Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
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Upgrade your wet area today! From simple acrylic enclosures to extravagant showers, we do it all.
Vanity usually becomes the focus of the bathroom by default, we can find one that fits your style.
Change out floors to ones that look beautiful and are more durable around wet areas of your home.
If you want to change the layout of your bathroom, our designers will get your space just right for you!

Is your bathroom outdated and old? Or you simply don’t like what the previous house owners did and want to refresh its look? Then it’s time for bathroom remodeling! Whatever your interior ideas and dreams are, A+ Construction will help you to make them come true. We’re one of a few companies that provide the whole range of services for a proper reorganization process of room space.

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Why organizing bathroom remodeling?

Every room, be that bedroom, hall, kitchen, or bathroom, should combine two key elements: aesthetics and functionality. What if you realize that your bathroom isn’t convenient, or simply doesn’t appeal to you visually? Remodeling is a versatile solution. Even a few changes can completely change the look and functionality of your room, and every single square foot can be used more efficiently.

There are at least 5 reasons to remodel your bathroom:

  1. The cost of minor remodeling can be much lower than buying completely new furniture and bathroom fixtures while bringing the same results.
  2. Remodeling is a way faster than a complete reconstruction of a room.
  3. With the help of remodeling, you can refresh the look of your bathroom entirely even without buying a lot of new furniture and decorations.
  4. If you use some life hacks and smart ideas, the functionality of your bathroom can be improved and extended. In most cases, 50% of room space isn't used efficiently for storage and other purposes – a smart approach can make your bathroom more functional and convenient.
  5. Think that your bathroom is too small? Well-organized remodeling allows for accommodating a bathtub, shower, and a washing machine even in the smallest (5' x 8') rooms - modern trends and design solutions are aimed at maximum efficiency of space usage.
Where to start?

Before wreaking havoc on your bathroom and getting rid of unnecessary items, stop and think over the process thoroughly. Don't rush to reconstruct the room dramatically - the scope of tasks can be less than you think if you figure out the right approach and decide what exactly you expect from remodeling.

First and foremost, organize a bathroom remodel questionnaire:

  • What's the main purpose of reconstruction in my case? Do I need to reorganize storage and functional space? Or do I just want to refresh the interior?
  • In which style I would like to see the room? Will it be traditional vintage style or you want to make your bathroom minimalistic following trends 2018?
  • What's my budget? Can I afford the cost of reconstruction with a third-party company, or it will be a DIY project? Will I buy any furniture and materials?
  • How do I imagine the final results?

These questions will help you to define the volume of work to be done, and purchases to be made. When figuring out the plan, base on certain keywords for your convenience (for instance, light, high-tech, cozy, warm, spacious, etc) - they'll be your guidelines on the way to a perfect bathroom.

If you need inspiration and some hints, check the interior magazines and related websites: they will not only show you photos with bathroom design trends but will also point out the mistakes to avoid.

A pro advice: make a checklist PDF, or a word file, where you can enumerate all the supplies and materials to be bought, and the stores to be visited together with precise prices of items. If you resolve to order some services from third-party companies, ask how much the handyman estimates his labor cost – you need to know it in advance.

Remodeling for beginners: basic steps

Think you cannot organize the reconstruction of your bathroom without help? In fact, remodeling is available even for dummies who have zero experience of redecoration. You just need to plan the things thoroughly and not to hurry to eliminate the risk of typical mistakes.

Before we continue, let’s enumerate 5 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. The absence of sockets and non-protected sockets. Even if you won’t place a washing machine in your bathroom, you may need sockets to plug in a hair dryer or a trimmer – make at least 1-2 sockets (better near the mirror). Don’t forget to install covers! They will protect the sockets from moisture to reduce the risk of shortcut and electric shock.
  2. Wrong sizes. No matter what you have – a huge 8 x 8 bathroom, or a small 6x6 room, or something non-standard as 5 x 10 or 6' x 8' – calculate the dimensions of the bathtub, shower cabin, and vanities beforehand! It’s not enough just to look at ideas pictures – you need to make sure that the furniture and facilities will fit in the room without hindering your movements.
  3. Lack of materials. The same applies to build materials: you need to calculate the exact amount of tiles, plaster, color, and so on, and perform the cost estimate. “How do I find out the exact volume of materials required?” – you may ask. Just use a special app or an online free estimates tool. You’ll just need to type in the dimensions of the room or wall to be processed, and the materials you’ll use (tile dimensions, if required). Say, you specify you have a 6x7 bathroom, and the calculator will show you the number of materials needed.
  4. Slippery floor. Prevent falling and traumas – buy a bathroom mat. It’s especially important when you make a bathroom for a family with the elderly or children.
  5. Not organizing a proper air ventilation. If the air in the bathroom is always humid, it can spoil furniture and lead to the growth of mold. The absence of positive draft is one of the most serious mistakes that can cost you too much!

