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ADU West Sacramento, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU West Sacramento, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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Historically, after the events of World War II in the western regions of the United States, the problem of settlement density has worsened. Since then, services for setting up additional living space to existing square feet have been particularly popular in California.

If we omit the legal and technical details, the accessory dwelling unit is an additional building that is installed close to the main house. In different states of America, this procedure is regulated with its own features, but we will look at them in more detail in this article later. In addition, we will learn more about how the add-on of ADU is happening in terms of rights, what steps need to be taken to install accessory dwelling units, and why in general, you may need to expand the square feet of your property line in West Sacramento.

West Sacramento ADU builders for hire

Any remodeling is a complex procedure that involves the work of several specialists at once: builders, engineers, designers, architects, etc. Over a long period of the existence of their organization, they have managed to gain a lot of experience in this business to share it with you.

To make it easier for you to find contractors, we have identified a list of key steps by adhering to which you will achieve success in building an ADU.

  • Explore the specialist market in your area. This way, you will be able to build a rating of businesses that provide the services you need based on the experience of cooperation with other clients and the correspondence of cost and quality. In addition, this way, you will be able to exclude those specialists who have ever been caught in fraud or unfair performance of work.
  • Evaluate the communication of the selected company. Even though the most ordinary communication on the phone, you can understand whether this contractor is interested in cooperation. Ask a few questions, evaluate the operator's politeness, willingness to help, and orient you in an area you are not familiar with.
  • Check all the necessary documentation. A meeting at the company's office is best suited for this. There you can ask about the availability of certificates of qualification of employees, permission to use special equipment and work with materials, a license to provide services, and insurance. Be sure to ask to show a lookbook of past works or an exhibition sample of layouts.

ADU Contractor in West Sacramento

To avoid all these steps from the previous paragraph, you can immediately trust the company A+ Construction & Remodeling in West Sacramento. We have been operating in the remodeling and building market for many years, and during all this time, we have collected a bank of positive feedback from our customers. Our secret of excellence is a critical assessment of our work and taking into consideration customers' comments. We know a lot about business and high-quality construction, and if you entrust us with the building of your accessory dwelling unit, you will definitely not regret it.

ADU unit construction in West Sacramento

Regardless of the specific form of the name, the accessory dwelling unit is a smaller version of a full-fledged apartment with a separate bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping place, which is built on the same territory with an existing property line in order to expand the living space.

We will study ADU in a logical order, so It is better to start from the very beginning – motivation. Why might the average West Sacramento resident need remodeling? What are the main ADU's benefits? And, finally, – why should I spend an already limited area of the side yard on some kind of superstructure? Let's consider several possible reasons:

1. Working space

In the era of digitalization of many industries, a large number of people are integrated into a remote work format. It is very convenient in terms of being able to work right out of bed but think about something else – your own equipped space for business matters right in your backyard. An absolutely great investment! Firstly, this way, you will be able to protect yourself from all household problems and noises at home, and you will no longer need to worry about a baby in a diaper bursting into your camera during a working Zoom call or someone turning on a blender in the background. Secondly, according to statistics, people who physically share space for work and leisure have a higher level of productivity. ADU will allow your brain to have its own office and devote itself to work to the maximum!

2. A separate place for older family members

There is an unofficial name for accessory dwelling units, which sounds like «Granny Flats».  The reason for that is a tradition in which grandparents from the other city who come to stay usually live there. So it is, a detached ADUs could be a great option in order to please all family members and preserve the personal boundaries of everyone inside the building. In addition, there are cases when you need to move elderly parents to your home to take care of their health according to medical indications, and then the granny flat will become an opportunity to equip all the necessary devices right in one room to ensure the safety and comfort of your relative.

3. Facilities for guests

By analogy with grandparents, ADU can accommodate any guests who have visited your house. The fact that the ADU is equipped with a separate bathroom, a kitchen area, and a sleeping place will make anyone feel cozily at your house. Maybe then distant friends will come to visit you more often.

4. Additional source of extra income

In the conditions where your ADU meets all the stated requirements (we will talk about them a little later), you as a homeowner have the right to rent this room out and get a rental income. Then you will get the opportunity of passive income, and some person will get comfortable housing next door to you. The rental of this construction will be especially popular if your plot is located in a picturesque place. For instance, this can be a great option of apartment for some single-family stay who wants to visit Sacramento on vacation.

