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Top Trails In Elk Grove

Top Trails in Elk Grove
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If you are a fan of outdoor activities, the easiest way to make a day perfect for you can be hiking. Fortunately, you can find several trails suitable for different activities in Elk Grove. This city is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes which will help you to get distracted from urban life and spend a day out with your family or friends.

Choosing the trail you should consider its difficulty and your preparedness. If you are going for a hike with kids you should choose easier routes. It will let you and your family members walk safely with no chance of getting injured. Furthermore, some hikes in Elk Grove are more popular among bikers. Thus, check the descriptions of the trails in Elk Grove to select the best place for your amazing day.

Check these reviews if you are searching for hiking, running, or biking trails in the Elk Grove area. We have collected information about the top trails which can be suitable for all people regardless of their physical training. It is a great chance to find a new location in Elk Grove which can become your favorite place for a rest.

1. Elk Grove Regional Park

To start with, explore the Elk Grove park with a loop trail around the lake. It is one of the easiest trails in the area which takes 40-50 minutes to complete. Its length is 3.38km and it is going around the park and the lake making a loop. This location is highly popular among families because the trail does not require additional physical training. That is why you may find it crowded on weekends.

This park trail allows you to walk there with children and dogs. However, you should keep your dog on a leash to not distract other visitors from enjoying nature. Also, it is suitable for runners as the area is flat and safe for beginners.

Check the Elk Grove Park at any season as it is open for visitors year-round. Spend a great time alone or with your friends there and relax in a calm atmosphere.

2. Laguna Creek Trail

This trail is longer than one in the regional park but also easy to complete. It is located near Elk Grove and goes along the creek. The entire trail length is 5km but you can make it shorter for you and turn around earlier if you do not want to reach the final point. It takes approximately 1 hour and 5-10 minutes to go through the whole distance.

One of the main advantages of this route is that it is equipped for wheelchair accessibility. Furthermore, there are several spots on the route which are supplied with tables and benches. So you can make a stop on your way and have a snack or a lunch with your family in nature. It is a chance for you to go away from the traffic noise and enjoy the sounds of nature such as birdsong and the sound of water.

So, Laguna Creek Trail is suitable for all people who want to spend a day in nature together with their friends or family. It is allowed to visit it with dogs if they are on a leash. Come here to see the beautiful surrounding of Elk Grove.

3. Peterson Park

The trail in Peterson Park is short and wide, so you will not have any problems even when it is crowded. The surface of the trail is mostly flat and it makes it accessible for wheelchairs. You can finish the trail in 40 minutes as its length is a bit more than 3km. Also, the surface of the road is concrete which is attractive for bikers and runners. The trail in Peterson Park is the perfect choice for beginners and people who want to have a rest from the urban surrounding.

The route here is designed as a direct trail with a loop at the end. Moreover, it can be extended if you want to explore areas located next to Peterson Park. By the way, the surface of the trail and its width makes it safe for hiking with children. Dogs are allowed here as well if you keep them on a leash.

Come to Peterson Park at any season to do sports or get rid of the city noises. It is a great trail for runners, cyclists, and walkers for spending time outdoor.

4. Elk Grove Community Trail

Elk Grove community trail is quite long but still considered as easy because the surface is flat. It can take you two hours to go through the whole route which is 8.7km long. The width of the trail is enough for all outdoor activities such as running, cycling, or walking. Furthermore, there is a lake for fishing or just observation of ducks with your children.

One more advantage of this trail is the availability of spots suitable for different purposes. For example, there are picturesque locations for taking photos and playgrounds for children. Additionally, some places on the way are equipped with tables and benches where you can have lunch and get energy for the rest of the route. As regards visiting the trail with dogs, you can do it without any obstacles if your pet is on a leash.

If you are a fan of nature and prefer to spend time watching birds or fishing, the Elk Grove community trail is the best choice for you. The lovers of outdoor sports will also enjoy this place for a long trail and wonderful landscape.

5. Stone Lakes Refuge

The 18,000 acres area will definitely surprise you with its wildlife and recreational infrastructure. This place is a safe space for migrating birds and other species of animals. That is why the activity of volunteers working there is directed to the protection of nature and making it accessible for visitors.

In this refuge, you can choose one of the available trails for hiking. The staff of the area can help you with any questions regarding the routes and navigate you. The numerous trails are suitable for jogging and usual walking. Also, you can take wonderful pictures there and observe the habitat of wild animals. If you go there with kids you can be sure that they will be involved in the observation process and enjoy the walk with you. The dogs are also welcome at this place but of course, they should be on a leash.

Stone Lakes National Refuge is the location where everyone can do their lovely activity including cycling and fishing. Explore the wild nature with your family or friends at this place located close to Elk Grove.

6. Cosumnes River Preserve

The area of this preserve is more than 50,000 acres. The main goal of the preserve is to protect wildlife including bird and fish species. Also, visitors are always welcome at this park and can choose the activity they like among the many offered ones. For instance, there are several trails with an overall length equal to approximately 17km. They are suitable for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor sports.

Furthermore, the staff of the preserve organizes special training and education programs for visitors. You can come here with your family or make a group visit for pupils. The Cosumnes River Preserve can entertain any age group as it is popular for the rich flora and fauna. A visit to this place can be an interesting and educative experience for both adults and children.

If you want to explore the wildlife of California or do sports outdoor, you should choose this preserve. We are sure that this place is worth visiting several times as it is impossible to investigate the whole area of the preserve at one time.

7. Camden Park Loop Trail

This is a 5km trail located in the park around the lake. So, you can make a loop trail in approximately one hour if you walk here. Also, it is a perfect place for road bikers and joggers as the surface of the trail is paved. You can be sure that your ride or walk here will be safe and calm because the area of the park is big enough even for dozens of visitors.

By the way, it is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy nature and wildlife in a calm atmosphere. The benches around the lake can help you to have a rest during your walk and get rid of extra worries. As regards the accessibility for wheelchairs, the flat surface of the trail makes it comfortable to visit the park with a wheelchair.

Camden Park is a wonderful place to spend a day with your family, observe the wildlife, and do some sports activities. You can come here with your pets if they are on a leash and have a great hike around the lake.

8. Franklin Creek Trail

The 10km trail which comes along the creek is a lovely place for many citizens of Elk Grove.

The reason for this is the location of the trail, as it connects many districts on the south of Elk Grove. Thus, residents of this area often visit the trail to have a walk along the creek and enjoy the facilities of the park.

The trail is paved, so it is suitable for different activities such as cycling, walking, or jogging. Also, there are several spots equipped with benches where you can have a rest during your training. The surface is smooth and flat, which makes the trail easy to complete for all visitors. Often people use this trail as the link to other parts of the city. However, this place is also common among athletes and active people who want to go out for outdoor activities.

Check this trail if you like tidy and calm places for spending the day outside. It is easy to reach Franklin Creek Trail, so you should definitely visit it if you live in Elk Grove.

Summing Up

The Elk Grove and Sacramento region, in general, have plenty of spots in nature where people can observe California nature and find calmness. Being a sporty person or just wishing to keep your body healthy, you have a great chance to visit so many trails in Elk Grove. Spend a weekend outdoors with your family to feel more energetic during weekdays.

All described trails are appropriate for people with different physical training. You do not need to be a professional runner to visit these trails. Add some activity to your lifestyle and explore the offered trails in Elk Grove.


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