You’ve thumbed through every gallery, and checked all ideas 2018 and trends 2019 to create the plan of your perfect bathroom? Let’s get down to business!

First, you need to buy all the necessary materials. Google “stores near me” and check their prices to figure out whether you can save. Some home depots have all-time sales and special offers, so you can remodel your bathroom for cheap.

Secondly, when the walls and the floor are redecorated, you can install the water pipers and all utilities (bathtub, shower cabin, sink). Before buying such items, read reviews - they should be of the highest quality to serve for a long time.

When the basic bathroom components are installed, get down to the most pleasant part – decoration. Check for ideas 2018 and ideas 2019 to get inspiration, read catalogs and magazines with examples of successful remodeling (check before and after photos). Visit showrooms. There’s a myriad of ways to make your bathroom unique and stylish! Try to reach the golden middle between optimal functionality and arty-crafty look.

Mind your special needs. It’s particularly crucial when you organize a small bathroom remodel and need to figure out how to store all necessities. Or maybe the bathroom will be used by elderly or physically handicapped people? Then you’ll need to install special handles and make the toilet bowl sit higher – there’s the whole gamut of ideas for seniors to make the bathroom more comfortable for them.

You can do all these things on your own, or make a smarter decision and contact the contractors and order their services.

Remodelling Company: A Smarter Choice?

Of course, you can do all the tasks on your own, but why not trust them to professionals? A+ Construction has a rich experience of remodeling, and may help yours at all stages. If you still doubt whether hiring someone to redecorate your bathroom makes sense, just read these facts:

  • A contractor can calculate the exact price range of works and materials – no unpleasant surprises in the process of redecoration. Reconstruction companies use their own estimate template to make precise calculations.
  • No matter what is the size of your bath, 6x6, or 9x9 – ideas offered by professionals will comply with your demands and wishes.
  • You don’t need to buy kits and tools, get rid of the old furniture, organize transportation – all these tasks will be performed by a company for you.
  • Be sure, professional and experienced handymen perform redecoration works accurately and timely – you won’t be disappointed by the final results.
What can A+ Construction do for you?

Don’t rush to Google “reconstruction companies near me” – you’ve already come to the right spot! A+ Construction offers a myriad of services and may perform remodeling from the scratch. We work with clients in NYC, Quad cities, New Orleans, Pinellas County, Utica NY, and other regions and remodel houses on turnkey basis. Besides, if you search for “showroom near me”, we are ready to provide you with numerous examples of your work.

For you to understand what we do for our clients, let’s make a brief job description.

  1. Our clients contact us and explain which rooms they want to remodel, and to which extent.
  2. We send our specialists to a client’s house, they examine the room, provide bathroom remodel quote sample, and give their proposal. If a client has some questions to ask a contractor, they’ll be answered right at the spot.
  3. If the client agrees with quotes and the redesign plan, time for jobs is schedules, and the issue with financing is solved.
  4. Workers start redecoration and finish it right by the scheduled time.
  5. Customer evaluates the results. If necessary, minor corrections are done.
Why working with A+ Construction?

There are many reconstruction agencies around, but A+ Construction stands out from the crowd. We guarantee an exceptional level of services and a high quality of redecoration works. What makes us special?

First, instead of working with independent maintenance crews, we have a well-established team with extensive experience and outstanding skills. There are hundreds of successful projects under the belt, and we continue improving our knowledge and expertise.

Secondly, we can help you to realize the most challenging plans and dreams – our staff will provide you with 1/2 bath remodeling ideas, design recommendations, pro tips and guidelines to make your bathroom both functional and cozy. A+ Construction team has mastered the most advanced techniques and can work with any type of building material. Multi-layer ceilings, 3D paintings, cast-in-place floor, smart storage systems – no matter what you want, we will create it for you!

