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Vegetarian Restaurants In Sacramento

Vegetarian Restaurants in Sacramento
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You can currently find an extensive array of restaurants in Sacramento to enjoy the food of any cuisine and style. Vegetarian and vegan places are on the significant rise supported by its own Sacramento Vegetarian Society. The city hosts vegetarian festivals as well. More and more regular bars and café, etc. adopt these healthy eating notions and develop their new menus. Also, the Farm-to-Fork movement spinning off here for the last decades contributing to this growth. Here, get acquainted with the range of places that establish their vegetarian air in the city.

Huong Sen Tofu

It is an authentic Vietnamese place, and it provides only Asian menu items. You can order other cuisine items on permanent bases like curry, Chinese, Indian. Lot vegetarians in Sacramento visit this eatery regularly. The best part of the menu is the dishes featuring tofu. One of the local favorites is the Bun Rieu Chay, also served with tofu. You can stay in the restaurant to have your meal or take it out. Mostly prepared food is good for this service. Here you’ll find authentic dishes; it is not ‘fusion.’ If you love Asian food, this spot is worth going to and having a meal there. But the restaurant is entirely vegetarian, no meat items at all. The place is relatively small; you can pay only cash there.

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine

The restaurant specializes in Ethiopian Cuisine. This trend is the most popular in the world now. Ethiopian food is appealing as it includes gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Draperies of beautiful colors of Africa add their charm to the place. And spices help you to enjoy an authentic experience as well. For the last decade, Queen Sheba has been thriving in Sacramento, offering unique dishes that reflect Ethiopia’s culinary art. Regarding services that Queen Sheba provides to the guests, you can choose what fits you most – reservations, catering, take out, groups, outdoor sitting, and even special individual orders. Ethiopian cuisine includes some dishes with meat, aside from pork. But vegetarian dishes become highly popular each year, as more and more people observe their religious facts like Lent. You’ll appreciate the fantastic food every time you visit the Queen Sheba restaurant. The service is excellent and fast. Go for lunch buffet options; thus, you can try a dozen different items, especially the unknown ones.

Noble Vegetarian

Noble Vegetarian presents an Asian fusion cuisine. Be sure that all the dishes on the menu are made of animal-free ingredients. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes with a focus on Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mongolian cuisine. The menu is impressive and includes burgers, appetizers, beverages, a good selection of rice and noodles, soups, and an extensive entrees choice. The restaurant guarantees that their food contains no MSG, dairy, eggs, or GMO oil and rice. They use fresh vegan items only. When making your order, don’t hesitate to tell your server any allergies you have as not all ingredients are mentioned in the list. Go for dairy-free desserts options if they are in the house. Everyone can make their list of favorites there. The restaurant is open every day; the staff is terrific. The food is carefully served. It is a perfect place to have a vegan dining experience.

FreshMed Mediterranean Cuisine

The FreshMed restaurant is not entirely vegetarian; it fits both vegans and meat-lovers. You can either drop in the place and enjoy your dining sitting in the restaurant or use their catering service. They have facilities for holding different events as well. The menu varies with a broad array of entrees, fresh starters and salads, pita sandwiches, and lavash wraps. You can stick to some local favorites such as falafel and shawarma, followed by nachos. Pay attention to their sweets section and indulge yourself with some of these delights. Online orders are available too.

Emma’s Tamales

The restaurant provides ready to eat food with a real home-cooking taste. They offer vacuum seal food service to sustain the food freshness, which is perfect for active people or those limited in their dinner time at the restaurant. Take it out. The restaurant boasts for not using GMO oil, and it uses non-GMO canola instead. Emma’s Tamales is a part of the Farm-to-Fork movement. They obtain some items from local companies. The menu includes excellent varieties with meat, poultry, vegetarian, and vegan. The food is delicious, though expensive. They offer Mexican classics. The vegetarian and vegan tamale options are numerous. As to Vegetarian favorites, consider the Rice and Beans, the Relleno Chili, or the Original Savory Tamale, Sweet Corn. The place is open every day except Sundays. The dining place does not look like a proper restaurant. It has a few tables in its warehouse space, serving as the dining room. So if you are not too concerned about lack of cozy ambiance, enjoy the great food. Moreover, there are always lovely people behind the counter to have a friendly chat.

East African Veggie Burger

Try a veggie burger at the East African Veggie Burger at Tower Café. They provide American food specialized in vegetarian dishes as well as vegan. Gluten-free items are also included in the menu. The menu is extensive. There is an excellent selection of various burgers for lunch, brunch, breakfast, and dinner. Moreover, there is a great Kid’s burger menu to go with all these four meals a day. The place organizes vegan parties. It is possible to enjoy your meal in the garden patio. The food is excellent. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Kaveri Madras Cuisine

The restaurant offers Indian cuisine, mostly South Indian food. The buffet supplies a good selection of meat and vegetarian options. It includes three dessert options. Dosa dishes are one of the local favorites. There is a salad bar option, as well. Stick to the vegetarian curry menu. You’ll be pleased with its immense variety. The place is perfect for having lunches and dinners. It is relatively crowded there. The ambiance is Indian, of course, but not overwhelming. The food is excellent as well as the service. Other services include delivery and takeout. The place is open every day.

