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Top Things To Do With Kids In Folsom

Top Things to Do with Kids in Folsom
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Folsom is the third biggest city in Sacramento, with an 80,000 population. However, it is still considered to be not a very big city, and even its citizens sometimes may think that there is nothing left to do. It is especially a big problem for families with children who always need to see something spectacular and brand-new.

We are going to ease the problem of choosing a place to go to with kids by providing you with a list of top places and events in Folsom that children will be amused by!

1. Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

One of the most popular entertainment places in Folsom is the local zoo which got its name because of taking care of abandoned, injured, or left-alone animals. Even though it may seem hard to find such creatures nearby Folsom, the zoo is full of various species, including monkeys, bears, eagles, and even a tiger. It is a great place not only for learning about animals’ lives and habitat but also for seeing how mankind can help animals with caring and kindness.

2. Folsom City Zoo

Except for the Sanctuary zoo, Folsom also has a less specific place which is a common zoo. Here you will find more species, including bears, felines, primates, and small animals. Moreover, animals here are not injured, so they are more energetic and active. You can also set up a camping or birthday party here.  However, remember that it is better to contribute more money to the organizations that are in need of donations.

3. Folsom Railroad History Museum

Little did you know that Folsom is located near a significant railroad interchange. That is why railroads take an essential place in the city’s history. So, if you were surprised why there is a railroad museum in Folsom, now you know. However, this information is not enough for knowing the origin of your motherland. Be sure that you will learn so many facts from visiting this museum, not to mention that your child will take away not only new knowledge but also a bit of fun and joy!

4. Folsom Pioneer Village

The best decision for weekend spending with kids in Folsom is to attend Pioneer Village. It is not only a museum but also a so-called maker space. Thus, you will find various classes and recreational activities for your kids. For example, after an exciting excursion to the city’s history starting from the Gold Rush, a group of kids literally digs into practice!

Except for trying gold panning, they can also try themselves as blacksmiths or miners, wander through the Southern Pacific railroad railway carriage or a historic railroad station. Every Saturday, for just $5, you can visit weekly programs that include rope making, rock painting, cloth sewing, and traditional folk singing and dancing.

5. Folsom Kids' Play Park or Castle Park

One more great place to spend a weekend outdoors. Thanks to the enormous area of this recreational park and picnic zones with grilling equipment, you can visit Castle Park with your friends and bring your kids with you. As a result, your kids will feel like ancient warriors on a special safe playground, and you will spend a wonderful day in the friends’ company alongside Folsom Lake.

6. Folsom's Historic Sutter Street Ice Rink

As you could have already understood, Folsom really cares about its history and does not hesitate to recreate more historical places. That is why you can enjoy ice skating on the Historic ice rink, even though it is rarely snowy on Folsom. Being located in the heart of the historic part of the city, this open rink will bring you and your children lots of joy and memorable emotions, especially if you rent an assistant that will teach you how to skate correctly.

7.Folsom Aquatic Center

Folsom is one of the cities in Sacramento that has amazing aqua parks; Folsom Aquatic Center is actually one of those. Be sure that after you send your kids to spend time there once, they will ask you to do it again many times more. Here, one can swim in various pools, take swimming lessons or even join a local swimming team. You can also throw a party there. What is most important, the lifeguards here are especially responsible and attentive, so through the whole history of the center, no kid was ever harmed.

8. Lake Natoma

Natoma is one of the magnificent Folsom’s lakes, yet its distinctive feature is that here you will find so many things to entertain you and your children! For instance, here, you can rent a boat or kayak, sail or swim on your own or with a certified instructor. The biggest popularity of this place is brought to it by the rowing site, which is actually a field for annual competitions.

9.FLB Entertainment Center

FLB Center is different from all previously mentioned places since it is a closed center that suggests more family-oriented activities. Here you will find a bowling alley, grilling zones, sports bar, and even a casino. So, it is not just a place for kids but also for their parents, which attracts many adult customers here. You should be sure that spending time here will be unforgettable and you will want more!

10. SeaQuest Folsom

Another water-based entertainment for Folsom’s little citizens is SeaQuest. It is a big aquarium where various species of fish are held in large pools. Wandering through it will bring priceless emotions to your kids and a relaxing experience to you. For a small surcharge, you can even hold some animals, even swim with stingrays, or just take photos with them. There are also exhibitions held, so at specific times, you can find reptiles or birds here too.

11. iFly Sacramento

For the lovers of a more extreme kind of rest, there is an air tube center located about 30 minutes away from Folsom. Even though it is located not so close to the city, be sure that this experience will definitely bring so many emotions and feelings to your child! Just remember how many times they have asked you whether they can fly–finally, the dream can come true!

All in all, there are so many entertaining activities in Folsom, so you probably can dedicate every weekend of the whole year to a new place or event. All you have to do is to be up-to-date about the city’s news and trending exhibitions.


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