighborhoods developed in Roseville, as it was established somewhere near 2007. The majority of real estate that you would be able to find here is medium-sized homes that have a quite competitive pricing as they are all quite new ones.

Westpark is known for a great variety of parks and interesting trails that you could find here, so for those interested in a fresher neighborhood that has an abundance of flora growing there, Westpark is the best choice!

3. Woodcreek Oaks

The population of Woodcreek Oaks is a bit bigger than that of Diamond Oaks and is equal to approximately 6,300 people.

This neighborhood is more of an owned-housing one, and it definitely creates a suburban atmosphere, as there are a lot of families living there, great schools that are one of the best ones in Roseville, and lots of greeneries growing there with quite interesting routes to spend your weekend’s time on family walks!

So if you are interested in a slower pace of a lifestyle that is convenient for raising kinds, consider Woodcreek Oaks as your permanent destination!

4. Highland Reserve

Highland Reserve is another great neighborhood of Roseville with a population of approximately 5,500 people. The average price range for buying a dwelling in Highland Reserve is around 500-600 thousand dollars.

This area could also give you a suburban vibe, as there are lots of families living here, and most of them own the houses in which they live. However, Highland Reserve is a more developed neighborhood in comparison with Woodcreek Oaks, as it has not only beautiful parks but lots of places to visit, such as restaurants or pop in for coffee.

When something in-between Woodcreek Oaks and Diamond Oaks is needed, go to Highland Reserve!

5. Morgan Creek and Sun City

These are two different neighborhoods, but they have one interesting feature in common — admiration for golf.

Both Morgan Creek and Sun City are great neighborhoods for those seeking to spend their weekends on the golf course, but the price ranges and contingent of these areas are a bit different.

Morgan Creek is a more of a luxurious neighborhood that has a private 18-hole golf course around it, with many houses having a spectacular view due to that. The houses here are also quite expensive, with the starting price being around 600 thousand dollars and going up in whatever quantity.

SunSet neighborhood has lots of elderly living there, so the pace of life is a bit slower here; not that this is much trouble, just something that you need to account for. As for the gold, you could find two courses in this area — an 18-hole and 9-hole ones. The prices here are going to be lower so that you could find yourself a house in a range between 400 and 600 thousand dollars.

All in all, these two neighborhoods have beautiful nature and spectacular views, as well as provide you with an interesting hobby to spend your free time on! The choice simply depends on your preferences and budget possibilities.

6. Los Cerritos

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods that you could find in Roseville with a very small population of approximately 2 thousand people, so for those interested in a more antique-look and low-density area, this might be the best choice!

Despite being a small neighborhood, Los Cerritos is a very well-developed area, so you could find a great infrastructure here with restaurants, interesting traces, and schools with high quality of performance!

7. Galleria

And last, but not the least neighborhood that is worth mentioning is called Galleria, as it is closely situated to a Galleria Mall in Roseville.

As you could have guessed, this neighborhood is more of an urban one with newer homes and great infrastructure, as everything that you might need can be found nearby.

If you desire to live closer to the downtown of the city and are used to a faster pace of life, Roseville has a place for you as well!


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