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Top Secret Places In Sacramento You Want To Visit

Top Secret Places in Sacramento You Want to Visit
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Many people tend to visit the city of angels or San Francisco when visiting California, as the most famous cities of the state are full of interesting sights. However, Sacramento is also an amazing city where you can find a lot of exciting gems that only the locals know about.

For example, the majority of tourists who came to Sacramento visited the Old Town, wandered through its streets, admiring its beauty. However, this is not all that the capital of California has to offer for its visitors.

Keep reading, and you will learn about the rarest and most underrated attractions of the city, which will interest even sophisticated tourists.

1. Indian Museum of California

The Museum of the Indigenous Population of California tells about one of the most numerous peoples of its time. Before the settlement of the American continent by Europeans, only about half a million Indians lived on the territory of modern California, who spoke more than fifty different languages and dialects. These people are incredibly original, and their history is incredible and tragic, so if you want to learn more, I advise you to visit this California museum. Here you can look at artifacts, tools, and objects used by indigenous people hundreds of years ago, as well as study photos and other valuable and interesting exhibits.

2. Californian I Street Bridge

This is one of the largest and most functional bridges in the state of California state, built at the beginning of the last century, and is still an important part of the infrastructure of Sacramento. It paves the road between the city and Yolo County, and its construction is designed for both vehicles and rail transport. In addition, the bridge is able to turn in order to allow water transport such as ships to sail along the river.

If you want to see a bridge that is more than 110 years old in action, I advise you to visit the I Street Bridge.

3. Leland Stanford Mansion Park

This is a huge mansion open to everyone with an area of nineteen thousand square meters. It got its name in honor of the former owner and also the former governor of the state named Leland Stanford.

Today you can visit this chic house, built in an exquisite Renaissance style and recently underwent a large-scale renovation. Here you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, take a walk through the historical park itself located on the territory adjacent to the mansion and, since the governor’s office is still located in the building, visit the place where the local political elite lives and works.

4. Fascinating Underground Excursion

In the middle of the 19th century, the residents of Sacramento faced a terrible flood, which destroyed their houses and took a lot of lives. To avoid such problems in the future, the locals decided to raise the level of the city a few meters higher. This decision led to the fact that today there is a huge historical part of the city hidden from the eyes underground in the Old Town of Californian capital.

Fortunately, the city’s Historical Museum offers everyone who is looking for something new a tour of the underground Sacramento, where you can feel the spirit of that era and literally see the city from the other side.

The next attraction also relates to the city’s underground world but doesn’t require a special tour.

5. Original Street Level of Sacramento

No one knows why, but when the Sacramentans raised the streets of the city to a higher level almost 200 years ago, one part remained untouched. This place is located next to the Railway Museum, and thousands of tourists pass by it every day, not paying attention to this small sunken courtyard.

However, this is perhaps one of the most remarkable spots in the city, as it clearly shows the difference between the original street level and the modern one and proves the skill of the locals of the 19th century, who managed to completely raise the city by more than ten feet.

6. Sacramento Little Saigon

This is a small piece of Asia in California, where you can immerse yourself in the life and culture of Vietnam without leaving the United States. Many different shops, catering, eateries, markets, and many other interesting spots you can find by visiting Little Saigon. Don’t miss the chance to visit this lively and colorful place in Sacramento.

7. The First Californian Theatre

The Eagle Theatre was first built in the middle of the nineteenth century in order to entertain guests who arrived here during the gold rush. Unfortunately, the original building failed to survive the famous flood of that time, but its exact replica built in the 70s of the last century stands in the same place today.

From the outside, the building looks very modest because the entrepreneurs who decided to build it did it from parts of abandoned ships. However, the Eagle Theatre is historically valuable, and everyone who is interested in the theater and its history will be happy to visit it.

8. City Cemetery

This is not a simple cemetery; Sacramento’s Historic City Cemetery is a place-part of the culture and history of the city, where great figures of the capital, such as politicians, writers, journalists, and others are buried, next to ordinary people and even victims of cholera. Here you can feel the spirit of the Old Town and plunge into nineteenth-century Sacramento, with its chic Victorian garden and architecture. The highest point of the city is also located here.

9. John Sutter’s Fort

Before the Gold Rush, the fort was once the center of Sacramento and its residents’ lives. Everything was centered around this place. The fort stood abandoned for many years, but it was recently reconstructed, and today you can visit it as one of the most significant historical attractions of the US.

10. Dragon House

This is an unusual private house that stands out among other buildings in the city, which attracts a lot of attention. It is decorated with tiles, mosaics, sculptures, and on one of the walls, it has a huge image of a dragon.

Of course, the owners of the house are unlikely to allow you to stare at their property up close or go inside, but nevertheless, this unconventional building was obliged to get on this list.

Best places for nature lovers in Sacramento

11. Nimbus Flat Park

This is an ideal and peaceful place to relax in the open air alone, with your family and loved ones. Here you can enjoy a picnic, take a walk around the lake and relax from the hustle and bustle of the modern city. For lovers of active recreation, there are kayaks and boats that can be rented and tested on the lake.

In other words, this is a beautiful pearl of Sacramento, and I highly recommend you to visit it.

12. Paradise Beach

This gem of Sacramento with a heavenly name is not very popular among tourists, but many locals like to be here.

If you want to visit some cool non-tourist place, you will love this beach! Of course, it is not located on the ocean and in fact it is a recreation area near the river, but here you can still have a great rest and enjoy nature. Visitors with pets will especially appreciate it. Among the possible activities are swimming in the river, walking along the beach, fishing, picnic and much more.

13. Laguna Creek

Most of this territory was given over to the construction of roads and infrastructure, and today North Laguna Creel is a wild area where you can relax from the typical tourist places of Sacramento. And if you are lucky, you will even be able to meet the local fauna while walking around these places.

14. The American River Bike Trail

This is a stunningly beautiful thirty-two-mile bike trail, also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. Cyclists can enjoy views of the river and the forests surrounding the trail. In addition, along the road, you can find many different cafes where you can have a delicious snack during a bike ride.

If you are attracted to outdoor activities, you should take your bike or rent one and drive along this path, discovering amazing views of the nature of Sacramento.

15. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

There are many different species of birds and animals living here, so those who like to watch them will glad to visit this place. It is also quite a popular area among local hunters.

Best Options For One Day Trip From Sacramento

16. Lassen Volcanic National Park

If you have a free day, then you definitely need to visit Lassen Peak volcano and Lake Almanor, a magnificent lake located in the northern part of Shasta Cascade. The road to this place will take you about three hours, and you will need to rent a car. But this trip is worth it!

17. Dobra Zemlja Winery

If you like wine and a secluded holiday away from the city, then by all means, come here. This winery is located about an hour’s drive from Sacramento and produces stunningly delicious wines that you can enjoy while admiring the views.


Sacramento is an amazing city, full of its charm and history. So, if you are tired of traditional tourist routes, you should look at a couple of places mentioned in this article and get acquainted with the original city, its life, culture, and history.

Believe me, and this will make your trip unforgettable!


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