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West Sacramento ADU construction company

The sphere of remodeling and creation of ADU is very popular among many business companies because it has great demand in the city among customers (three-generation or single-family) and brings big profits. A large market borns fraud cases, so always check compliance with all work requirements for single unit dwelling: on your part from the roof color to the square foot of the bathroom, as well as compliance with all official requirements. You can learn more about them in the next section of this article.

Building ADU in West Sacramento

As for territorial features, the state of California is statistically famous for its difficulties in repairing or rebuilding houses. In addition to the material issue and the choice of the type of ADU, you may face the question of compliance of the conceived plans with the necessary requirements for building accessory dwelling units from the authorities of Sacramento. In this section, we will dive into a detailed study of them. You can get more specific and personalized information about each of these items and others by visiting the Symbium Build website.

  • The upper boundary of the square footage

This parameter is calculated based on the size of your construction area and the type of ADU that you will build: attached or detached. More detailed: for detached ADUs no bigger than 1,200 square feet, for attached ADUs, the total size of the structure (with the ADU included) is no more than 3,6 square feet.

  • The lower boundary of the height

Your ADU must be at least one floor with a height of 16 feet or more. There are no maximum height requirements.

  • Rear yard setback requirements

This item is about bringing the ADU in a smaller distance to your front property line. Here it is necessary to consider the aspect from two angles. For detached and attached ADU format, a certain distance of no less than 4 feet from your property's side yard is required, but the location of conversion and junior ADUs directly depends on the possibility of high-quality placement of fire safety devices, such as fire alarms.

  • Number of allowed ADUs

It depends again on the type of ADU, but also on how much area of your side yard accessory dwelling units already has.

  • Place for vehicles

The first step is to check whether your side yard is suitable for special exemption from the parking requirements. If you don't get into it, then for attached and detached ADUs, there is only 1 parking space required. For the other two types, similar requirements are not provided at all.

Prefab ADU Construction

At the stage when you realize that your plan to create an accessory dwelling unit meets all the fixed official setback requirements, you need to think about several more aspects that will be important from the time and financial management point of view.

  • Preparatory period

For those who are faced with ADU construction for the first time, it is worth saying that the process of building accessory dwelling units can occur in two ways: in advance according to a given template at the factory, then to transport and fix it on your side yard, or we simply bring all the necessary materials and start the ADU construction procedure right on the spot. Also, it may be that special items will need to be ordered from another country, and it will take several additional weeks.

In addition, you as a property owner need to keep in mind the complexity of the design of your ADU, starting from the development process and discussion, ending with the implementation. All these steps should be taken into account when planning the time that you will be willing to spend on the whole procedure in order to set competent deadlines.

  • Influence on property tax size

Naturally, with the increase in square meters, the amount of taxes paid for living space will increase too. The added value of the accessory dwelling unit plays a role here. Otherwise, simple arithmetic: we take the cost of your ADU, multiply it by your property tax rate, and get the same increase in tax payment that will come to you with the advent of the accessory housing unit.

  • Fluctuation of the property value

As in any other monetary aspect concerning ADU, we cannot talk about specific figures here because the cost depends on a huge number of individual factors. Nevertheless, we have the opportunity to rely on averaged data. Statistics, in this case, tell us that your property value will increase by 100 times the ADU's price for one month's rent.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

ADU Housing

Depending on the characteristics and methods of building units, it is customary to divide them into three groups:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

It will be difficult to name a specific number because it directly depends on many factors. For example, the area of the planned ADU project, the type (different prices for attached ADUs, detached ADUs, garage conversions, and junior ADUs), ADU design and decoration of the premises, the cost of materials, and the price for the work of a specific construction team. By the way, our company A+ Construction & Remodeling in West Sacramento, offers our clients some of the lowest prices in this niche of the services market, despite the fact that our team employs exceptionally highly qualified specialists who will cope with any task.

Can I build an ADU on my property?

Of course, yes, our services are available to any client, and we will try to realize any, even the most incredible, ideas of our clients. However, regarding this issue, it is worth remembering several important aspects concerning the building permits established for the specific region – West Sacramento. These requirements and their cost can be found in more detail in our article above.

What are the requirements for an ADU in West Sacramento?

There are not so many requirements for the ADU in this particular region, but it is extremely important to comply with them as state law. These include the maximum size, which should be within 3,6 square feet; rear yard setback requirements (the distance of the new ADU from the rear property line); fire safety and the number of parking spaces that homeowners have near their front property line and others. There are no special requirements regarding minimum lot size and maximum height in West Sacramento.

