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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
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If you care about your identification in the web, this information can be useful for you. We strictly follow the official laws and we know that how to protect our customers while using their personal information. Your personal data is used in order to deal with the identification of single individuals only in matters of business. We use your contacts and other officially documented information only to simplify the inner communication and stimulate further collaboration. We ask you to study the privacy policy. This way you’ll see that we handle your personal information as careful as possible. Our website is fully protected and constantly supported by our professional staff.

What ID do we need?

If you need to use our website or application, you’ll have to share such identification information as your email address, your actual address with a Zip Code, your phone number or anything else that can be useful in case if we need to contact you.

When is ID required?

You’ll need to fill in your identification information if you need to contact our specialists or proceed with the order on our website.

Why do we need your ID?

Your personal info can be used for various purposes including the registration, making a purchase or signing up for our news and discounts. Besides, you may take part in various voluntary surveys. You won’t have to share any of your ID info in case if you simply surf through the website without using any of the specific tools or features. In case if you share your ID, we use it to:

  • Improve the experience of the customers and enhance the service in general;
  • Develop the website;
  • Speed up the process of communication between the customers and our agents;
  • Notify the customers about the contests, promotions, discounts and other enjoyable things;
  • Emails the customers on a regular basis.

How is your ID data protected?

Our IT specialists regularly scan the website for malware and other security holes. It’s our complete responsibility if your personal data is lost because of our disregard.

We contain our customers’ personal information with the help of safe networks. The access to this information is given to a very small group of agents. All data we get from the clients is considered strictly confidential and it is strongly protected by SSL encryption technology.

We deal with a ton of measures to provide constant security of your personal information. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything if you enter, submit or demand access to any information you like. You’re completely on the safe side.

Besides, we deeply care about the security of your finances. All of the payments made through the website a carried out with the help of a gateway provider. We never keep this information on our server.

What about ‘cookies’?

We refused to use them to protect our customers from unwanted tracking.
You can simply turn the cookies off in the settings of your browser. All browsers are different, but the option is the same in each of them no matter what operating system you use, there’s always a possibility to set up the cookies.

Of course, when cookies are disabled, some of the insignificant options on the website are disabled as well. Remember, that disabling the cookies leads you to a less sufficient customer experience. Using cookies is better for proper functionality, while basic functions are still the same. It means that placing and making orders is still possible.

Collaboration with the third parties

Selling and trading of identifiable information are discarded completely.

Third party links

We have to deal with the services of the third parties on a regular basis. This includes ordering of specific products and materials for certain clients. Our clients in their turn have to contact the owners of these companies and web resources for more liable information about the orders. These third-party companies and websites have their own privacy policies. However, we are interested in the protection of our clients and we never allow them to get in contact with companies of doubtful reputation.


For the most positive and safe experience for our customers, we strictly follow the requirements of Google advertising. The basic principles can be observed by clicking the link below: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/1316548?hl=en

Google serves as one of our third-party companies and it has the right to use cookies on our website. It’s important for proper functionality of the resource and Google has no right to use anyone’s personal information. Google uses cookies to demonstrate the ads that may be interested in the users of the site according to their preferences and search requests. Browse through the Google ads policy to make sure you’re completely safe using cookies on our website.

Note that Google can also use first-party cookies as well as DoubleClick cookies or others to analyze the users’ interaction with their ads. This is completely safe as Google cares about the anonymity of the users online.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

That’s one of the most important laws for any website dealing with commercial issues. The law is now active not only in California but also almost anywhere in the US. Any website that contains personal information of its users needs to present a fully conspicuous privacy policy on the web resource. If you want to know more about the law, follow the link:

We agree with the following information in the act:

Any user has the right to browse through our website anonymously.

The link to the privacy policy issues is added to our home page. or as a minimum on the first significant page after entering our website.

The link to the privacy policy rules can easily be found on the webpage. There’s the word “privacy” in the name of the link so that you can search through the website with it.

If we have any alterations in our privacy policy rules, each of our users will be notified about it. The only thing they’ll need to do is to click on the privacy policy link to get to the page with the official information.

Any personal data of the users can be changed or clarified through the email service. No signals from the users are tracked. We never save cookies and we never use any mechanisms to track to users’ activity in the net. You’ll get no unwanted or dangerous advertising. You’ll never be tracked by any other web resources. Third party tracking is strictly prohibited thus absolutely impossible on our website.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

We care about the protection of children’s privacy online and we never collect personal information of children under thirteen.

Fair Information Practices

These practices are probably most important issues dealing with the privacy of the users on the internet. They protect people online all over the world. Fair Information Practice Principles are closely connected to numerous official privacy issues. If there’s a chance of losing any important data, an immediate notification will be sent to the users in up to seven working days’ time frame. Besides, we’ll surely take responsive measures in order to protect the users from illegal usage of their personal info, because this is our main responsibility.

If the users suffer from illegal usage of the personal information and if it’s officially proved, we’re ready to supply them with any necessary information about our contacts with third-party organizations. We strictly avoid dealing with companies forcing our clients to share personal data. If our third-party supplier ignores the standard privacy policy laws, we collaborate with our customers in order to protect them in courts or other governmental agencies.


That’s a specific set of rules containing information about the liability of commercial emails, notifications, and other messages. This law lets the users cancel the mailing.

That is one of the reasons we actually need your email address. You’ll be able to unsubscribe from any of unwanted mailings through our website. Besides, you can leave a complaint on our website and we’ll exclude the unwanted web resource from the mailing and check the legality of their activity.

No unwanted correspondence will occur.

Contact Info

If you’ve got any questions connected with the legacy of our actions and our privacy policy, feel free to contact us using the contact information presented on the website. We’re open for the communication and our agents are ready to consult you.


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