Shoki Ramen House

If you are an Asian food lover, Shoki Ramen House is the right spot for you. Here you can find a mixture of Japanese and Asian cuisines. The owner developed this type of cuisine based on his nutritionist background. He followed the main principle that the food must be affordable and healthy for kids and elders. He is proud to say that his food never contains preservatives or MSG. Only fresh and organic ingredients are used. Shoki Ramen House is the best example of cooking and science fusion to create healthy masterpieces.

The menu is incredible. You seem never to plow through it. It offers a vast selection – rice and ramen varieties, soups and salads, specials, gluten-free ramen section, kids’ and adults’ menu, dessert, additional toppings, and many others (not mentioning drinks and beverages). Of course, there is a vegan and vegetarian section. Veg menu items are suitable to cover all meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Prices are reasonable. The food is delicious and healthy. It is a highly popular place among locals. It is always crowded here, and you have to wait for your turn. But it’s worth it. The staff is excellent and serves the food fast. It is not a prominent place, rather a tiny spot, a-hole-on-the-wall kind of business. It is spotless and has a very peaceful setting. There is decent parking availability, at least in the day time.

Sugar Plum Vegan

Sugar Plum Vegan is a vegan and gluten-free bakery. It is relatively new, opened in 2009. The place is thriving by creating new and exciting products. The menu assortment includes mostly cookies of various kinds, muffins, and pies. All of it is available for delivery. Their service includes local delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Bay area delivery. The bakery offers a gift card. It is an excellent option for guests, especially if you shop for someone else. The card can be delivered by mail. Another service option provided by the Sugar Plum Vegan is catering. They even can design something special for your event, both intimate parties and official ceremonies. Just make your inquiry for further contact. The bakery is famous among celebrities who place their orders on special occasions.

Orphan Breakfast House

It is the right place to have breakfast. Drop in here to grab a bite for brunch and lunch as well. The menu choices include salads, sandwiches, and main courses. Gluten-free items are among them. They provide specialized menu options for vegan and vegetarians. The food is delicious. They use fresh ingredients. Portions are substantial but not ridiculously huge. Some of the menu items seem pricey. The restaurant provides four different varieties of coffee. They serve it in large mugs. The tea menu varies with black, green, and decaffeinated herbal tisane teas to fit any taste. The service is good. The place is cozy with pleasant decor. It is usually a bit crowded, and it can take some time for you to wait. Their open hours are quite long – 7 am – 2 pm. every day. The breakfast menu is served all day, and lunch is from 11 am – 2 pm Monday to Friday. You pay cash only, and they have free ATM at their place.

Kathmandu Kitchen

Kathmandu Kitchen presents authentic Nepali and Indian cuisines. The restaurant is perfect for having lunches and dinners. The menu is mixed, offering items for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. It includes Indian bread, side orders, seafood dishes, and many others. Various vegetarian sections puzzle you with its vast selection. It encourages you to try them all. Kathmandu Kitchen uses fresh garden vegetables and a unique combination of flavors to prepare their dishes. You’ll enjoy friendly service and a wonderful ambiance.

The restaurant service includes several options, like online ordering and reservations. Catering is also available with Kathmandu Kitchen. They can serve any size event from small family gatherings to parties and business luncheons with suitable menu items. You’ll find banquet facilities in the restaurant. Special dinner can be tailor-made for you accompanied by premium wines and imported beer if you’d like to impress your guests with something interesting. You also can make reservations on the phone or by filling out an email form. Kathmandu Kitchen is open every day. The lunch buffet is supplied Monday to Friday till 3 pm.

Veg Café

Veg Café can be called vegan oasis. The menu is fully designed on a plant basis. This approach makes the Café distinguished. They promote healthy food eating and collaboration with the community. The restaurant is cozy and friendly, with two separate areas and a full bar section. The food is good, consisting of many exciting combinations that worked perfectly together. All the food items are plant-based. The restaurant uses fresh, locally grown products with seasonal variations. And they prefer spices from around the world to complete their dishes. Apart from their regular menu, you can have seasonal salads, daily soup, and specials. The menu varies with desserts as well, which are also plant-based and gluten-free. The drink menu offers impressive beverages selection, such as craft beer, lemonades, wines, cocktails, etc. The staff is excellent, providing exemplary service and assisting in a laid-back atmosphere. Happy hour option is from Tuesdays to Fridays. The restaurant pairs this period with small bites changing assortment daily.

The café provides a range of services like catering and food delivery off-site. You can make reservations in advance. The café’s facilities can accommodate large groups. Besides, you can post online orders. Lunch and dinners are served Tuesday – Saturday. Prices are reasonable.


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