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General Information

West Sacramento is located very close to Sacramento ― to be more precise, these two adjacent cities are separated by the Sacramento River only. So, West Sac is a great choice for those, who work in the capital of California, but prefer to live in a quieter place.

West Sac is a medium-sized city characterized by a calm and cozy atmosphere. Most local residents are young and have good wages. This place is also considered to be comparatively safe.

As of now, the city is being actively developed and extended. It keeps on growing and attracting new citizens, which can be easily proven by the fact that there are many newly-built houses.

Key Facts about West Sacramento, CA:

  • Although West Sac is adjacent to Sacramento, it belongs to Yolo County.
  • The total area of West Sacramento is about 59 sq km.
  • As of 2010, there were 48,744 citizens.
  • The zip-codes of this city: 95691, 95605.
  • The mayor of West Sacramento is Christopher L. Cabaldon, who has been occupying this position for more than 20 years.
  • The city is the food industry hub and the agricultural center. There are dozens of farms and manufacturing facilities located within its territory and nearby.

Things to Do in West Sacramento:

  • To watch a game in Sutter Health Park. This place is the home of the Sacramento River Cats ― the local baseball team playing in the Pacific Coast League. But, if you are not so fond of sports, you can go to this stadium to enjoy a community celebration, a festival or some other kind of event.
  • To spend some time in the open air in River Walk Park. This popular green zone is located on the west bank of the Sacramento River and offers a beautiful outlook of Old Sacramento. Locals come here to have a short rest sitting on the grand staircase and enjoying the fresh and cooling breeze from the river, to feed ducks, to have a picnic or just to walk along the riverbank.
  • To compete with friends in the bowling alley EL Rancho Bowl. This place has been working since the 1950s, so, it enjoys popularity among several generations. It has been completely renovated in recent years, so, it looks quite stylish and modern. In addition to bowling itself, they offer a large assortment of bites and drinks.
  • To get exercise in West Sacramento Recreation Center. They offer an extensive selection of activities: from playing basketball and exercising in varied gyms to indoor climbing, swimming in a pool and even sliding on waterslides. That’s a perfect place to spend a day off together with the entire family and to get new healthy habits.
  • To taste delicious beers served in The Barn. No doubt, this fashionable spot is famous for its creative design in the first place. However, this is complemented by a good selection of beers, wines and cocktails, as well as meals and snacks, including wood fired pizza, wings, salads and varied fries.
  • To create your own beer at YOLO Brewing Company. That will be a unique and memorable experience. Think about your favorite beer taste and describe it to a crafter working for the company, so that he helps you to create the perfect beverage.
  • To take a tour around California Highway Patrol Museum. There, you can see hundreds of exhibits, displaying the rich history of the California Highway Patrol, including uniforms used in the past, weapons, a large collection of badges and even vintage patrol cars.

Outstanding Residents of West Sacramento:

  • Malcolm Floyd ― the well-known former American football player, who played as a wide receiver for the Houston/Tennessee Oilers and St. Louis Rams in the NFL;
  • Willie Jorrín ― the former professional boxer, who was awarded the title of the WBC Super Bantamweight Champion;
  • Burney Lamar ― the racing driver, who holds the title of the International Kart Federation Champion and has taken part in the NASCAR Xfinity Series;
  • Eugene Garin ― the world-famous artist, who was one of the originators of the modern seascape art;
  • Oleg Maskayev ― the professional boxer, who was holding the WBC heavyweight title in 2006–2008;
  • Steve Sax ― the professional second baseman and trainer, who has managed to become the world’s champion two times with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Neighboring Places:

  • Sacramento ― the capital of California ― borders West Sacramento on the east;
  • Webster ― the unincorporated community ― is located to the west of West Sac;
  • Saxon ― the unincorporated community ― is situated to the southwest of West Sacramento;
  • Freeport ― the census-designated place ― is located to the southeast of West Sac.

Public Transportation in West Sacramento

The overwhelming majority of West Sacramento citizens use their personal cars to get around the city and outside.

There are no train stations in West Sac, still, the Sacramento Valley station is located at a short distance ― right across the Sacramento River near the I St Bridge.

Also, there is Sacramento International Airport located a short drive away.

As for buses, West Sac citizens can use both local and interurban routes. One can easily get from West Sac to Sacramento, Davis and other neighboring locations. West Sacramento is served by YOLOBUS.

In addition, there are also Interstate 80 and its business loop Interstate 80 Business crossing West Sacramento, which allows to comfortably drive around the city as well as to easily get to Sacramento.


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