Thirdly, with our services, you can actually save a lot! We will calculate the cost of building materials and transportation, find the most optimal stores to buy tools and necessities, do reconstruction, piping and electric works instead of you. There’s zero risk of mistakes, which means you won’t spend more money than you have planned to.

The last but not the least is the duration of works. Imagine how much time you would spend on doing all remodeling works by yourself! It goes without mentioning handling the old furniture, purchase of new items, removal of the old wall and floor tiles, and so on. The scope of work is enormous, but we can manage it in time! Your physical participation won’t be required – we do projects on a turnkey basis.

What Makes Us Different

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Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
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  • I’ve been hesitating a lot at first, but after reading LOTS of positive reviews I settled on A+ Construction Pro. I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it because they did a 5-star job remodeling our home. They not just met our expectation, but even exceeded them. And the best thing is that they used super-affordable tools and facilities so that our dreams came true on a budget. The best I’ve ever experienced with remodeling contractors!
    Harold Pulse
  • These guys put quality above all. They did my kitchen almost 1 year ago, and it looks great. Working with the guys from A+ Construction, we designed a nice cooking space that is multi-functional and has a nice design. They helped us keep our window sill, turned into a bar counter. First of all, it’s cool when you eat looking outside. Second of all, we can put so many things on it and have them handy (it’s still a small kitchen). They made the most out of our kitchen. Thanks a lot!
    Daniel Johnson
  • Some of the best people to work with! We have 3 children and busy schedules which meant we couldn’t be involved in every detail of this project. They had a designer who basically heard what I wanted and made it a reality for us. We always hesitated to start this remodel because I thought we would have to put our life on hold for this but these guys totally proved the opposite. I now have my dream home completed and it didn’t disturb our lives!
    Sara Ewen
  • We met with three other companies before choosing A+ and we made the best decision. They are professional, available via phone and text, helpful when you have questions or concerns and do excellent work. All of the guys that worked on our bathroom were respectful and so nice while they were here. Even my dogs loved them!! Thanks for the wonderful new bathroom.
    Lee D.
  • We are very happy with the outcome of our kitchen renovation. Planning with Michael Costa and George was great. Ivan from the designing stage made a great 3d of what our kitchen would look like. There were a few bumps but our foreman Serge/Sergio did a fantastic job of getting the crew to fix our concerns. Prices are within reason as well. Thank you very much A+. We looovveee our kitchen.
    Jp A.
  • My husband and I wanted our kitchen updated and called A+ Construction Pros. We looked at all the reviews and were very impressed. From the beginning, Mike helped us in choosing the products and design. George was there, answering all our questions and concerns. But the biggest asset to this company is Vadim. He's very skilled in all areas of construction and we didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you guys, we're glad we went with this company.
    Judi S.
  • A+ Construction Pro is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy. This was the only company that truly listened to our desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead. They have a trustworthy, courteous and hardworking group of craftsmen. They exceeded all expectations My parents home was even nominated for the most attractive home on the block. You made my parents very happy and proud of their newly remodeled home. Thanks!
    Joseph Miles
  • Thank you so much to the people at A+ Construction Pro for doing a great job on our project from beginning to end. We remodeled our bathroom and kitchen and they did a fabulous job. The team was totally communicative and worked within the timeframe. Nice guys, great job! Would highly recommend for home remodels.
    Austen Bennett
  • I couldn't be more pleased with the work quality, product, and integrity of the company's employees. From the receptionist to the laborers and sales, everything went smoothly from start to finish. Price was extremely competitive. We got a few other bids to make sure that we were getting the best price for our remodel. Would highly recommend.
    Steven Harvey
  • A+ Construction Pro helped make our house the home of our dreams! We did a complete kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and had the house painted. The crew was professional and responsive every step of the way and their attention to detail was impeccable. These are the guys you want working on your home! Highly recommended!!
    Jamie Pope
  • A+ Construction Pro remodeled my 3 full bathrooms including my master. The did an awesome job. They are true craftsmen all the way. Also their material choices were great and the designer did a great job of working with our style and suggesting things we loved. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their home.
    Alan Murray
  • George, Serge and the entire A+ team did an outstanding job on our recent kitchen remodel. They are affordable, efficient and do high quality work! We would highly recommend them for any job. Our kitchen turned out well above our expectations, it was beautiful and better functioning! Great job guys and thank you for what you did with our home!
    Ron Orr
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